Mercy Win Rate is dropping after support changes

sombra’s issue doesnt lie with the support or even dps. the real problem with sombra occurs when mentioning tanks. what makes ow harder for tanks is the issue of CC that slowly started creeping into the game brigitte and doofist are the killer in that departments. however sombra with her hack can make it it 10 times worse that dealing with CC as unlike with CC, hacking takes away the ability to even to do the job of providing space.

In Solo Q or better lower elos this might not seem hard or an issue but if you start to claim such issue will and are much better punished by the opponent if they cant do their jobs in a comp.

now if a certain parts of a comp cant do their job or are useless why run it. All this is something a good and buffed sombra could do with either a winston or rheinhardt,

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Mercy just is less forgiving now. This is a good thing for the game. Her dominance over supports in nearly all instances was not healthy.

You don’t have to agree to listen.

This is the main point pretty much everyone here seems to forget.

I can listen to your opinion, and I can see why you feel that way. That doesn’t mean I think you’re right, just that I acknowledge your argument when making my own.

Off the top of my head I remember they took away an extra nerf on Ana’s nade and toned down an Orisa nerf due to popular demand.
They also re-implemented Mercy’s bunny hop glitch into an actual mechanic.

They listen, we just choose to ignore them when they do.

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stop being so pessimistic, they won’t just ignore her like she died. They will get round to her after they have dealt with heroes in worse states (torb, bastion etc)

Mercy is hard to balance as one little change affects everything and can make her a mus pick or garbage. I persaonlly think mercy will always be extremely bland while she has rez in any form in her kit because Rez is impossible to balance effectively without ruining her kit (Valkyrie, healing and guardian angel)

After Bastion’s first rework, they’ve given no word on him. We aren’t even sure he’s getting changes. Symmetra is on her third rework, and has a worse pickrate than before. Hanzo is reworked, is way overtuned.

I’ll be plentifully pessimistic until they start doing things right.

I know it’s subjective…but zenyatta ?

On topic ,her stats were even worse when she got nerfed last time ,give it time.

I’m not bastion player so I don’t know what bastion was or is because I domt play him

But symmetra is on her 3rd rework, torb is receiving one and likely bastion soon because sym and torb are builders and as shown builders and stationary targets that staunch in one area do not work hence symmetra throwable turrets and tele.

They do not do well naturally because they’re flawed as they’re limited by their kits, mercy is not. She fits well and never had to be reworked because she wasn’t picked or didn’t fit into the game. Mercy was reworked because she wasnt healthy for the game, mercy can be reworked because she can be unfun to play (they’ve buffed her because of that before), shes a throw pick or they decide to rework as Rez is ruining her.

You can’t compare builders and bastion to mercy as they have completely different roles and unlike sym torb and bastion, mercy has always had a place in the game and worked well mechanically.

I can, actually? They are all heroes with balancing problems, through and through. Blizzard has made an example of how they go about their balancing time and time again. Super slowly, and with minimal contact with the community.

I don’t care what role they take, or why they are having issues. This is a look at how Blizzard balances things. When they get hard, they just stop talking about it, looking at it, or just sledgehammering it.

Rez could’ve been balanced before, people loved to cry counterplay so all they had to do was give it a cast time. Hide and rez is done then, hiding away and stopping heals is done then, Blizzard’s issues are gone.

Rez can’t be balanced, it does not have a place a place as a ultimate in regards to the devs and the community excluding mercy players.

Rez is unbalancable while on cooldown as it limits everything she does harshly to stop her being must pick.

Mercy route problem is resurect nothing else. That’s it. Rez has been the only problem with her. They’ve had to limit her healing, Valkyrie and her mobility to keep Rez and make it ‘balanced’ but mercy suffers as a whole.

(Symmetra torb and bastion whole kit were flawed so again can’t compare those to mercy)

But the fact of the matter is, you don’t actually know that, you’re just looking at a history of changes, none of which have been said to be done because of rez, just so you can say rez is bad and have it deleted.

For all we know it was her healing all along.

This is 100% just your opinion, that’s it, nothing else. There is no scrap of data or evidence that suggests that resurrect was, and is the problem.

A large portion of the player base would not make good developers period. The “community” is highly subjective as well. Most of the bull**** that gets suggested to me feel like pretty bad ideas.

When people think community they really mean popularity contest that often has no real intelligence behind it.

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The only buff Mercy needs is to her ult, or a new ult. If people are interested I’ll post my own idea yet again.

But, Ana isn’t replacing her becuase she’s a good main healer, it’s just that her particular weakness doesn’t affect her as much as Mercy. Similar situation with Moira.

Ana is still as vulnerable as ever.

Moira still runs out of healing/can’t keep up in some comps.

And as I said Mercy ult is terrible.

Trust me, when people remember how good Lucio/Zen is, and how to avoid damage, Ana will be forgotten, as will the other main healers.

Or we’ll get triple support with Zen in the DPS slot.

I mean do I need statistics when I can literally just remind you of the mercy meta…

Mercy was must pick, why? Rez Rez Rez. Once she got the cast time and Valkyrie was nerfed to suit Rez she wasn’t no longer meta.

But she was still in pretty much every game and reached her mercy meta pickrate once again because? Rez.

They’ve nerfed her healing and buffed the supports. They nerfed mercy healing why? To lower her total effective outputs. ( Mobility healing) to what accommodate having Rez on cooldown.

I don’t need statistics to know rez is the reason mercy is unbalanceable.

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She has been meta the whole time, until the healing nerf of course, lol.

You’re trying real hard to make this fit your narrative, though.

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EeveeA is a popular top 500 Mercy player who is also a streamer. His thread got locked after a few months and it wasn’t even toxic.

Well, considering this is hardly relevant as it’s pretty old (July 19 but made in April), It’s not really part of the discussion as the discussion at the time of the post and at the time of it being locked was sent to the megathread. The fact it stayed up that long is a miracle tbh.

The mods probably kept seeing it pop up every day or so, and as a result, locked it as there’s a place to discuss that (the megathread).

Not really fair to say “no reason” to lock this.

Actually, it gained a lot of attention when it was made and got a response from the devs (on stream). It truly did get locked for no reason after being up for months.

What you see as no reason could not be the case for moderation.

What kind of moderation requires months of waiting? It’s obvious that they did it when the thread lost a reasonable amount of its notoriety to keep it on the down low. Likely scenario: no reason. I will give them the benefit of the doubt if they truly didn’t know of its existence (which is shocking imo).

Hol up, this is the blizzard team we’re talkin about here. So This will most likely never happen.

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