Mercy is perfectly fine!11!1

that is a fair call tbh, it usedto be like that though. protect the mercy and she could r es you, it still is now, but people dont seem to give a donk and it just makes the job harder.

Is this coffee made with salt?

Just kidding, but if you want stuff done make it an actual argument.
This is why you have radio silence.
But then again, i’ve seen plenty of good arguments for Mercy.

Well what rank are you at? You can group up with me and I’ll try my hardest not to charge in to 6 people.

2400, I just checked. We can try if you really want to.

and why do they have radio silence? titaniums post has peaked #1 and consistently been a top post since it was made back on august 8th, still, no dev response. but a 2 minute old post praising the devs for the trash job they do got a near immediate response from Tom Powers. it’s clear these posts either get ignoted by devs or locked by moderators. offering real crisicism is never listened to on these forums, from what i’ve seen atleast.

what region Duke?


“Real Criticism”
This forum offers no real criticism.

give this a try, it’s a long read but it’s very insightfull and offers real solutions.

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America. I could switch if you want. I’ve played on European servers before and experienced no lag

im in australia, but we play on the ‘americas’ region, we could try it out

Any way to DM my battletag or should I just type it here and then delete the comment when I get a friend request?

type it here
20 charachter

I can’t and don’t want to read a dissertation on mercy. I’m sure he/she spent a lot of time on it and meant a lot with it, but I honestly don’t have the willpower to read all that.

Dead giveaway that I don’t like you.

what can i say?! i love watching my team die while i have the futility to show the world i like yellow ribbons

You’re acting like that entire sarcasm fest 2 posts above that one was constructive :joy:

Sorry but you should take one from main tank’s books and just get over it. I cannot understand why Mercy mains think they need the best treatment.

we need fair treatment, i dont understand. ive never seen anyone say that mercy deserves more than anyone else…

What do you mean fair treatment? Sorry but what hero literally made her the only meta main healer for over 5 seasons. Mercy mains have always had the best of the best, like I said she was literally the only meta hero for over 5 seasons. No one asked you to switch because Mercy wasn’t working. Nobody flamed you for playing Mercy because Mercy is bad. You know who got that? Ana and Lucio mains got that. So please act like you are treated unfairly more because that is sooooo wrong.

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He is basically dead. But do you read what you write?

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I mean I think what they really meant is for Rez to have a drawback for the target of it. Maybe they didn’t think that it was too harsh?

Is another plat Mercy onetrick refusing to to get gud.

He complains because resurrect takes 1.75 seconds for casting and call it " suicide-spectator mode " but at the same times wants old ress back with cast time which is basically the same, instead of dying every 30 seconds according to him he will die now after every 45 seconds or even more if he manages to get his "new ress 4.0 " ult.

Logic just no found.

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