Mercy's charity sprays


Hello guys, do you know how can I get new mercy’s charity sprays?
I bought Mercy’s charity “Pink” skin and I didn’t get new sprays.
Is that normal? Or there is/was other way to get them?


They wanted to force you to go to charity streams for the sprays, I believe


Link your bnet account to Twitch and watch:

May 21 (8:00am - 4:00pm PDT):

you need to watch (or have it open, running in the background) a full 6 hours to receive all the sprays, buy there’s sprays at the 2nd, 4th and 6th hour.


Here is the link to the official thread:



You have to watch a supported participating stream (any one of them that’s online, doesn’t have to be day specific) during the event for so many hours. It’s unfortunate many of the streamers participating are already established and known, if I had been the planner I would’ve tried to help out some growing streamers more.


Better catch this last stream tomorrow:
May 21 (8:00am - 4:00pm PDT):


Still kind of BS though. I don’t care about watching people player Overwatch, charity event or no


Technically you don’t have to watch them. Just have it open and mute it while it’s minimized or running in the background.


I get that, but it kind of defeats the purpose if I jump through hopes to get it.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t watch the streams, I don’t think I deserve them. Just think it is BS and kind of sneaky. Like they really didn’t think people would watch the streams without dangling a carrot on a stick


They are just sprays… nothing major.


Yes, and I discussed that. I literally said they were whatever.

Still can mention that holding back some things attached to a skin that was 15 bucks (20 for us Canadians) just to dangle above people to get them to go to the streams is sneaky. As I said, the people who wanted to go to those streams would have went anyways and those just there for the skins likely had it minimized and were not donating anyways


What? You lost me at ‘attached to skin’

You got the skin for donating $15 to BCRF.
The sprays are a separate thing. The streams were there to raise more money for BCRF. You didn’t even have to donate money to the streamers to get the sprays.

Honestly, they are raising money for a good thing and people complain about it. How about we stop and think about that.


Reading is for suckers it seems.

Or were you just really desperate to add that last line? I donated for the skin, I did not want the sprays. Can still point out things


But the sprays are so cute! :heart_eyes:

I only wish I can use the sprays too when I am playing other heroes.


God forbid they add an incentive to watch streamers on Twitch support a charity.

I just linked my Bnet account, tuned in and then left it open in the background cause I too hate watching Streamers. But hey some people may end up liking it or may even show more support for the charity because of it. Can’t really fault them for it.


You didn’t want them but here your are complaining about how you have to get them? Makes sense.


EXACTLY. People watching only for the items did not contribute or donate. Unless bigger viewer numbers helped them

Did you know: you can discuss things while not being attached to them. Especially on a forum. Shocking


Now I know you’re full of it. I watched both QueenE and Cuupcaake (sp?) the first couple of days. I know QueenE raised over $10k and Cuupcaake raised over $20k. So, if none of the people watching are donating, where is this money coming from?


Reading is hard apparently. Read that first line agai, especially around the word only


Sure there’s some but not all. :roll_eyes: Get 'em or don’t. Doesn’t matter to me what you do or don’t do. Petty