Mercy should heal more - suggestions

I see where you’re coming from with being able to finally outheal mercy due to playing effectively but Mercy only heals. As ana you can deal some damage if you need to, even stop the enemy team from healing and moira is exceptionally good at dealing with flankers. Res doesn’t mechanically require skill its more situational awareness and I hate it because I don’t think it flows well with her kit and her design which is to be a high mobility healer. It forces a high mobile healer that is also a high priority target to stand still or go hide around a corner and res which is contradictory to the reasons she was reworked in the first place. I can and have pulled off some insane resses but I can and have also died countless times doing resses that look safe but aren’t.

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Not really, she has rez and damage boost. Moira only heals, at least at any rank where flankers have a brain.

Which is another reason Mercy can’t be the designated best healer. Moira had no utility, if it isn’t her she has no reason to be used at high rank.

And situational awareness is still a form of skill.

You have less opportunities to damage boost because you have to spend more time healing. You have less chances of midfight resses because you really need to keep on top of healing and its ineffective a lot of the time when the enemy team has already gained momentum. I’m simply arguing they nerfed the wrong things yet again. The overall effect on the game may be positive but it doesnt change the fact it was the wrong thing to nerf. When looking at balance changes you need to identify the issue in order to resolve it. Imagine nerfing hanzos wall climb when storm arrows was the problem? Can you see how that might be frustrating?

I mean, to me as a competing healer, the excessive healing was the problem. I don’t resent her ability to rez.

But how does competing for most healed translate into balance changes, especially (and I will say again) when Mercy’s healing has never been a problem before. Until now. Mercy being guaranteed a gold medal means nothing, the goal is to win not farm medals and secondary healers provide more for their team.

This post is incredibly detailed and shows in-depth why the rework is bad and that mercy should be reworked again or reverted.


That post has a lot of subjectivity and rhetoric. Suffice it to say I don’t agree with a lot of its points.

In particular I think the hate for e-rez and valkyrie is largely due to Mercy players having a bad attitude toward it.

I mean rez is essentially the most powerful support ability you can imagine. Having it on E or having it as an ultimate would make little difference if you can do it at all. They can’t overnerf it without it still being insanely powerful if it’s in the game at all. I think that’s the main problem. But it’s a core part of Mercy’s kit, and it’s strange to imagine her without it. But even if nobody dies, do you really want her to be a must-pick in terms of just healing output and utility outside of rez? I really don’t think she needs to have it all. And honestly, i’m a zen main and 30hps is PLENTY for me, though obviously there are less constraints involved like having to follow your target around. 50hps is still a lot, and she doesn’t need to be the best of the best. But that’s just my opinion, idk. I just like how this change impacted Ana, which in my mind is well deserved.

By this logic the forums serve no purpose as every hero is where the devs want them to be (which isn’t true btw), so let me ask you

Why are you even here ?

Also, the fact that other heroes need help doesn’t suddenly make Mercy’s issues disapear.

“If it doesn’t work, it can only be because you’re doing it wrong.”


Old rez sounds overpowered on paper but you could easily stagger your team with a bad rez and often tempo rezzing was giving the enemy team an opening to use team wiping ults. Old rez could have also been tweaked and balanced much easier. I find her playable at 50hps Im frustrated they continue to nerf the wrong things time and time again and believe their garbage rework was successful when they probably gauge it’s success via pick rate and win rate statistics. Yet the overall consensus is she is increasingly becoming less fun to play not that she isn’t good anymore.

-also i find zens 30hps is enough because his ultimate can pick up the slack where needed. and you have that option for burst healing.

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It’s not that. I feel like a lot of the arguments they make are applicable to lots of abilities, but nobody complains about those. Or they have incorrect ideas about other heroes so they overestimate them (for instance, Titanium thinks Supercharger is better than Valkyrie, where as someone who plays Orisa I regard supercharger as easily the worst ult in the entire game and would take Valkyrie any day of the week over it).


I would happily trade you, if I could.

I mean, the thing is that Valkyrie at least does something.

Supercharger is incredibly hard to use effectively. Deploy it far from the fight, and everyone just ducks into cover for a moment. Use it anywhere it might actually be useful, and it’s dead before it does anything. Possibly along with you.

