Mercy to be fun again

then remove it and give her something more fun and balanced?! isnt that what we ask for

Get creative.
Read the state of the game.
Pull out your pistol and kill the pharah that is harassing your team.

The Q is only as fun as you make it.

Sure you can just press Q on genji and kill some symmetra turrets and jump off a cliff, but is that your idea of fun?

What was her depth before?

No it isn’t. I’ve seen dozens, though probably more like hundreds of people asking for a full revert. We is not an appropriate pronoun as mercy mains are not a collective hive mind.

That’s because she was always really badly designed. Ana or Lucio could lose their ult entirely and they’d still be fun. Mercy’s moment to moment gameplay is and always has been boring. The only reason anyone ever liked it is because everyone was trying to hunt her down so hard, and that’s only because she was either wildly overpowered or had an overpowered ult.


sorry i was a little rude but i got mad after the devs replied to a “Dev hate tanks” thread after we have given a year of constructive feedback. i guess this shall be my last

If you just want something different, why not take any of the other 27 options in the game?

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Since you can’t write an answer i’m just going to assume you haven’t formed your own opinion.

The depth is still there.
It’s just more spread out rather than just being shoved into a single button.

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hey imagine your main being unfun, bland and ignored for a year?

My favorite hero, for a long time, was unplayably bad so long that I completely gave up on ever playing her in competitive. She was bad so long that by the time she was finally fixed, I didn’t even care anymore. I had moved on. I guess she’s meta now. Whatever.

It could be worse.

Tell you what. We’ll knock another 5-10% off Mercy’s winrate, send her pickrate to <1%, and leave her there for a year. That’s what Ana players went through. That’s what you’re trying to take away from everyone by fighting for Mercy to be ‘fun’.

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The let’s look at the balance triangle, shall we? Balancing is based on these 3 points:

  1. Playerbase impression.
  2. Developer impression.
  3. Hero stats.

Let’s start by looking at mercy 1.0.

  1. Mass rez wasn’t like by many players.
  2. The devs thought it promoted bad play.
  3. Mercy wasn’t viable back then. I could be mistaken, but was she not F-tier?

Let’s take a look at the current Mercy, shall we.

  1. A lot of players have no problem with Mercy, but some Mercy mains find her boring to play now. Her pickrate has dropped in the higher ranks, but she is still being played, especially in the lower ranks.
  2. The developers thinks she in a good state according to the Kate’s developer feedback.
  3. She is more viable than Mercy 1.0, but the current Mercy does has a low winrate, but they could think this is not a big problem. I remember a developer post on the old forums that the developers don’t really balance around winrate because those stats arwct accurate.

So judging by this is Mercy not in dire need of changes and could the developers think she is not a high priority to address right now.


Um…as an Ana player, that is not what I went through.

The only time that happened was just after valk when she had the two insta-rezzes.

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Ana was already obviously a bad idea by the end of Mercy 1.0 (barring maybe GM, but even there you should have been playing Zen and Lucio) and she’s not been usable again until now. If you were playing her in the meantime… well, it wasn’t a good idea statistically, I’ll just say that.


doesn’t answer the question. you mean to say you only have 1 hero out of the entire game you enjoy? you bought the game to play only one hero?

you bought the wrong game dog

I’m signing off for the night, but I’ll leave on some common ground.

I want mercy to be fun too. There’s a reason she is and always has been my least liked support. I didn’t find her fun before, and I only find her slightly more fun by an iota.

Being hyperbolic and overreactive is not going to bring about change. start with some levelheaded suggestions, data, and please don’t soapbox. It just gets a bunch of argumentative people who want nothing more than to say things like “I’m glad mercy is terrible harharhar LUL”


Well everybody is going to listen now that you made such an intelligent and constructive thread. A true cherry among the sea of Mercy posts.

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Eh, I think maybe you are thinking of earlier times. At the end of Mercy 1.0 her pickrate was very high and creeping upward at all ranks. It was starting to become fairly common opinion that Ana was just a bad idea outside of very high rank, and possibly iffy even there. She had a good pickrate but a pretty bad winrate even in GM. Lucio+Zenyatta was a common combo in very high rank but was steadily losing ground to Mercy.

I thought, at the time, that Mercy was creeping up to must-pick status even before Mercy 2.0 was a thing.

That doesn’t make any sense. I have very strong opinions, I just get bored as heck typing out the same stuff for a year… hence I pointed to go to Titanium’s thread. There’s plenty there for you to read.

Here is the link btw
Check it out Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

I wish people would actually bother to read the Mercy mega threads. Or many of the other threads about her. And then they complain about how many Mercy threads there are… Sigh… having the same conversations over and over again gets so very tiresome.

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Old ult - Over and done with in 2.25 seconds for better or wors. Flowed with gameplay
New Ult: 15 seconds of a transformation ultimate that takes all the fun out of Mercy’s base kit even haling prioritization.

No E
New E that cuts into the flow of gameplay with a 1.6 second cast time that makes me feel like I can move faster with heroes like Roadhog.
I should not be feeling moe restricted movement wise with Mercy the mobil healer then I do when I play Roadhog the fat tan.

That is why 1.0 was more fun. The rework was so bad the new things are not just not living up to the enjoyment of pulling off a perfect rez ult but they actively take away from the base kit’s enjoyment.


Actually there has been a shift in her playstyle. With the hps nerf her value has moved away from healing to rez and dmg boost. As a result pocketing and battle mercy, playstyles that used to be looked down upon, have become the viable playstyles as opposed to what a lot of her player base want: which is juggling.

Actually i couldnt care less whether she has valk or mass rez as ult. I just want 60hps back and cd rez removed from her base kit

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Devs doesn’t hate anyone, they gave you one of the most fun and broken mechanics in the game for a couple of months before nerfing it (Valk 1.0 was a blast , extremely fast, multiple resurrects up to 4 in 20 seconds and the ability to reach any unreachable parts of any map by having a better fly ability than even Phara and god speed blinks between allies-corpses )

Old Mercy was the epitome of unfun/boring and unoriginal character design specially her ultimate mass resurrect, and ult that contradicts the whole purpose of being a healer I mean "just die so my ult have value " isn’t a good game design.

If you want a real fun Mercy she needs a complete remake, no more holding m1/m2 without reload and get rid of the auto-self hp.