Mercy rumor/leak Rez being replaced

I disagree, I think it has much more potential than resurrect without the drawback of getting someone killed twiceor feeding a triple kill whereby a teammate died, gets resurrected, Mercy gets killed, and the teammate gets killed again.

I dont think you understand, Mercy needs more direct impact, and agency, not less, thats the issue.
Imagine casting something like this, and the person you casted it to gets to have fun with YOUR ability while you sit on your thumb on the sidelines while they get to make a play with it, like I get DPS and tanks would love this ability, but how iin the hell can this possibly be yielded as fun for the mercy whos using it? Hard Pass, hard pass.


so an ability to enhance Pharah’s maneuverability with a burst of speed in the Pharmercy comp.

I can see other uses like giving access to high ground easily for a teammate, especially one where a player was knock down to low ground from highground.

It can also be a way to setup heroes to dive in with their ultimates.

I see this being said yet whenever I suggest a change to mercy to go away from pocketing a teammate to a more self agency playmaker I get bombarded with posts saying “mercy is fine as is” “mercy is a playmaker”. I think this rumored change is TERRIBLE, but how can people use this excuse when for years mercy has had 0 self agency and people still say shes fine.

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Rez…has issues. I can see why people don’t like it.

But if they really want to remove it as an ability and give her something else? … this is not it.

It sounds so much less engaging for the Mercy player imo. Honestly, more than anything…it just sounds boring. It seems like it would be something really good in high ranks of play where they actually have more communication & coordination and will be able to pull of insane plays with it. But in low ranks? where there’s not much, if not no, communication/coordination? It’s gonna be kind of useless.

I think if Rez was to be removed then it seems Mercy players are looking for an ability that would give them impact on the match. Rather than just sitting around, existing, being passive.

  1. for some weird masochistic or PTSD or stupid reason ther are people that’d refuse any reworks for mercy. HOWEVER, if your suggestion was seen as negative (e.g. just a plain nerf), very likely there’ll be people that default to a “she’s fine, she doesn’t need nerfs” response.
  2. they’re just wrong about “mercy is a playmaker”. there’s people like a certain user named after a certain bird that’ll be 100% satisfied with how little self agency mercy objectively has but will religiously believe against that fact and think she has just as much self agency as everyone else and would probs even satisfied with a hero that literally is a totem that doesn’t need any button pressing to play. And obvs, they don’t represent the mercy main community.

I’d like to point out that

  1. we had more self agency in mercy 1.x due to mass res (like it’s the most self agent ability in mercy’s kit history)
  2. we had a whole #ReworkMercy and #RevertMercy movement because we all saw the lack of self agency in mercy’s current kit. heck one of the longest thread’s in forum’s history is about addressing this problem: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State
  3. is it really an excuse when it’s the objective fact and is 100% a valid problem that needs to be addressed?

It is when for years people have attempted to address it in ways different than “revertmercy” and bringing back mass rez and they were always rejected because people are afraid of their hero changed too drastically again.

I disagree that it’s the mercy players not wanting the change with the reason of “needing to relearn the hero again”. From what I can see, it’s far more likely that it’s the various typical dps whiners complaining about “omg my fun got killed because al my hard work in getting a kill was undone” or mistakenly labeling any usage of mass res as “hide’n’res” that instigated the rework in the first place (remember, it wasn’t the mercy players that wanted the rework in the first place, what we wanted in the first place was just an e ability that she blatantly didn’t have).

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I suggested mercy changes in the past, while at the same time altenrating some of the way damage boost functions so mercys ARENT just pocket healers. Im a tank main, formerly support main. I always get the same excuses, “mercy is fine as she is” “mercy isnt even the best” “damage boost is nothing compared to bap’s dmg” and so on.

The issues mercys provide for others as well as herself are solved with the same solution - not making her a pocket healer. As long as she’ll be pocket healer, she’ll not have self agency.

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The ability sounds like they would make her a more boring to play brig.

