Mercy new E idea

What if instead of Rez, mercy was given the opposite of damage boost?

Something againts enemy players, if they are too close mercy can damage reduce them. The color can be red, also it can be used on her ultimate to make it a bit stronger.

It would be a good ability againts flanks, increase her skill and outplay potential etc

It would also be a good ability overall instead of Rez


Like this ability?


Yes just that mercy can use when she wants to like damage boost

Oh I see. It would have to be quite low though, like a 15% damage reduction. Otherwise, it would be a bit too powerful to have 30% damage boost, conisistent healing, AND a 30% damage reduction.

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So much talk of Markiplier

You’re forgetting that it’s replaced by Rez

this if is far better than rez

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I don’t think so. This ability, like you said, is just like damage boost but the opposite, not better then bringing your allies back from the dead every 30 seconds.

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it would also be good againts 1 hit attacks like rocket punch or charge


Healers are very well balanced right now … don’t **** it up!

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Rez defines Mercy. Take that away and Papa Jeff will just have to delete her.

its like saying “scatter defines hanzo” nah mate


saying a specific ability defines a character should be a meme by now


“E” ability post, like year ago, next step - mercy rework for unhappy Mercy cult.

If you can reduce damage whenever you want to then I would say it’s as good as Rez

You could reduce ult damage, combo damage, survive flanks, survive much longer in a 1v1 situation etc

I think it’s problematic for a healer to have a damage boost and a damage reduction. Though at least with this one she can’t have both at the same time

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I don’t think so, anything is better than Rez imo

I think you mean “it’s replacing Rez”.

Yeah sorry English is my third language


If you delete Rez, you delete Mercy. Sure, she will still be in the game, but it won’t be the same character, she’ll have lost herself in the rework forgetness

What are you talking about? A reduction in enemy damage is basically a damage boost to you, since you’ll be doing more damage!