Mercy Win Rate is dropping after support changes

Agreed. It doesn’t mean diddly anymore

I hate how onfire gives too much points for dealing damage rather than doing their roles. Supports should get more ish points for healing/buffing/assists and tanks should get points for blocking damage or something. Ofc itd be hard to implement because two heroes in the same category dont have the same playstyle but really i think the on fire meter should be custom/unique per hero.

It was the one thing making her OP. This nerf probably didn’t change anything and the most likely scenario is that her winrate will re-bound and she will continue to be a must pick.


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The funny thing is rez is only ‘working’ in terms of numbers and statistics. From the way i see it, Enemies still dont like cd rez cause it feels cheap to get it every 30 seconds which prolongs nearly every team skirmishes, where as mercy players dont necessarily like to use rez cause of all the debuffs the character gets when she uses it. Both complaints have been made since the rework was established and were never actually addressed. True she might be more in line with other heroes now but in terms of player experience she’s just as bad as ever since the rework

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Looking at the day by day, I wouldn’t say it’s dropping anymore. It’s actually starting to go up a little.

It’s still sub-50, but I don’t really think it’s anywhere close to where people should be concerned.(Her average is only 1.22 points off from 50%… We’re really going to cry about that?)

Just leaving this here.


Why do people keep saying that? They’ve disproven it time and time again. Just this past week, Jeff Kaplan has made comments about the game

Is this “Not listening” to you? If it is, you’re straight up blind.

I’m using his word against him. He said they aren’t gonna listen and I said I don’t care.
If I actually believed that they never listen then why would I even waste my time and make this thread?!

Btw ur example is the definition of not listening! They do see the post they just don’t care about them

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They’re not going to sit here and respond to every post ever. That’s unreasonable.

How is my example not caring? They responded and answered the question they responded to. They also, effectively, responded to OP with a “suggestion” about how he should be balanced.

I still feel they had already had her okay, and that Lucio and Ana needed a significant buff because they were weak, and they would’ve been more competitive with just those buffs.

Lucio’s aura reduction crashed his dominance, but he was propped up by Ana and so people thought he was still good. It has been to small to do the aoe healing he should for ages now, and Ana needs him to be strong.

Ana stopped competing with Mercy even before her big buff because they gutted her to end triple tank, and did so specifically by weakening the thing that kept her and Lucio in good shape, the synergy these two have.

These four operate in pairs, just like the tanks. Lucio and Ana, Mercy and Zen, and Lucio and Zen. They killed Lucio/Zen’s synergy with his size reduction, than they killed Lucio and Ana’s synergy with her nerfs. Meanwhile Mercy and Zen had their synergy increased with the rework. Why on earth wouldn’t that have resulted in exactly what it did?

The last incarnation of Mercy never felt tough to beat on it’s own. I wish they had waited to see if she needed any further nerfs until after they did those buffs.

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I mean give me an example of devs actually doing what a random guy asks for a hero (assuming what they ask is reasonable and popular)
They only care about pros and maybe streamers.
Owl players say Sombra is OP. They nerf her without even testing her in ptr which resulted in a buggy hack
Titanium makes a Mercy thread and it gets locked
EeveeA makes a post they actually answer her

I’m just saying that they care a lot less to normal random people than they do about owl players. Even if the random guy has some good points and the owl player is talking bs

Where are you getting these stats from? If it’s Overbuff, you’re automatically done here

Well it’s the only thing we have at the moment. Until Blizzard starts giving us their own stats, we are just going to have to deal with it.

That’s not really a fair request. When have they ever just done something like that? When has it been incredibly obvious?

Just because they didn’t pick this suggestion doesn’t mean they won’t pick a suggestion ever right? Here’s something they’ve agreed to:

  • LFG system for “role queue”
  • Reports on console
  • Roadhog reload on ultimate use (Yes, JunkHog requested this a long time ago)
  • Rez on a basic ability

Just because you don’t think it’s seen doesn’t mean the developers don’t see or consider it. It’s not fair to them or the playerbase. It only increases toxicity towards developers and increases that gap.

I’m not sure what this has to do with anything.

Also, you do realize that it was locked because players were throwing around personal attacks and threats towards developers right? Literally, everything that was against CoC was done in that thread. Between spam, threats, and namecalling, it’s pretty safe to say a large portion of that thread’s comments were not very friendly.

What post was this? I don’t know who this player is. When did this happen? It’s like you’re assuming I know these things but if it hasn’t happened in the last couple days, I can’t remember people from June’s name. Please quote this.

Here’s the thing. To you, it might be BS. To others, it might make sense. I kindof understand why they did what they did to Sombra. They had to change something before the patch snapshot came about for the next round of OWL. Otherwise, it would be stale and people wouldn’t watch it because Sombra would just be hacking things.

While I personally think OWL is useless, doesn’t mean those players don’t have a voice and it doesn’t mean that Blizzard is just gonna ignore the fact their primary source of income atm would have been suffering because of Sombra.

Over buff only has data for 12% of the database.
It’s not even accurate


Literally all we had to do was give mass rez a small cast time and this would have never happened.

Ahhhhhh, I have 60% win rate on Mercy with over of 28 hours on her. When she got nerf again, it seriously not impacted on me so hard, only difference that I need to trust little bit more on second healer.

have you played the last 2 weeks of ow. sombra is slowly starting to creep into the meta and playing against is horrible. if we had her old buff, sombra would have been 10 worse than she is now.
it is even worse playing as a tank or nightmare for someone playing reinhardt.

if people play the game for 12-16 hours a day then i would listen to them in that aspect.

why did you not lst the fact that in the time frame of owl junkrat buffed, moira and brigitte was created which none of the pros really wanted.

I play every day since season 7, yes some changes make me very angry, an example season 10 changes which include: storm arrow and "Brig, but in fact when player mostly of time play as a healer changes do not touch him so much. Additionally I have a question: why does Sombra disturb you? I not even feel any problems with her( if not counting Lucio…), I always try to stay close to team so I save. Thanks.

It’s good seeing mercy fail, it means she is doing bad which also means they will eventually have to have another look at her and maybe even rework.

They went the wrong way with this rework and nerf so I’m glad there’s backlash so it’s evident mercy needs a rework (plz remove Rez)

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