Mercy will be reverted on Septembre 19th to celebrate the 1st birthday of Overwatch's biggest failure

I wasn’t sold on a return of mass rez until I read your thread, great work.

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Imagine if this really happens…

I can already picture the forums being clean of Mercy threads…


I read that as “Mercy will be deleted”.

Feel the same, only problem is blizz won’t take those ideas to heart😭

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I can’t take all the credit for that. 40+ other Mercy players worked on it too.

And the two winning basic and ultimate ability ideas were Brawl’s.


Can this one instead have Res not on the hero info page?

Then cheers to them as well👌

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Lol don’t ask me, I have no clue😂
(Good to see you)

And then we get the opposite type of Mercy complaints. (As well as the un-measured number of people that prefer 2.0).

A third rework using the best of both, as it were would be ideal.

I can dream. As much as people love Res I seem to be part of the minority that wants it 100% gone.

Wishing over here as well.

If anyone is wondering, here is Titanium’s rework suggestion:


My birthday is on the 18.
So don’t disappoint me Blizz :no_mouth:


Blizzard better not disappoint… >:-(

This actually made me laugh because im afraid it might be actually true.

Afraid? I think you made a typo there.

I think you meant “until rez is an ability”

Nope. Read it again. Resurrect should be an ultimate.

This thread isn’t doing anyone any good. Please keep things constructive.

Locking this one up.