Mercy Megathread



Or literally roll over and play Fortnite or other Q3 Titles that will come out.


Not the intention at all👌

It’s not meant to be toxic, just for fun. Haven’t been here is so long. And it’s just a joke that was made about me on a bunch of mercy threads.

Just for fun👏


I feel like you don’t even know me anymore!

But yes, I main both Mercy and Ana… Mercy more nowadays since maining Ana doesn’t seem to be leading anywhere. sigh

I’ll probably consider myself a Moira main too soon, and Rein in the future I hope. :wink:


Wonder when this one will get flagged? :rofl:


The world is a funny place! Lots of weird things in it.


Sorry for the confusion.

I knew you played her, didn’t know you mained her.

Though I knew you mained Ana☺️


Let’s do this people👌

I’m on a role😂


I will hold this against you for all eternity!
Bunnies are known for their memories!

Wait, that’s elephants.
I just do fluff.
I guess we good then Jelly! :smiley:


Good to hear😂

Always a pleasure Quizzy😉


Likewise Jelly, likewise. :wink:


I’m just going to hang around here for a little, it’s been a while.

If anyone needs me just ask❤️

Let’s do it👌


Get a room you two jeez…

Let me watch. :blush:


Okay, so why bother replying to any of us if you don’t care? We’re all discussing Mercy’s current state (ie, overall buffs and nerfs).


Mutual respect despite differences in mains is so hot.

Also, I made us this banner to represent our bond.


That’s so awesome😂

Love it👌

Jelly Bunny👏


(Totally didn’t steal that off the web… a sweet bunny like me would never stoop so low! Just don’t check, alright? It shows a lack of trust!). :wink:


Don’t worry, I knew👌

It was made for us though lol😂

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Hey all, the current topic has been updated. Please continue your discussion around Mercy here.

Thank you!

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