Mercy mains, pls dont 1 trick

Insert Mourinho “If I speak I am in big trouble” meme

I have a feeling this will not go well…


They’re just the worst kind of player good lord. I detest them. If they need a hard pocket all through the game, they need to (to coin a phrase) Improve Thy Self

All jokes aside, there is only so many counters 1 person can perform at a time, even on tank.

My general rule when playing support is:

Do we currently need a support swap?: Yes

Did a teammate ask in a rude way?: Don’t swap no matter what

Will my tank get farmed by Ana/Zen if I don’t swap?: Will Swap


Didn’t even mention voice chat :stuck_out_tongue: I make callouts when I see things happening and have learned to utilize the almighty mute button if people become unruly.


What about me one-tricking Brig? And my other hero is Lucio.

Yes officer, that player over there !!!


one tricking is a decent way to play, and a fun one. Two tricking is the best for everyone while being as effective as one tricking

I´m gonna get called out by mercy mains… but trust me bro you don´t want the mercy main playing ana or zen, it will cause more harm than good

That´s the kind of endless argument that proves why everyone should just accept each other one tricks and adapt as much as they can


They are already providing better value. Brig stops team from ball dives.

Kiriko provides defense against ana bionades.

Though if Widow… Stay mercy. Rez picks.

No one should be one tricking tbf. But unfortunately that’s always going to happen in a hero based game. Just sucks cause OW is quite literally designed around swapping but no one wants to play into it.

Not when I am on brig so :woman_shrugging:

I can’t aim with suzu over long ranges, since my tanks always manage to dodge it somehow so :woman_shrugging:

You don’t know if I will do better on any other pick in a certain situation.

I one-tricked Lucio religiously for a few years, but nowadays I tell my team which heroes I’m good with and am open to maybe swapping. Maybe.

That is a good way to do things “SombrasFeet.”

if you play mercy, the best advice I can give you is press control shift and C and turn off chat and don’t be in voice, then just play any style you want and who cares if your team flames as you won’t hear them.

people can play the game any way they want,


It depends on how well the mercy main can aim. Some play her simply because they enjoy her as opposed to being unable to aim.

For me personally, if I warmed up my mechanics I could float playing Ana. If I worked to improve my aim with her then I could be good at it. With Zen however? I just plain suck at him and would need to put in a lot of practice.

For example, my aim with Kiriko is good enough after practicing with her some.

It also depends on how much they rely on ga for good positioning.

Because I want to play mercy instead :moyai:


Nope, ain’t happening!


Mercy isnt good enough of a hero to consistently one trick. There is usually a better pick.

playing rein into ana zen and asking your mercy to swap… hmm

i love mercy 1 tricks

i’ll take 2 on my team any day

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