Mercy needs more buff

Try spinning in a circle for 9 straight hours.

I’d like to see your stomach hold up.

At this point I’m not sure which it is, me wanting to go to bed on time, or me just sick of typing the same explanations only to have you plug your ears and spout the same rearranged, regurgitated sentences.

Either way, I need some Excedrin. The dizzies suck.

That’s unfortunate :frowning: I hope you feel better!! :blush:

Don’t know why you felt you needed to inform me though… :sweat_smile:

Get well soon!

Funny how all but one of those is a Buff, and had compensation buffs on the same patch right? Also, Rez in spawn was a technicality.

Yeah, and it only took 14 Nerfs to leave her in a mediocre, but under-control place. Fun.

Rez being bad is an opinion not a fact. And with the proposed changes to it(not all but not necessarily just one either), power could go into her normal kit as compensation, this would make balancing her power a lot easier.

The only thing that doesn’t work is a free Ress every 30s that needs to be “counterplayed” by working as a “kill me!” button for the enemy team.

Wow, then I guess everyone else who has been complaining this entire year+ is just wrong then, hum? Its just a coincidence that so many people are unsatisfied with this rework, and its just a coincidence that pre-rework Mercy was low-tier and could use buffs, while Rework-Mercy needed to get nerfed over a dozen of times and the other supports needed to be buffed to even out the playfield.

What a success of a rework.

How do you measure success?

If it’s a measure of the removal of hide and rez, it was very good. No more videos/discussions about hiding spots.


I’m not committed enough to see out the backlash this comment might cause. Don’t expect replies lol :laughing:

Except that her pickrates and winrates in comp and pro play during Mercy 1.0 show that she was, indeed, bad with Mass Rez.

No, but they don’t represent the entirety, or even close to a majority of the playerbase. People come to the forums to complain, Jeff and the Devs already explained this. If people like the game, they play it, if people dislike it, they write a forum post. That’s why the forums are almost always negative.

Plus, the Devs look at Pros, Statistics, and overall feedback more than just the forums.

EDIT: Yes, Titanium’s thread has gained a lot of likes and attention, because it’s well written and expresses concern with the direction of Mercy. But that doesn’t mean a major part of the community wants mass rez back. I guarantee if dislikes were a thing on the forums, that thread would have at least 75% of its likes in dislikes from those who hated mass rez.


Quoting you both for the ping.

Since you both seem incapable of using simple forum tools, and wish to continue spouting nonsense fueled by misinformation, I’ll just drop this here.

Read it, or don’t, not like it’ll matter too much.

Still, better to try and open the eyes of the blind than leave them in the dark.

Hey, friend :blush: I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear before? I thought I made this obvious… I’ve already read that.

Come on now :weary: Just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re ignorant! That’s what I’ve been saying :sob:

??? :thinking:

Hello quest :grin:

I really enjoy the positivity you stand for and strive to spread among our forum community :blush:

Have a wonderful day! :kissing_closed_eyes:


You both continue to preach “Hide n Rez”, and “Die on point” as complete truth and refuse to see it any other way.

If you really have read it, you would know how your arguments are flawed.

Sorry sweethearts, but not everyone did it, and those who did eventually caught repercussions for it.

That was, until this “successful:TM:” rework showed up.

Thanks for saying hi to me Joel >.> I’m not QPing with you anymore ;(

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How dare you use my actual name Ryan lol


I haven’t said that at all! :weary: I’ve said there are no facts! Just opinions! I’m open to see it any way as much as I can! :blush:

Nah I’m pretty confident about my arguments :slight_smile: But even then, they’re just opinions! Just like that thread! :blush:

That’s your opinion! Thanks for sharing :laughing:

Drastic measures had to be taken to ensure a reply

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A successful Rework wouldn’t need to be nerfed for an year, dominated a meta and caused a large chunk of the community to hate the hero. And the Hide-and-Res issue could have been solved in several forms, not just remove the cause of the problem entirely.

You are just blaming her issues on Mass Ress to buff up your argument. There were many factors for her to be doing poorly, lack of an E ability, for example.

So unless every PC player comes here to give their piece on the situation, the tendencies and feedback in the forum are usless? that makes no sense. If enough people are bothering to log into the forums to complain, every day, for this long, that is not indicative of a problem? I’m sorry but you are just sounding disingenuous at this point.

(I would love to continue this discussion but Its late where I live and this isn’t going anywhere.)

I thought you were on OW hiatus! HI

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Ah, well that’s a wonderful opinion! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I have a different measure, a different opinion. We will have to agree to disagree! :blush:

You sincerely are no longer worth my time.

Its like arguing with a brick wall

“Here, have some evidence that what youre saying may be false”


“this person lacks the proper knowledge on the topic, therefore they are ignorant”


Seriously my dude, get a grip.

I’m sleep deprived to the point of near delirium and I still make more sense than you.

…says the BrigBot

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That’s kind of hurtful ngl :frowning: Why do we have to hurt each other like this?

:worried: Cuts me deep…

I’m sorry, I didn’t see any evidence… I just saw opinion. I’m sorry senpai. What is evidence!?! :tired_face:

Savage… I do my best to be stable and relate to others. Why you gotta go there? :disappointed_relieved:

Please don’t be toxic :frowning: There’s no need. I hope you get some sleep and calm down. I won’t take this personally. Take care of yourself!


Don’t want toxicity? Don’t provoke people by faking to be nice just to send people in circles by ignoring everything they say, and then attempt to villainize them when they become upset!

Its simple really.

In fact, so simple you don’t even have to reply!

See that blue button? You don’t have to touch it!

In fact, if you ever feel as though someone is being toxic to you, you can turn off your PC or phone!

You can go outside! And be fake nice to real people!

Doesn’t that sound great? Actual human interaction, where you aren’t allowed to be rude for the sake of it, whilst pretending to be nice?

Sounds good to me! Why don’t you go give it a shot?

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