Mercy mains will never be happy


Everyone wouldn’t be happy with the abomination that is Mass Res even with tweaks.
Whats the middle ground? Or is your opinion along with other #revert the only valid one?

Mercy does need changed again don’t get me wrong, just not in the way you want.


Eh, I disagree. I’m sure that atleast some people would be happy with Mass Rez coming back. Let’s not project our feelings so soon, now. :smirk:

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It is like that with any nerf.

I feel like the only way to make ppl to feel happy is to nerf their main more than is needs and then buff it slightly before leaving it like that.

I still feel bitter that the last change was another nerf.


Some will be happy, some wont…
We have no idea outside of forums/reddit of any number so


No we want her to be engaging. We dont want her value to be tied to one single ability: rez. We dont want an ult that simply gives us a good view of our team dying. We want to feel like something we do has an effect on a fight. Sure rez can be powerful, but more often than not someone dies while their team’s main healer stands still for 2 seconds and cant do her job. That’s why Mercy players are mad.
We used to be able to make a big play, have a hero moment, and now we get what? To stand still? To float in the sky and continue to press left click and right click? There’s no satisfaction anymore. Every other support can get kills themselves and make big plays. What does Mercy get? Mobility? Something that’s literally only useful for her. Rez? Something that takes her out of a fight and puts her in danger. Valkyrie? Makes her braindead, literally requiring no thought at all, but it gives her a darn good view right? The rework literally made Mercy as braindead as everyone always claimed she was.


No we dont. Some not so smart people may want that but a lot of us want our hero to be fun and balanced. Both of these things are still getting heavily discussed.

Well we have a solution right here and quite a few people agree with it.

It is the most popular thread in this forum so I guess we found a solution. Now where are the devs?


Forgot to reply to this directly. Here ya go:


and isnt that the main reason of balancing things? to be useful in each situation needed and not a burden? really dude, you guys need stop this “We need toss crap on mercy everyday” attitude. its turning stale and start to annoy everyone in forums.

let me guess she “undone” your super ultra hard work as DPS and due to that you want her nerfed?. only a guess, but this thread sound like this, like every other “Mercy mains are the problem” and “Mercy need be nerfed more” threads.


Quite a few?
Can’t really see where it states that.


Well… it is the top forum post of all time. As well as 2.2k replies and 1.3k likes, sooo… That is indeed quite a few.


And how many of them are there because of the “solutions” vs how many are there because of the rest of the post?


And that is why we don’t make generalizations regarding what everyone would / wouldn’t be happy with regarding mass res. Opinions = / = Fact.

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


I just want her to be fun, Valk is just a glorified spectator mode and with her heal nerf which is a nerf just cause, is not a step in the fun direction.


The Mercy main issue is one I mentioned back when Mercy 2.0 happened. Its basically a consequence of leaving her so overpowered for so long, and changing her too much.

Basically it’s impossible to make everyone happy at this point. Issues:

  1. Mercy mains are attached to different versions of the hero. Some want 1.0 back with mass rez, some want an adjusted 2.0, some want a totally new state with no rez and better healing abilities instead. There’s just no way to reconcile that.

  2. Mercy mains have been playing an overpowered hero since forever. They’re completely used to it now. Any change that even makes her a little balanced will make them feel like she’s hopelessly weak.

  3. Non Mercy players had a pretty bad time during Mercy 2.0, which went on for ages. They have something of a sunk cost in ensuring that Mercy 1.0 never comes back, as then Mercy 2.0 would have been for nothing. So a simple revert, the option that has the best chance of making Mercy players happy, would completely enrage the rest of the community, particularly other supports (who were the worst affected by Mercy 2.0).

  4. All of this meddling with Mercy constantly making the game worse is making people really loathe the hero and dislike the playerbase as well.


Honestly, most Mercy players just want a revert to the original Mercy. Her current state is effective, but very boring. Most of the game you just hold down left click and look for things to hide behind. That’s it.


Ya no, some (a very small amount) Mercy mains want to play her in every match so they can play get a free ride up the comp ladder BUT most Mercy mains want her to be a fun hero with a rewarding ult. Her current state is NOT fun and Valkyrie is NOT rewarding. Right now she is a rez bot with a sad amount of healing compared to Ana and Moira. People don’t even pick Mercy for rez anymore. People die so often now with her healing nerfed that she won’t be able to rez enough people to win a game. Mercy used to be able to solo heal but now I feel like I need another PRIMARY HEALER (in some cases) just to keep everyone up. Please stop spreading misinformation.


Not a mercy player, but they…aren’t having fun. Also quick way to disprove your thesis, many weren’t happy over the last few seasons where she was useful on all maps


Since it’s the most liked post of all time, it’s safe to assume that most people agree with the contents of the thread. Again, assuming that people liked everything except the dozen solutions stated is just a slippery slope fallacy.


Even if only half of the people who liked the thread agree with the changes, that’s well over 600 People. Which, is still quite a few. XP


Balance =/= design.
Balance =/= design.
Balance =/= design.
Balance =/= design.

Haters of Mercy mains need to say that to themselves over and over until they get it.