Mercy rez "glitch" in mystery heroes


There’s a glitch in mystery heroes where if for example:

I am about to respawn in two seconds but mercy rezzes me, i still respawn. Mercys ressurect does not pause my respawn time like it should do.

Is nobody talking about this? I feel like this glitch is going on for ages and nobody is talking about it, and its frustrating for casual players. Am i missing something and is it intentional?


I dont think its a Glitch, I think that if you dont rez them before there respawn time runs out you dont get the rez off.


But it’s so weird and just annoying, it just doesnt make any sense at all


I think they made this change globally, though i have been playing a lot of MH lately, so I’m not sure if there is a correlation. I think it will cancel the respawn if there is only .5(guestimate) seconds left, but anything more than that and it will cancel.


They addressed this simply by not putting rez on cool down when it happens.


actually in comp if I rez someone at the 1 sec mark it stops the timer and lets me rez


Rez is supposed to pause your respawn timer for this exact reason. If it doesnt in MH for some reason, it sounds like a bug.


Unless they recently changed it, you should be able to rez even after the spawn timer runs out.


Rez takes around three seconds to complete the animation

If you spawn before that animation has time to respawn you’ll miss the rez

It’s no secret and well known tbh i thought


it actually does pause though. I’ve rezzed many ppl with around 1-2 sec left on the timer.


I’m over here rezzing with less than a sec here and the timer stops,yes it’s a bug.

This bug was a thing way back when the cast time was introduced,now seems to be a MH problem only.


It’s a glitch, but I don’t think anybody bothers with it because it’s so minor. Many people are also unaware of how mercy’s rez behaves in normal games (since it’s mystery and nobody rolls their main), so they may not notice the difference.


Yep I’ve encountered the same thing, really annoying