Mercy too weak, 4 years playing mercy

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Me too 4 gold border accounts and mercy needs a rebuff.

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verdade Mercy precisa de uma metralhadora; s2 Kabaji

I also have find this place interesting more so than the game itself!

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have a read of this:

Also you could just nerf the other healers more which would also decrease the TTK making the game generally faster.

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wth trust level 3 users did? Tell me ur name

Buff the Mercy, plz

There have already been plenty of suggestions big and small.

PepeLaugh he didnt know

Mercy is trash, boring… no- she’s überBORING and her kit sucks!

Blizz, just give her a new kit from the scratch. Mercy remake 2.0!

PepeLaugh they didnt know

Mercy has such a niche role as a pocket healer. For anything else, there’s a better character.

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I agree that she needs something. During double shields meta, I thought Mercy was a viable pick even with her underwhelming 50 hps because her healing isn’t blocked by shields and she has so many shields to hide behind for pocket healing and damage boosting and reliable protection to go for rezzes. But ever since shield nerfs, I feel that her heals are not enough to keep the team alive and shields aren’t reliable anymore to protect Mercy while she’s rezzing.

I’m not sure what kind of buffs she needs but I think just buffing her healing to 55-60 hps is a good start.



Mercy is underpowered, and needs to stop being held as the standard of balance since that’s just causing the support roster as a whole to be being made far too weak.

As an intrepid Mercy main, i believe that her ultimate is too weak.

It should give her double the pistol damage and a 2.5x headshot multiplier. After all, my DPS are useless and I must do everything myself.

It’s never my fault! It’s never my fault!

I’m all in for inside jokes and twitch emotes + memes but this thread has become very childish very quickly it seems


Blizzard better be already working on these buffs after seeing this

Yes, I completely agree with you; I am a certified plat player and I believe that she should get her instant Rez back. Also, her pistol just doesn’t do enough damage!!

I would love to see some changes to Mercy

Mercy main: 1070hrs of healing the toxicity in the community, by healing and dedicating each hour to keeping you guys alive and well on the payload :two_hearts: