Mercy mains, pls dont 1 trick

Nope, ain’t happening!


Mercy isnt good enough of a hero to consistently one trick. There is usually a better pick.

playing rein into ana zen and asking your mercy to swap… hmm

i love mercy 1 tricks

i’ll take 2 on my team any day

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Genji mains, pls dont 1 trick
Widow mains, pls dont 1 trick
Junkrat mains, pls dont 1 trick
Wrecking Ball mains, pls dont 1 trick
Doomfist mains, pls dont 1 trick

Wow, that IS easy to do!


I pocket the potato so I can deep fry them after and dip them in some ketchup

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No thanks. You can switch if that’s a such a problem. Don’t tell me what to do or what to play.

People ask to not one trick heroes, but at the same time condone being a bunch of Meta Mains that in all honesty, ruined the game much more than one tricks.

Healbotting a tank while the enemy team is Discording and Anti-Nading to win the damage output war probably is going to piss off your DPS if they’re doing damage and people are constantly getting saved from 1HP because you’re humping the tank all match.

I’d rather a Lucio than a tank humping Mercy. At least I will get some heals or speed boost.

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Not to sound rude but that’s pretty much every game. I personally want the tanks to feel that nade and discord…

then maybe they’ll nerf the actual problem. Good riddance. If I feel like playing Kiriko, sure but I’m sick of it.

This is the problem with the support role is Kiriko and Ana hold the support role hostage and Zen is just miserable to play against.

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While I agree and understand your statement, ain’t no one out healing discord orb. If discord is your problem, Zen has to die.

Naaah, French fries should be eaten with mayo!

look as a (currently) gm 2 mercy (basically) otp, i think the issue is that you are playing REIN into ana zen. try sigma. zen and ana will dominate on rein regardless of your supports, unless you are extremely good.

honey if you want us to win you don’t want me to swapp off of mercy


Are you Canadian? Aye?

And no they should be eaten with ranch. :laughing:

Nope… Wrong continent o.0

What country like mayo with fries? I suck at guessing games? France?

This thread is gonna get flamed because Mercy OTPs have a victim complex but I 100% think OP is right to say this. I flex as a DPS and Support and am Diamond and have gotten to that ELO due to mechanical skill and game knowledge but knowing when to switch has won me so many games, people really need to realize the one tricking is simply not feasible in the long run.

Suggesting your teammates switch instead if they kindly suggest maybe picking another support is 100% toxic behavior IMO, especially if their pick is the right pick in that situation. Honestly just sick of Mercy mains in general easily the most toxic and entitled playerbase in the community.

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As a tank main, he’s playing the wrong tank into the enemy comp. He should be playing Winston instead.

Regardless of how you feel about Mercy mains, this is a huge problem in the community. The Rein main isn’t thinking about what HE can do to alleviate the problem, he’s demanding everyone swap to convenience HIM. That’s not anything to praise.


I think it originated in Belgium, but it is popular in Netherlands…

But I am not from neither of those (-;

You know what is toxic behavior? Suggesting that someone has a victim complex just to poison the well…