Mercy Main Looking for DPS/Tanks

Hello! I’m a Mercy main that was at 2600 SR but have dropped to 2300 SR this season. I’ve noticed that I work well with certain characters, but in certain comps, I find I have to swap to Brig or Moira to synergize. While this was okay in the past, this season very few people are playing the characters Mercy works well with making it either difficult to win or requiring me to switch more than I’d like.

I work best with Winston, McCree, Soldier, Pharah, and Ashe. Orisas are helpful, too, just because the lowered healing requirements for her mean I can damage boost more.

I have a mic and typically can play weekdays at 6-9 pm EST and most times during the weekend. My PSN is FinalFantasy2Fan. Let me know who you play as, what your rank is, and when you typically have time to play. I’d prefer you be gold or platinum so that we can make mistakes and rank up together :slight_smile:

Hi, sent you a message on PSN.