Mercy Survey - Results

Really, it’s amazing how well they ruined Mercy. I used to play Mercy because she was fun. Now she’s not fun at all and she can’t even do her job well with only 50 HPS. She lost her identity as a single target healer with Valkyrie. The only fun part about her nowdays is her GA, in my opinion (i.e her mobility)

Anyway, i’m glad that you made this survey! Though, most likely the devs will ignore it, it’s great to see that most people agree that Mercy is unfun and should be fixed. Even though i almost never play Mercy nowdays, i feel like she really does need a rework of some sort.

Sometimes i think about what was fun of her to begin with.

and i think the 60 HPS only masked her insufferably boring healing style.

I’ve grown salty to her after being spoiled by the other healers ability to adapt to combat in real time.

The reason i originally played her was because soaring through the battlefield was so fulfilling. but that didn’t’ change. and neither did her clutch damage boost swaps. literally all she did was get HPS nerfed. yet she’s “incomplete” now

That makes a lot more sense, thanks. I would not be included in that 9% then, as I originally thought, since I can play support, even if I’m a Tank/DPS main.

On another note, I just found out profiles are private by default when I tried to check mine. Annoying.

Just because not everyone participated doesn’t instantly mean that the survey is worthless. You simply have to think about what the results say.

At the very least we have an idea of what people the who do want change actually want.

That’s worth something, especially around here where people constantly throw their opinions around as if they’re fact.

Hi Slyther0829! Thanks for posting the results in such a clear and extensive manner. It was fascinating to read, to say the least.
I’m not surprised that the majority or respondents were support mains in one way or another, after all there’s involvement in the topic to be taken into account for that.
But it was surprising (not in a bad way of course) that, while the opinions of Mercy mains were much more unanimous, the opinions of the other populations were not that different.
Even though I’m sure blizz has tons of raw data from the games to look through regarding the current balance state, I hope they see this and realize that a big majority of the player base, regardless of what they play, think Mercy is not in a good spot and unenjoyable to play, or at least less so than previous iterations.
After all balance is not the only important aspect, you can have a perfectly balanced game that because of its mechanics is frustrating to play. She still needs to be fun, not only balanced. Right now she’s neither, at least for many people.

Again, thanks for the amazing work, super appreciate it! <3


A bit of a random question for the OP…

Would you mind if I dropped a link to this post in my thread?

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The time and effort you put into this is very commendable. I just hope someone at Blizzard manages to see it.

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Yes. Of course I mind. How dare you even think it’d be okay to sully my name by associating me with /s that well written post!

Nah, feel free to link and share however you want.


Nothing that matters or that will influence Blizzard in any way.

I wouldn’t say that’s worthless.


Probably because, like me, they bought a PC account when they couldn’t get their voice heard on a console account, I still want to know how to post with console accounts so I can stop posting with this gold stuck PC account.

Or I took a college statistics class -.-

Also, says the person that immediately after says

And you think I have the issues? To each their own I guess :woman_shrugging:

Yes, I had to proctor one too, kind of a pain to do but you gotta pass classes somehow.

No because it’s still undercoverage and response bias. People who don’t use the forums don’t know about this poll and can’t take it, and there is a huge difference in opinions between people who do and don’t use the forums. People using the forums do so generally because they have an issue with the game. Making a poll asking about an issue in the game to this group of people is making a bias that affects the results greatly, if you want a more accurate poll I would suggest finding users who post on the forums as one block and then users who don’t use the forums in another block and make sure that they only know the general topic before taking the survey (Like balance, or enjoyment. Mentioning the hero’s name will indubitably add a response bias, just check out the views on threads that talk about mercy and brig versus threads where people make jokes or talk about bugs.) Then you make sure that they all finish the survey before exiting and then you will have much more reliable results. The subdivisions would also be a great help but make it so that they have to show hero time before you take their proclaimed “main” with anything more than a grain of salt.

This poll was, as far as I know, distributed all over the place, by no means it was a forum only thing. I highly doubt it would get 2600 legit responses if it were.

Yes, but if you check out the forums, there is plenty of people who love Mercy and who hate Mercy with a Vengeance. Both sides have the same response bias, but very different answers. The ratio among the opinions by itself is valid data.

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Twice the response bias doesn’t make no bias. It actually makes…more bias.

I refuse to spend any money on LBs or OWL until I feel that the devs are no longer lying to me. They said that they’d moniter her, and she’s had the lowest support winrate since the nerf and, she’s my favorite hero in the game and I don’t enjoy playing her. I’m tired.

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If you read the post, there is a section outlining the % responses from non-support players…

I appreciate the effort, but in the first “Read Me” you summed up why these figures don’t actually mean anything.

You just need to link your battlenet account to your console account, as you can see in my profile, I didn’t buy a PC account.

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Uhm… no?

Highly contested niche idea -> Poll = response bias.
That doesn’t make the data any less useful. Measuring the prevalence of opinion among those biased to respond is an information by itself. If it would turn out only a minority of those responses were “Unhappy MM’s” than you could estimate that the whole outcry is just a tiny bunch of very loud and active people.

Honestly i would go as far as to say that people who aren’t driven to respond in such matters are actually straight up irrelevant. If they don’t care about the result of such a poll, then you can assume it’s not an importing topic to them. They don’t feel like the situation itself affects them in significant way and will not care about a change in that specific issue. That makes their opinion on it completely inconsequential. The change in the issue is not going to affect their behavior.


Leave him be.
Small minded people won’t understand either way

Was curious if this was posted anywhere else than the forums or was it on reddit as well. But curious if this number reflects just the forums or a broader base of players.

If you did just the forums I think you did yourself a injustice. The poll was well thought out and very well organized. It is a shame Blizz dont do more of these types of polls from their game client about the state of the game as whole.

Just as a disclaimer I am one of the players that feel mercy is fine, but I also see that stuff like this compiled with data could lay the ground for proper change.