Mercy rework was a success

‘’ and other 1000 lies you can tell yourself ‘’
by blizzard


Mercy rework aka making her less skillful and more boring and somehow better then ana and moira


She is no “less skillful” than Mass Rez iteration


That is untrue :wink:


At least Mass Rez took some coordination and timing. Valkyrie is really “Whenever I feel like it” ult because it charges so quick and there’s almost no reason to not have it active.


Ahem, chain heal and boost.

I don’t really think so, but I understood a long time ago that opinions on these forums differ greatly. This is an opinion thread. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Trust me you are entitled to your opinion! I am glad people still think lie you :sweat_smile: it makes having an conversation so diverse and interesting.


The only fact i need is that her rework gave solution to alot of mercy 1.0 problems but created double more new problems which were ‘‘solved’’ by her 10th nerf within a year.If it was successful they wouldn’t nerf her again and again.Blizzard has no excuse anymore after making mercy unfun and uninteractive character for the ‘balance’ of the game.I dont even care about the pros or anyones opinion.I just want to have fun playing mercy.Honestly i have invested many hours on her (about 120 i know nothing compered to many mercy mains but i really miss having fun)I have very limited fps skills and i really tryhard as ana with about the same hours but mercy gave me the opoetunity to me and hundreds of other people to jump to an fps game with zero fps experience.Mercy gave me a life-changing head start and i think i have to return her favor.Yes i could right another mega thread about mercys current status rather that a hate post but i have done it so many times im tired.I just want my angel back.Please


It was so successful that we still get tons of threads on the topic. Just like this very good one by Titanium.


Successful rework! ^.^


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Of course opinions differ that makes it intresting i totally agree with you

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The only successful thing about Mercy’s rework is a Bug that allowed Mercy to bunny hop with guardian angel :joy: :rofl: :grinning: :joy:


^^^^^ (20 arrows to emphasize)


if you call “waiting for all 5 allies to die” “coordination and timing” then your lack of skill in those manners is why you don’t see the skill that Mercy actually requires. Valkyrie is an extension of her natural kit which takes skill, while Mass Rez was a ‘Q to Win’ button that made you not have to be able to use Mercy at all, as long as you ‘Q to Win’ better than the enemy Mercy. That’s not skill.

The rework was most definitely a success.

3 years later


lmao, I was peeking an argument and this came up in related threads.

I clicked it because I was hoping there would be good Mercys in here. Sadly I was disappointed. :frowning: