Mercy is the perfect support

No Lucio is, you can have 5 DPS and he’ll still support your team and say you’re going to do great.


Everyone has to enjoy the game, not just us. And that’s where the problem started to happen. We were having fun playing as Mercy but other people were not having fun when the old Mercy was around so they had to change her. What they did after that is what tore the community apart. Personally, I’m just happy that they kept her essence of being a pure support.

But I’m not saying we should just suck up if we don’t like these changes. I would be happier if Mercy became more fun to play, I have a few thoughts on how she could be better as well. My issue is that other “Mercy mains” pulled out their pitchforks and just complain to bring the old Mercy back. Or to stop the nerfs. They changed Mercy for a reason. That’s why if we want everyone to like her, we should start from just being happy that she exists, hence my post. Then we should understand both sides of the problem and work our “complaints” and “suggestions” from there.

Apparently, going DPS Mercy is now more viable than support Mercy. So no, She is not the perfect support.


the problem with the reasoning of “people found her unfun” is this whole argument of fun is subjective.

its ok to tell a mercy who says mercy isn’t fun that fun is subjective, but when the rework happened fun was one of the leading arguments used against her.


Ya and a lot of people don’t have fun against Brig, Junkrat, Pharah, -insert hero here that someone doesn’t like-. Why was only Mercy reworked to become dull then? Why is it fair that we have to suffer with a boring hero as long as some whiny people are happy? Seems like a double standard and a very vile one at that.

There will never be a time when everyone likes something, it just won’t happen.


So now our fun is ruined over the expense of people complaining about an ultimate being unfun… Is it just me or is every other ultimate in the game unfun to play against when pulled off successfully? Also, am I just supposed to ignore that the rework made her even more unfun to play against?

By nerfing her healing output… Okay.

Everyone tends to complain about something. As of now, the most popular Mercy change is this:

No pitchforks or reverts to be seen.

Indeed. Stop the nerfs and rework the hero again. I don’t see a problem with that.


Just suck it up…
Weird you said this then:

Somebody has already done that.

Will take you atleast an hour to read.


Everything in this statement is true.

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because old mercy was way too powerful and impactful and current mercy is balanced and isn’t as strong?

Is that why she was F-tier in pro tournaments? Because she was powerful and impactful? Loool, calm yourself.


because she WAS the best support hero, clear as glass. It wasn’t fair for people that wanted to play other supports, including mercy mains themselves

No. (20 characters)


idk why you tellin me to calm down, im very calm.

also, can we not use the OWL as valid arguments? like, ever, regardless of the topic. the OWL is completely different than the rest of the playerbase.

Reread what you just wrote please.


those seasons were ages ago.

She’s boring to play because her Valkyrie is literally the same thing that she does the entire game. Just slightly better.
She’s “balanced”, but res on a cooldown is OP. She needs to be reverted to 1.0 before invuln to res.


Wtf, you said she was OP pre-rework, which I proved she wasn’t by showing her pickrates when she had mass-rez. Now you’re saying it doesn’t matter? I don’t even know what you’re trying to argue lol.


If they can’t be bother to look to see that Mercy wasn’t a must pick for all seasons then providing facts wouldn’t conceive them.

Oh Look I was right.


I stand by my statement that we shouldn’t JUST suck it up. I said that we must FIRST suck it up and enjoy since the devs have their reasons. THEN with a clear mind work on our “complaints” and “suggestions”.

As for the post you quoted without pitchforks etc. That’s the kind of Mercy crowd that I’m talking about that I want to see more of. I myself have a few suggestions in this forum as well. And we never know what the devs are doing. They might even be working on something like that right now (although unlikely).

You told us to be happy that she exists… That is what I’d call telling people to suck it up… Nonetheless, I agree with what you are saying. More people like Titanium should exist.

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Please, show me it with at least 10 play of the games