Mercy or Misery?

I’m skeptical of those numbers. I’ve seen plenty of damage boosting in Valkyrie. I would know since I’ve seen it in the kill-cams often. I die like a [redacted] when a Mercy thinks to use it.

No, she is the favorite support of more than half of the community that plays her. It’s like messing with Genji but what bothers me is that they think what they’re doing is right but they’re just making it worse. One day we’ll have a game that has viable characters but as long as they keep the mentality of “oh she has this so we remove this and not change this” we will never have a balanced game.

72.647% of online statistics are made up on the spot and exaggerated to make a point.

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I personally adore Zenyatta. He’s the reason I first bought Overwatch. Love me some omnics. Next to him, I really love Ana. When people ask me to play Lucio, the only thing that keeps me sane while doing so for my team; is to spam Parappa the Rapper or Jet Set Radio and climb every wall like an autistic assassin.

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  • And Sombra is the only one who can shut down abilities, Rein is the only one who can grab someone and smash him to a wall without him being able to escape by himself and so on
  • Enviromental kills are supposed to be hard to pull off. Beside that Lucio can wallride out of that too
  • Moira and even Lucio can outheal Mercy depending on how your team plays. And she is meant to be easy to use for new players.
  • She has a bigger hitbox than Ana.
  • And other healers can attack directly when they are not healing. And she can’t heal and dmg boost at the same time.

Oho I see what you did there

So, I’m pretty sure they will gut her kit till she has nothing left but her gun and her E because god forbid we get rid of that.

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Mercy mains want rez on E nerfed or returned to her ultimate you know


I wish I could believe that, but I know that there’s a percentage of players for any given character, that when they’re OP or currently top dog, revel in the corrupt and giddy feeling of being gods.

I’ll just point you to this thread over here:

It includes a rework proposal that gives Mercy actual weaknesses instead of the “lol eff you imma go chill in the skybox” get-out-of-jail-free card she has now.

Oh, and no more rez on cooldown!


And you shouldnt care about that minority, you care about the majority they’re the ones you want on your side in this situation

If mercy had mass res with the restrictions of current res(except the movement one) as well as being los…
And mercy had an ability to flap her wings and shoot up in the air as her e ability…
Or like titanium suggested,

titanium's suggestion


General Discussion


Titanium1125 posts

You all know why I’m here by this point. This is my 5th thread on this topic, and as you can see, I’m not limited in thread title variations. Great news, though! I got bored of my previous text on top of the fact that I had lots of time to think while on vacation, so I’m writing this entire thing from scratch!

The Recent and Previous Developments…
A Solution
Unlike the past four iterations of this thread, I had more resources to draw upon while creating this post. Specifically, I had the ideas and feedback of 45+ other Mercy players. Collectively, we created a 20-page Google Document with new ideas for ultimates, basic abilities, and modifications for Mercy’s passives. We then voted on those ideas through a survey I created to determine the best modifications to Mercy, or to rephrase and be more direct about our objective, the ideal Mercy rework.

Here are the results from such endeavors:



Removed as a basic ability and placed as Mercy’s ultimate ability.
15 meter range.
Line of sight requirement. Does not apply to destructibles, payloads, or non-fundamental map obstacles that are too small to actually obscure a player. In other words, none of that BS where a player can move behind a lamp post to evade a nuclear explosion.
1 second cast time. Basic movement is unrestricted while casting, but all attacks and abilities are disabled for Mercy during this time.
If Mercy is stunned or killed while casting, Resurrect does not activate and Mercy loses all ultimate charge.
All living allies within range and LoS of Mercy once the cast time ends receive a burst heal of 150 HP. Mercy also receives this burst heal.
All dead allies within range and LoS of Mercy once the cast time ends are revived at full health and receive 2.25 seconds of invulnerability (same as current Resurrect and Resurrect pre-rework).
Mercy does not receive invulnerability upon Resurrect’s activation.
Resurrect does not require dead allies to be activated.
1625 ultimate charge requirement (the same as Mercy 1.x’s Resurrect).
Most importantly, this takes Resurrect off one of Mercy’s basic abilities and places it into a position that matches its ultimate-like behavior. On top of this, various trade-offs were made to the ability to allow for the healing burst and the introduction of a second basic ability.

