Mercy Mains - Are you currently happy with the Rework?

Ana is so much more interesting to play now, I don’t even want to touch Mercy anymore :confused:

First you say she’s balanced, then you say that she’ll never be balanced if they don’t rework her skill floor.
So you’re saying she’s balanced but she’s not balanced.

I’m sorry, I worded it wrong when I was thinking about a similar post I made.

I meant you can’t balance how fun she is without reworking large areas of her kit.

Basically if you make the hero fun in her current state, it will be overpowered, because everything in her kit is just a couple numbers from being overpowered, but nerfing her will make it boring and bland to play since there’s so little to Mercy’s kit.

It’s really only balacable here from a overall gameplay perspective, and that’s what blizzard has been trying to do over the last 15 nerfs, keeping her a fun hero but attempting to balance it. But the failed to keep her fun, after the last id say 4 nerfs.

I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying.

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Erm, no? Name 1 other shooter (and please provide a quote from someone playing it) where Rez is hated. You won’t find any, because people don’t mind it.

Exactly. Which is why Mercy needs another rework. Preferrably this one.

:white_check_mark: Impactful, balanced ultimate
:white_check_mark: E ability
:white_check_mark: Functional base kit


Killzone medic you had to dubble tap them after you kiled them or they just popped back up and killed you like zombies.
They also keep changing how far you had to be to revive and how long before killzone 2 came out and they changed it again in killzone 3.
Hell just Google hate revive killzone 2 they had alot of problems with classes in that game.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Valkyrie, but I still play Mercy. She just doesn’t feel as fun but I know that if my team is ever in a tight spot I can always switch to Mercy and perform well. Kinda starting to lean more to Zen now because I like discord and actually doing damage while I heal.

I’m not a Mercy main but I did play her quite a bit in the beta and leading up to the rework.

The rework removed any satisfaction from the character, in my opinion. There’s no impact, you don’t have the same “oomph” that every other ultimate has, and it just feels like the only reason to play Mercy is because you like the character or you’re dedicated, not because you enjoy her now.


I bought overwatch when mercy was in her raw 1.0 stage and since the rework ive had less and less fun.

Im only sticking around cause friends like to play with me and im a good mercy but i dont enjoy her anymore.


Irrelevant really. People love her. Even some pros

But they’re playing to win,not to have fun.

That’s not really true, you can do both

She’s a shell of her former self but when other characters simply don’t click you either suck it up or uninstall.

Sorry, I’m not explaining my point well.

The meta, has, and will always, form from an objective perspective. Mercy was not a “must pick” because she was fun. Mercy was a must pick because she was too strong. Therefore, under most situations, if not all, (especially in earlier incarnations of valk + rez) you were putting your team at a tangible disadvantage by not picking her.

If mercy were solely being played “Just for fun”, why did she warp the meta around her so strongly? (And multiple times, to boot).

She wasn’t a must pick with mass rez, she was weak and underpowered. Even a troll pick

I’m talking about the period from rework to healing nerf, where she was a must pick.

Ohh my bad. I hate that Mercy too tbh

Mercy is my most played hero overall. I’ve played her since beta and all the way into Grandmaster in competitive. I’ve played her heavily every season since release.

I’m definitely happy with the rework. I found mass rez to promote an unhealthy style of play that wasn’t good for the game overall. It was silly to have to worry about finding Mercy first and then worrying about WHEN you killed her. You had to be careful not to kill her too early or too late, which was absurd.

During 1.0, even at the highest level of play, it was expected that I hide as soon as I got my ult. I refused to and got yelled at pretty often for it. There should be no abilities in this game that incentivize dying. Mercy should be trying her best at all times to participate in the fight and keep her team alive. Her new ult lets her do that. I feel so much more engaged in the fights now and I have many more decisions to make, which is more fun for me. I can have a much larger impact on the game by proactively winning us fights in creative ways instead of just hoping my team dies close to each other on the point.

I don’t think she’s perfect, but the rework definitely took Mercy in the right direction. I still think rez is far too strong not to have, which is a problem, but I never want it as part of her ult again.

I think we all know the answers you are going to get, heck this feels like this post was made as another way to complain about mercy.

Not saying those complaints aren’t justified, a lot of them are.

But most have been saying this for a year now, all this is doing is causing more arguments.

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