Mercy problems < Reinhardt problems

I can’t compare heroes pickrates just because they have different roles/ play Styles? Omg facepalm
I can compare the pickrates of the heroes because it’s the one thing they have in common. Their playstyle doesn’t mean anything when it comes to pickrates because they are in the same role. Different play styles mean different times to pick said hero

Yes. Care to elaborate on that implied statement?

So what you’re saying is if mercy has all of her “problems” removed meaning she has the same pickrate,the same healing,her old ultimate, you would still flood the forums with “mercy is not viable” posts

Oh, wow. You really have no idea what we are saying.

I find it funny that here you are complaining about our complaints, but you couldn’t even be bothered to find out what our concerns are.

Those are the problems I see when I come on to one of the mercy threads so what are the other “problems” she has? Would you care to elaborate?

so how come genji has never been nerfed even though he was the most picked dps for over a year

its because of meta, you forget to add meta into your numbers while mercy is just meta because she is just better than ana/moira

rein is also much more simple to play for most players compared to winston which is hard to play without feeding and orisa needs a lot of help from the off tanks to play properly

Oh, yes!
Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Happy reading.

I main tank, so I get it-- but Mercy players don’t need to prioritize our issues. Let’s make our voices heard without putting others down!

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Ok you make a good point here but your argument that I can’t compare pickrates due to playstyle/role still needs addressing. We do need more balanced pickrates In the game.

sniff sniff finally a mercy complaint thread I agree with. But seriously I like it that you addressed the fact that Rez should have some vulnerability because it was dumb that mercy could undo a great teamwipe by pressing q. Sure other heroes could do the same(reaper,genii,soldier,mccree) but they have some vulnerability or take a while to get kills. Reaper moves slowly, genii takes 6 seconds to destroy the team, mccree has 0 movement, and soldier also has 6 seconds to kill the team with little healing. Although I feel like we should make the Rez take 2 seconds but make mercy take 50% less damage. If the team still fails to kill mercy then it’s on them for not taking her out within the time they had

If you see a Mercy main on the forums complaining about Mercy, chances are high that they agree with the sentiments expressed in that post. That thread is only 1 week old, and it already is one of the most popular threads on these forums of all time.

You need to remember that Orisa has 600 effective health due to halt and that’s not counting the armour value or healing

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Sometimes this is true most threads I see have been made the same day and just ask for the old ultimate or whine about 50 hps (healing per second) personally I think 50is fine because it still gives good healing and gives other healers a chance to compete against mercy

At this point, everyone else’s problems > mercy problems.

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Any problem > Mercy problem. They literally just reduced her healing by 10.

Too bad the devs didn’t put those resources they wasted on Mercy’s rework into him. We’d all been better off.

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I’m not sure if this is sarcastic or not. But I think rein just needs bug fixes not a whole re work

It’s not those resources would’ve been better spent fixing actual issues. (Like Sombra’s and Doomfists’ bugs as well.)

Sure those heroes deserve attention too but personally I want reins bugs fixed the most just because I play him more than sombra and doom fist. But they do deserve bug fixes

Yeah I kind of wish the devs have prioritized actual bug fixes over reworks. (Mercy’s staff to gun bug is rather fun when it wants to take out your staff despite me pressing the gun button because screw me).


same…a lot of heroes have a looot of bugs…i mean, they KINDA fixed doomfist…a bit…but he’s still glitchy…also, damn that Mercy gun bug is still there? nice…i haven’t been playing her much lately but djsdgh that thing has been here since forever lol…

also, i think everyone agrees Rein just needs to be “cleaned up” … also, i think another huge problem is the fact that they keep pushing stuff live without documenting it…like this last patch…like, your player base is basically a free QA team… people are really dedicated to this and the least you could do is type out what you changed so we don’t have to think if something was a bug or a feature…

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