Mercy, what is your opinion


While this is true Reinhardt and S76 have a much better situation when it comes to skill ceiling.

So my general opinion:
Failed rework, boring ultimate, still good general playstile but weak healing and rezz feels like a pain in the a**


Just to support this as well. If a rework requires you to nerf said hero 14 times and more and had made them into a must pick, its a failure from the start. The only good thing that came out of it was an unintended bug ffs.


Current Mercy state=dead
OW state=failing


She is not boring as people say considering that her core gameplay didn’t changed she is the same but with different ult.

Anyway she shine in DPS oriented team, i pick her when there is one tank or the team full of dps ( typical QP match q: ) and she give better result more than ana imo, you can pick her with two-three tank but better have another main healer with you.


It depends on what you think mercy’s role should be, yes, she is a healer but what kind of healer is she? Is she a main healer or an off healer and what differentiates the two? Should she be a “pocket healer” or an all around healer? Should resurrection be a thing or removed entirely? Lots of questions to ask yourself before you make a decision on mercy. Personally, I think she needs her heals buffed back to where they were for more sustain and resurrection as an ultimate removed entirely and have the developers rework her ult into something else. I want to see mercy be a main heal again and right now she acts a lot more like a off healer to me.


imo shes balanced. probably not fun to play (for me at least) but i think shes in a fair state. i think a revert back to her old version would lead her to be as one of the worst healers, as pros back in the day would almost never pick mercy


Implying the game will last 1-3 more months.


My opinion is that the rework should have never have happened. They should have listened to the crazy massive backlash when it was announced. And when it went to PTR. And when it went live. And since.

Invul should have been replaced by a damage reduction so you couldn’t survive ults with it but good enough so you didn’t often die right after casting. And maybe some other things like an e that is NOT rez.

Ah well. Blizzard does need to keep those active player counts dropping so Valk will stay.


I don’t think Mercy 1.0 even needed a damage reduction. She needed the bunnyhop/superjump.

A lot of suicide rezzes were either a Hail Mary strat to push the point into overtime, or the Mercy knowing she’s about to die (because her self-peel wasn’t even half as good as what she has now) and deciding to at least prevent some of her teammates from going with her.


I don’t want Mass Res, but the asnwer is simple. Tac Visor doesn’t cover for as much skill as Valkyrie does and Soldier skill ceiling is higher. Tac Visor cover for aim, that’s one aspect of playing soldier. Valkyrie covers for pretty much everything on Mercy’s base state but decision making.


Pulse bomb is an AoE with a small radius. It usually gets a solo kill because of that; but can get a multikill if another enemy is close by. It deals damage to anyone who isn’t immediately killed, or is just outside of its kill radius.

I’ve acually warmed up to the idea of Rez working like that.


I think whats worse is that while shes considered an ‘off healer’, shes not good at it. Off healers do have low healing and tons of utility, except in Mercy’s case, its not all that reliable; her rez for example. Discord, Shield Bash and Amp can be used any time, while rez is VERY risky and situational. Its good at pre and post fights, but not midfights where it matters most.

Worst of all she does not have a defensive ult like Zen, Lucio and Brig where they can you know, save the team.


She could use 1 or 2 small buffs but overall she’s fine.


I would prefer Valkyrie to give you increased fire rate or projectile speed instead of infinite ammo.

And I want current rez to burn.


You are missing one HUGE part of those ultimates that make them far more interesting. For every ult you listed except for Valkyrie I can add in a line that looks kinda like “, BUT they lose _____”

Soldier gets autoaim, BUT he loses the ability to headshot.
Genji gets fast mobility and strong AOE melee attacks, BUT he loses access to any sort of ranged weapon.
Torbjorn shoots lava that stays on the ground, BUT he loses access to his normal weapons until he uses all of it.
Winston’s hp is increased and gets CC attacks, BUT said attacks have less range and less damage than his tesla gun and he loses access to his shield.
Bastion shoots rockets, BUT he loses access to his ridiculously high DPS sentry gun.

Each of these offer up a trade off that temporarily shifts the hero’s play style in fairly dramatic ways. That’s good. Humans love them some variety. It’s also good because the tradeoff means that there are times where pushing Q is a TERRIBLE idea beyond just wasting the ultimate. That leads to the players of those heroes asking themselves, “Is now a good time to ult?” much more frequently and it is a more complicated answer.

Where’s the trade off in Valkyrie? It straight up does not exist. Mercy doesn’t lose access to her beams or blaster or GA or ANYTHING after pushing Q. Because of that, Valkyire doesn’t provide Mercy with a playstyle shift like every other transformation ult in the game does. That’s a lot of why people say that it is boring. Also referring back to the “Is it a good time to ult?” question… for Valkyrie, the answer is Yes if the answer to the following 2 questions is yes. “Are we fighting?” “Are there zero other ultimates going?”


Buff her pistol damage a little bit and give her heals a little more power otherwise she’s good


I’m of the view she needs buffs. But not just numbers, she needs a better more satisfying ult.

I’d like to see a revert and buff to what was originally asked for; a cleanse on E to go with non-invulnerable mass res on Q.

Won’t happen though. I think the devs are basically done with her; I don’t even expect a serious buff at this point. Especially with “Ashe was a Mercy buff” bs since that has a prerequisite that Ashe be always viable herself.


I know of no valid evidence to support a claim that the devs hate Mercy

There are many players who like (or even love) Mercy, so I would disagree with any statement that indicates or implies that all players hate Mercy


She does get a lot of irrational hatred. She gets that because she has a fairly significant and vocal fanbase. D.Va sees much the same treatment, perils of being popular.


Guys…use her pistol more. If you don’t i’m reporting you…

But in all seriousness Mercy’s pistol needs to be buffed in projectile speed at least 40-50%