"mercy needs a revert"

Will admit, haven’t read through that post specializing in those ideas. Good work then.

There’s also a suggestion Titanium’s new post that you may like :slight_smile: . Here’s the link: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

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Before we continue, let me just say that this has been one of the most enjoyable debates I’ve gotten into on this forums for quite a while. So thank you for that.

Too late. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are right… nailing down exactly what is engaging is not easy at all. That’s why Devs do a certain amount of throw things they think are interesting at the wall and see what sticks. Funnily enough your earlier statement perfectly illustrates that. I don’t mind Archwing and I actually quite enjoy Titania who’s 4th ability bring Archwing mechanics into normal missions.

Honestly… I personally think the line should be… “Is it reasonably balanced? Does it have enough counter play for how strong it is? Does it fit with everything else that hero is supposed to be good at?” If yes… Go for it. I also agree that they shouldn’t have done most of those reworks. RiP Ember. But one thing they got rid of I am 100% behind. That being removing Trinity’s ability to nuke the map via self damage with the Sancti Castanas and link. The Trinity is the premiere support frame. Nuking all the dudes shouldn’t be part of her strengths. Similarly I’m not too torn up about the (near) removal of Attack Helicopter Mercy.

Yeah… OW is kind of a mess. Honestly in all my time gaming, I’ve never seen a PvP game that didn’t just give everyone the same mobility handle it well. Also yes, the support category is kind of a mess. I don’t know how to fix all of it, but I do think somehow getting Resurrect off of a basic ability will help… because having it there kind of adds a “core job” that people expect the support to do… but only one hero can do it.

Yeah… Blizzard has dug themselves a massive hole. I don’t know how or if they’ll manage to dig themselves out. Thankfully I’m not the one who has to do it.


Dear Imbecile
No-one is down playing the importance of other things that need fixing. Along with the things you mentioned you should add your spelling. Also if resurrect is unfun, then dragon blade and all other ultimates and guns should be removed as thy are “unfun to play against”. Please stop using this terrible argument. Many people want resurrect back, with certain changes, like LOS a Cast time and other things. Just because someone resurrected your “epic 2 kill dragon blade in a Graviton surge” does not mean it should be removed. Your only argument is “it’s op and unfun” They can literally add counterplay with a small cast time and certain changes.

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thats the thing a genji ult take skill unlike mass rezz.
(if a genji kills me w/ a “cool” blade ill give him that)
even a grav blade take 2 ults.
and mercy can just fly in and make 3 ults useless if that fun for u idk what is fun anymore

Read that.

Or if it is too much… and it kinda is… at least read this part of it.

Dear OP (right, I might be banned for saying a name)

Your post sucks, please read this as punishment and educate yourself.


Where are the forum mods to take these types of posts down. Flagging this one.

lmao thats false reporting/flagging u cant do it u will get banned

I just have one question. What part of 11 nerfs in a row screams “Mercy is fine right now” to you? I’m genuinely curious.

ok u might not like my post i get it u dont need to get triggered b/c i talk about mercy and its aint that good
(let me guess u r the "spam mercy revert till it gets added dont u?)
i guess im the problem then just saying what i think is a problem, but spaming is ok i guess

i think people suggest a revert cause it would be the “easiest fix” to her at this point…her entire concept is that she’s the only “pure” or “true” healer…she could heal OR dmg boost, not both at the same time [like Zen for example…who heals less but has more dmg and gives 1 target dmg boost to the entire team]
so that was compensated by a powerful ult…

if they wanted to prevent the annoyance of hide and res, they could have just removed invincibility, gave her reduced dmg taken during her ult…give her some small cast time and you could CC her out of it and done…[in addition to either/or LoS requirement and smaller range or something, idk]

balancing valk + E res is way harder [probably impossible for E res since ya know, it’s an ult ability lmao] but they’re being either stubborn or just dense idk…so, basically that’s why i think people keep whining about bringing mass res back…

i mean, they can literally nerf her into the ground but she will still be the only healer you can be useful with even if you just got the game…and she will have res every 30s :woman_shrugging: whoops…

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This so much. Forums are pretty much the only place where I see people crying about the revert

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ok she got nerfed thats what make a “OP” hero balanced
isnt it

Okay, but when she turns out to still be OP when the dust settles, is she balanced then, or will she again need another nerf? People have cried “she’s balanced now!” after every nerf she’s received, and every time it’s been proven to not be the case. Why do you think this time will be any different?

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im talking about rn (after the 60h/s to 50h/s) she is very balanced she is no longer a most pick, now u can have her or ana/moira

So am I. This nerf only just hit the servers and hasn’t gotten a chance to have much of an effect yet. In a couple of months time, when Mercy is still a must pick, will you stand by your stance that she’s balanced now, or will you be one of those calling for another nerf? Every time Mercy is nerfed, there are people like you who say “she’s fine now”. Those same people return in a couple of months once the dust settles to beg for another nerf because nothing has actually changed.

My point is that these nerfs are doing the job of bringing her down, yes, but they’re not going to affect her status as a must pick. She’s still going to be in the same place she was before, just slightly less effective at sustaining. She had 50hps before, it’s not that big of a change. She might be less effective as a solo healer, but people will just turn to running duo more often. In a couple of months people will start complaining that Mercy is still in every game and they’ll nerf her again - this is why I’m saying she’s not fine now. She hasn’t been fine in 10 months, which is clearly illustrated by how they have continued to nerf her kit in an attempt to balance her out. It’s clearly not working.

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How is this not a troll thread? Not only have you not even read past the first 2 words of any other Mercy thread, you clearly haven’t even read the posts in your own thread…

Plus if you’re going to make a new thread can you please use proper grammar and spelling? I felt like I had to fill in the blanks myself.

Reading just first 2 words of Mercy threads will eventually lead to knowing every single Mercy argument, as they are literally all the same and repeated daily.