What I mean by that is a hero who is only played at gm. Since beneath what maybe plat? people don’t even know ga exists on her kit.

again, I just want to point out that something to note is that a lot of people saying “mercy is fine” often are either NOT mercy players or they’re just opposing your idea because they think it’s a nerf.

not necessarily tbqh. though it does come down to a question of what constitutes as a “pocket healer” to you.

e.g. an ability like rei’s (paladins) envelop (i.e. user and whoever they’re chained to get a buff whereby for it’s duration, each instance of damage the target takes is capped at a fixed low amount) is something that’s very self agent ability that’s applicable for both non-pocket and pocket playstyles.

and if mercy still has chained beams but she can also simultaneously shoot whilst doing so, is that still a “pocket healer” in your terms?

Nope. And therefore Id not mind if it was such route while nerfing the damage boosting capabilities in favor of self damage. Issue is that it doesnt fit in mercy’s lore, but the idea is what Im talking about.

When I call mercy pocket healer (and more correctly, pocket support really) is when mercy can gain immense value (even if its not the ideal way and can get even more value moving around) by just pocketing a dps hero that by his own is already very strong usually, such as a hitscan. Now granted, the times it breaks the hero being pocketed is when the hero is already slightly (cassidy) / massively (ashe at the time) overtuned by himself, but overall it does allow for even if not ideal, still frustrating interactions.

If mercy did less damage boosting but was able to damage at the same time herself, then shes not pocketing, same way as a lucio amping it up (heal or speed) but still being self reliant on getting value overall. Its that lack of ability to get value on her own (most of the time) while also having the low skill floor (not ceiling) that gets a lot of value by simply pocketing a dps. Its unhealthy for both the game and the player IMO.

I added lots of notes in brackets because Im used to it being taken as if Im mocking mercy players’ skill or what they’re capable of overall and dont feel like getting skewered. I dont dislike mercy players by any means, and I dont really dislike mercy’s idea overall, but I dislike the interactions of mercy-dps hero that create unfun environment for everyone but those two.

Honestly I think it comes down to who uses the ability, Mercy GIVES the ability to someone else, that’s the problem.


I already smeel the grief of pulling your genji from the enemy backline to the frontline…

Doubt smth like this gets added, trolling potential over 9900…:sweat_smile:

Especially considering flying in the enemy team, pulling your target in theyr tanks and flying out again.

Your reaper is ulting? Pull him far away from the enemy.

Tracer used all blinks? Lets pull her in the middle of the fight.

Widow used grapple? Get her back to tge low ground.

No way this goes into the game

The griefing potential is real, but Mercy NEEDS to have a hero moment, if you remove resurrect than she will be the only hero in the game without one. If they make the ability given to players instead of acting on them I can’t even imagine the level of outrage that will hit the forums. It will be mercy 2.0 all over again.


Previously, hard pocketing a dps is considered throwing back when Mercy is one of the supports that has high heals and when her ult is worth farming for. Currently, mercy has one of the lowest healing output between all the supports, her heals isn’t enough to sustain a tank that got focused fire for even two seconds, and her ult isn’t game changing in the slightest. So, since she can’t sustain a tank and her ult wasn’t powerful enough to worth farming for, that leaves damage boost where she had some sort of value.

The problem is, Blizzard doesn’t seem to mind, or they even like, this particular interaction. A lot of mercy mains also dislike this playstyle, but pocketing a dps is mercy’s best value currently.

I don’t mind if they changed her so she become THE main healer of the game instead of a dps enabler, but I don’t think Blizzard share this sentiment lol.


Rez shouldn’t have been in ow in the first place.

It is already toxic af and is impossible to balance in 6v6 Ow so in 5v5

I mean it’s been balanced for over a year now so :man_shrugging:

Also pretty much every FPS game I’ve played has rez. Valorant has it on one support. Apex has it on one support. Not sure why it can’t belong in OW lol…


I mean Aurora/Ryan did mention that idea was brought up as a possibility but griefing was a concern.

And while true it’s a good concern, it’s not like griefing isn’t an issue already.

Agree, its the ideas that count not the balance of the idea or the effects of abuse

Imho the angelic blessing ability is amazing, but only in coordination and basically as much as ressurect. Just a button press. Like if hanzo could only give others sonic arrow buffs.

But yeah if any hero has such a ‘i look after you’ ability its mercy.

I’m personally in terms of abuse just not a fan of things that look almost always like a accident.

Like if i waste my cd’s as tracer i messed up.
If the barrier moves so moves bastion
But this ability as describeb is a ability i wanted too. But now i also see all the bad things is does. :sweat_smile: Ofc you could give the target immunity etc.