Mercy revert (buff)! DON'T Cry! SOLO HEAL POSSIBLE!


I have tried Mercy in PTR for 4 hours. These are the honest words from a Diamond Mercy main: She feels much better now!

The buff does not seem much on paper but it’s more than what you think! I do agree that Mercy needs a rework to make her more fun to play, and to give her an equivalent impact like what other main healers have in a team fight (1.0 with tweaks+ new E ability should be great). But Overall, regard to this ultimate change, Blizzard has done something immediate to partially solve the unplayable/unrewarding current Mercy in a short term.

Here’s the patch notes:

Here are some of my PTR experiences:

  1. Mercy can easily heal over 10,000 per 10 minute in almost every match. If I solo heal the team, the number sometimes will even go up to 15,000 per 10 minute. it’s a 1k to 3k increase per 10 minute compare with current Mercy.

  2. Her ults can keep up with Ana and Moria, and if you solo heal, you can get ult in less than a minute. Compare with Mercy RN it’s a huge improvement around 20s to 40s decrease of time to get her ult.

  3. Weirdly she does feel more impactful in terms of performance. This may be bias cuz it’s largely due to the fact that i can use my ult more often. And the best thing about her in PTR is that you will have your ult ready in every team fight. This change makes Valkyrie more viable in different situations. For example, most of the time you could not ult twice during the early stage of two consecutive team fights, and now you can.

  4. 60hps heal during Valk is very nice comparing to current state. Ppl die less often. Ana Nade+ valk can counter Grav more effectively in some situations. Also, Due to the fact that Valk charges faster, I have more chance to use my ult aggressively rather than just healing (defensively). Damage boosting during Valk is huge. If I can manage to get my Valk every time before each team fights starts, it will become a huge impact when used as a mini supercharger (damage boost) in initial push (really helpful to break shield, to pocket ulting dps in a safe range, or to try to help diving characters to get a pick).

Considering all of the improvements after this revert, solo heal is once more possible for Mercy.
In solo heal situations:

  1. Communicate to your teammates to make sure they’re in your healing range, and don’t take much of burst damage (NO FEEDING, XD)
  2. You will have your ult every 40 seconds how fantastic is that!
  3. Use your ult more aggressively with damage boost during the beginning of the team fight to secure picks.
  4. Try to predict enemies ult. If the Valk-early-in-team-fight pattern breaks, you will lose advantage. (Valk early in a team fight is often more beneficial compare with ulting during the team fight, cuz you have more chance to damage boost to secure a pick and win instead of in a disadvantage trying your damnest to keep everyone alive. )

That’s all. If you have any ideas or comments regardless being a Mercy main or not, please leave it below.
Thank you for reading, and have a good day!
Good luck in your games!

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Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – October 23, 2018

Silly question, but do you feel like you get ult quicker compared to before the healing nerf?


It’s about the same compare with pre-healing Nerf. If you’re running 2 healers, it depends on the other healer as well.
but in most situation you have 1 ult per team fight which is really handy :slight_smile:

You made Valkyrie better?!
Why Mercy mains aren't happy. We aren't entitled, we're being hurt

Thats nice and all but wont bring me back to her in the end. She needs a rework again.


ptr isn’t the right place for filigree balancing tests.

everyone wants to play buffed or nerfed heros and play how he want.