Mercy meta infinitely better than any moira meta

Moira used as a main healer is possibly one of the worst experiences for the rest of the team. At least with mercy healers, you know, heal


That’s just like, your opinion, man.

Personally I love Moira because she’s the only support that can succeed with bad DPS. You can just do their job and keep doing your job! It’s great.


It’s ironic because most of the Moiras not healing are your fellow DPS mains queuing as support to instalock her and do that clownery.


I don’t really see many DPS Moiras.

Anyway, a good Moira player can heal their team while still being someone the other team’s DPS curse for seven generations.


Moth meta was terrible. It was literally the worst meta of the entire game with multiple resses going off, even worse when ti was instant.

I do agree that at least with Mercy you know your support is going to try to actually heal you.

Citation needed.


i like moira meta more than mercy meta.
mainly because during mercy meta i used to fill and i ended up with healer 95% off the time, which forced me to play mercy because “no mercy no win” and the other healer didnt go mercy.
at least now i can chose which healer i want to play without constantly being asked to swap to hero X or lose

Here’s the thing…would that be a problem now with role queue?

Something I think about sometimes.

Would the Mercy meta be as PTSD inducing if role queue was implemented before the rework? Cause then no filling needing.

Though wouldn’t have changed the fact that Mercy was beyond broken and the cries and pleas from everyone, Mercy Mains included, were ignored by Blizzard.


Why does the other team having Moira affect your match experience, exactly… ?

Moira heals me, the tank, fast though. With mercy it took a long time

Me either. I catch them once in a while and they’re a pain but they’re not very common.

The fact that nearly all of the DPS Moiras I’ve played with had public profiles. Majority of which were McCree mains for whatever reasons, even though he’s actually one of the better DPS in the meta.

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Mercy Meta was awful because with double res you were able to contest the point forever.

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This isn’t a problem of Moira.

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Bad Moiras have a tendency not to heal. Bad Mercys have a tendency to only one target or whatever is in front of them.

Regardless, if they’re bad then it’ll be noticeable. I certainly notice bad Mercy players just as often as bad Moira players. It’s quite easy to notice

The game in general was much better before mercy got reworked


Yeah no. I’d rather not have two people instarezzed and a won fight turned into a lost fight.

No one wants that. OP didn’t say he wants that though, idk why you and other replies are assuming this.

I’m pretty sure OP just says he would rather current Mercy be meta and not Moira. But ok

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Exactly this, i get why people like the ‘dps side’ of moira but she is one of the frustrating to play with, i want Mercy to be a go to for support but not the early Mercy 2.0 mess

nice argument for nerfs

Nice argument for maybe the DPS should do their job for freaking once.

But more seriously, healers need power outside of healing. You can’t win a game just by healing. Healers deserve to do damage so they can allow their skill to make an actual difference.

Whenever I play Mercy the first thing the enemy moira does is fade into our backline and continiously hunt me uncontested.