There is almost nothing you can do to stop anyone highly mobile from killing it. Doomfist, Genji, and Tracer can all kill it with basically no way to stop them whatsoever. Literally no way, if Doomfist ults.

Yes. It does everything for you, while you hover in a glorified spectator.

I’d love an ultimate that actually makes me do something.

Suddenly, the objective is clear!

What, did you use it 15 meters from the team?

You can shoot them. You can put a barrier down. You can use Halt. You can body-block for the Supercharger while you melt their face(s).

Supercharger is about twice as effective as Valkyrie’s damage boost, it doesn’t compromise a main healer to use, and best of all, it doesn’t turn the player into a spectator for its duration.

Having counters is more than you can say for Valkyrie. :laughing:

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Highly mobile heroes can too easily go through you or around you. It’s very easy for Genji to just deflect your fire, swift strike in, and nail it. Or Doomfist just meteor punching in from the side. Or Tracer blinking in and sticking a pulsebomb to it.

I mean, I still use it, but it’s not worth a lot. You pretty much have to use it in a battle that’s already mostly won or it’ll be destroyed. And it’s hard to get most of your team in it. Flankers, in particular, do not benefit, whereas they do benefit from Valkyrie. It also doesn’t help people on high ground or anyone who pursues the enemy.

And Valkyrie requires effort. I haven’t played a ton of Mercy but I’ve played enough to know that. You have to dodge, you have to take stock of the fight and see which beam you should be using, and in my short stint of Mercy playing I would usually take a second to kill the opposing healer. One of the most fun things I’d get to do would be to gun down the other Valking Mercy. They never expect that :smiley:

Also, Valk has some serious counters. Deadeye and Tactical visor are the obvious ones, but also kind of Widow in general.

If you’re standing on top of it, the only hits they get in are AoE attacks, speaking from experience.

Orisa’s kit gives you everything you need to defend Supercharger; A barrier to cover against the bulk of the enemy, Fortify, armor, and a large hitbox to cover the drum while being immovable, Halt to drag in any flankers attempting to attack it, and a team that deals 50% more damage, frying anyone that attempts to Destroy the Supercharger.

The difference between Supercharger and Valkyrie? You actually have to work to get value out of Supercharger, and Supercharger’s impact is noticeable.

Supercharger has 2.5X the range of Valkyrie’s chain beams with a 3 second decay time. If Supercharger isn’t affecting the entire team, then neither is Valkyrie.

In which case, Valkyrie is doing less than that.

Sticking behind a wall 30 meters from the fight with limitless mobility that is being harnessed to hover in the skybox while an auto-lock AoE beam covers your influence over the fight “requires effort”.

To not fall asleep, maybe.

I’ve played enough Mercy to tell you that you are wrong.

Hardly, and that’s playing in GM.

And then you don’t even need to retarget said beam to the appropriate target.

Choosing between LMB or RMB isn’t exactly engaging, especially considering that that and so much more is involved in Mercy’s base kit…

That is the most fun thing to do in Valkyrie, but doesn’t that highlight the problem?

You know… the most fun way to use an ultimate being contradictory to the hero’s design, in both lore and gameplay?

If these are threats, you’re using Valkyrie wrong. It’s not even the slightest bit difficult to circumvent these hazards.

Then make a post about them rather than replying to a thread your complaining about which inevitably bumps the thread up

Well, maybe Valkyrie’s not completely unsalvageable. I’ve been suggesting powering it up a little bit - maybe if some of the things that make it too safe and low effort are removed, that would be a good trade-off. Like, I was suggesting that the direct target of the beams gets double the effect (100 hp/s or 60% boost) with the tradeoff of a little less duration. Maybe the tradeoff could be the removal of flight instead? I don’t know.

I would personally prefer to see Valkyrie removed or reworked beyond recognition. Either that, or a tuned version of it is placed as an E ability, preferably with less mobility.

Either way, I want Mercy to have an ultimate that feels powerful and keeps the player engaged. Valkyrie just doesn’t fit that criteria right now.

Yeah, I know you’d like to see some sort of mass rez back. I’d rather see something more minor and safer to the state of balance right now, which is really good for the supports (except Mercy, but even she’s not that badly off). A valkyrie buff seems pretty safe, and of the various Mercy complaints. I think the ones about Valkyrie make the most sense. I mean, its interesting as a super long, super versatile ult but I can understand if you’d like something punchier.