The healing burst, post-rez vulnerability, cast time, and LoS requirements all incentivise using Resurrect to revive 0-3 players rather than 4+ players. Attempting to use it on four or more players runs a greater risk a failed resurrect attempt due to the cast time. If Mercy manages to use Resurrect, there is a greater chance that she missed some allies due to the LoS requirement. If those two drawbacks do not drag her team down enough, there is also the fact that Mercy is vulnerable post-rez while her teammates are still reviving.

The healing burst and fire-at-will mechanics on Resurrect make the ability more flexible and open up some unique uses for it. For example, Mercy could use Resurrect to grant her team a burst of healing in the middle of the teamfight to keep their momentum going rather than waiting for an ally to rejoin the fight after being killed and revived.

New Basic Ability - Pacify:

After a .5 second wind-up, Mercy launches a single hitscan attack from her left hand.
The projectile’s hitbox size resembles that of Symmetra’s secondary fire.
The projectile deals no damage upon impact with an enemy. Instead, it applies a debuff that reduces the damage dealt by the target by 33%. The debuff lasts for 4 seconds.
The projectile does not persist once it hits an enemy. It is only able to affect one enemy for each use.
The projectile is blocked by barriers, Defense Matrix, and Particle Barriers. It can be deflected by Genji’s Deflect ability.
10 second cooldown. The cooldown begins after the ability is cast.
There is a .25 second wind-down time after Pacify is launched.
During the wind-up and wind-down times, Mercy is not able to use her staff, her pistol, or Resurrect. She may use Guardian Angel, however.
Does not affect non-player entities and constructs (turrets, Rip-Tire, Supercharger, etc).
This ability came with some concept art:
This ability functions similarly to Ana’s Sleep Dart in its cast, but the projectiles and effects are very different. Because Mercy is supposed to have a low skill floor, the hitscan weapon type and large hitbox make the ability mechanically forgiving. As a result, Pacify’s 33% damage decrease for 4 seconds is less effective than Sleep Dart’s disable for up to 5.5 seconds.

That said, Pacify still has a lot of playmaking potential when mastered. For example, when used on a target that has been Nano-Boosted or Supercharged, the damage increase that Nano-Boost/Supercharger has on that target is completely negated for the next 4 seconds (100 DPS +%50 = 150 DPS - 33% = 100 DPS).

Pacify also drops Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Pharah’s weapon damage below the 2-shot (body shot) range for 200 HP heroes. If used at the right time, it can potentially save an ally’s life.

Caduceus Staff:

Healing beam’s rate of healing remains at 60 health/second.
Angelic Descent:

For the first one second of Angelic Descent’s use while airborne, Mercy does not lose altitude. After one second of this, Angelic Descent decays into the featherfall currently provided by Angelic Descent.
This effect can only be used once while in the air. If it has been expended, Mercy must first make contact with the ground before using it again.
Mercy’s midfight mobility potential will not be increased by much through this change, but it does allow Mercy to reach more positions prior to engagements without help from allies. Moving from ledge to ledge is made easier by these changes.

Credit goes to Brawl for the Resurrect and Pacify ability ideas and to Silawatsi for the modifications for Angelic Descent.

You can find the full document of ideas here:
The Drawing Board - Google Docs 58

And you can find the survey results here:
Drawing Board Survey

I think it’s pretty unique.


Oh wow look I was right (except the weeks part, instead it was 2 days) we already have "NERF MERCY MORE PLZ.

I like being right, thx for that. But how about waiting to see what this healing change actually does?


I think that goes for both sides, though :stuck_out_tongue:

It either makes her complete garbage or it does nothing and she’s still the best. It no way makes her balanced in my opinion, but either way posts like this is too early. This is just blatant hate on the hero, because she just received a Nerf.

Nice bait op. You picked a good topic though your arguments could have been constructed better as they a blatantly trolling.

I am not trolling, sir. I just hold an unpopular position on a hero in this game. One that clearly has caused a divide between some players in the community.

The character did just receive a nerf, but I guarantee you that this is not enough. I am not demanding the character be made unplayable. I am just hosting a discussion for people on a character in the game.

Mercy needs another rework. It’s very possible for the character to play fun, fair and still be the Mercy people like.

What would you change in a rework?
Imagine you’re blizzard.
Mercy had a very passionate playerbase.
You have the design philosophy of mercy as a swift pacifist doctor, providing a lot of healing, flying around though the battlefield.
What do you do to fix this?

We need another character that can revive :smiley:

Hunny, are you alright? Do you need me to call someone?