Mercy one-tricks. please stop

Bastion user has longest sclience…

At least pre-remake bastion is far more better than now.

Bastion user gets no answer. no notification at all. They forgot him.

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What ?‌‌‌

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Maybe if people want changes or problems to come to light they shouldn’t be quiet and expect answers to magically appear :man_shrugging:


Why attack the mercy community? All they are doing is expressing their opinion on a hero they want back. Do the same, express your concern over bastion and hopefully devs will take notice.


They dont listen bastion users. Forever.

I’m calling clickbait!

I think what OP is trying to say is that the mercy community shouldn’t be mad that they aren’t getting attention/shouldn’t spam the forums because bastion has it worse.

Because you relegated yourselves to a megavoid

Funny. I see at last 3 topics here addressing “Mercy mains”. So they are spamming too mmmh. Will reply the rest of my thoughts to OP based on that then.

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I honestly just wish we had a way to blacklist some words from appearing ,that way I can blacklist any thread with mercy in the title ,weather it be complaining about mercy herself or people complaining about people complaining about mercy.

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That wouldn’t be healthy at all. It would leave feedback about Mercy completely one-sided if people started doing that lol

If I want to use the forums and don’t want to see mercy threads ,I shouldn’t be forced to ,im sick and tired of every third post being mercy related in one way or another ,it’s hard to ignore it when it’s this common.

If you want to discuss mercy ,then I don’t mind ,but I don’t want it shoved down my throat either.

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I feel like deja vu days after days and ironically, not from “Mercy mains”.
While I see some, I also see their megathread, then threads like yours OP.
And I have looked on Bastion’s Megathread and I want the dev to notice it.
I’m supporting Bastion mains and lovers.

But you gotta admit every hot topics in the forums are worth an answer.
And one of the hot topic still happens to be Mercy.
Then we got Bastion, and Reaper, who, I absolutely agree need some love, and more…like Symmetra’s rework not being as much of a success despite what Jeff said in the last dev video.

I think the team has enough members and resources to be able to address several hot topics at once, else several changes wouldn’t happen at the same time.
Transparency was one of the thing Jeff said he wants to bring.
Well he can give transparency on all these hot topics.
He’s very welcome to do so, that includes Mercy, Bastion, Reaper, Symmetra, perhaps Brigitte(is there more nerf coming for instance ?).

Check his profile, you’ll get the answers you want.

That’s fine, as long as you realize if large numbers of people did that, then the revert chanters would end up seeming like the most agreed on view on the forum as to what should be done about Mercy

You are right, but there is no point arguing with them. They only see things from their own petty point of view and are incapable of reason.

yeah. i do feel bad for bastion but i dont main him and dont know anything about him but i know mercy and i enjoy her (or want to again) so obviously I’d talk about her instead o:

I see a Bronze Hanzo. I may be plat, mostly playing Genji, Sombra, D.Va, I do not want to be that user disregarding a player from his character choices and rank.

That was already a thing with the Mercy Megathread ,yet they clearly didn’t care about what was being said in it ,why would this be any different ?

Because feedback about her EVERYWHERE on the forum would then have no opposition