Mercy is now the only reliable main healer


Call me when GA will ever have half of the cooldown Fade does.


I remember they were planning on “fixing” this months ago and decide to do it now. lol this game is a joke and to think I was going to come back seeing how promising the new Dev Update sounded.

They broke Ana and they nerfed Moira. Why should I bother LOL

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She was the only one even before this change.

Moira couldn’t compete with Mercy before anyway.


Mercy has been the only reliable healer for a long time, along with Zenyatta, mostly because they can hold a continuous healing on people, even though it’s only single target.

This won’t exactly help Moira, especially taken into consideration that barriers are inevitable in any given map, as is close quarter fighting both on payload, control points and KOTH maps. So it’s going to be a nightmare for Moira to effectively heal since she now have to worry about positioning even more than she is now.

Guess they only wanted to solidify that hey, if you dare try playing any other healer than Mercy or Zenyatta, we’ll smack even more “nerfs” your way. Get back to Mercy or Zenyatta and stay there.


Mercy is not a good healer. She is the best healer

I know they did, but I didn’t buy it for a second. This is not something you don’t notice during testing and it took them what, 8 months, to “fix” it.


I dont see her broken at all. She more viable then before but still not enough

aim your orb and use your coalmusty

Last I checked, I wasn’t able to pre-heal my teammates and lose accuracy because of a botched system, but whatever.

And yet she has pretty much the same amount of deaths each game as the other 2.

mercy - 7.36
moira - 7.34
ana - 7.79


As bad as losing pre heal is I much rather prefer keeping my team alive instead of one. And accuracy is just a worthless stat.


ummmmmmm…wa t

Mercy, zen and brig are the top 3 supports, all of them can heal through barriers. The bottom 3 supports cannot. They just nerfed the worse support at high ranks.


You do realize that she needs to use an escape ability that has almost 5 times the more cooldown of GA and on top of that has to use the healing orb which has a 10 seconds cooldown on it ?

With the nerf, the healing orb is the only way to heal through barriers.

You cannot leech through barriers to self Regen either, so you are forced to either leave the fight to regenerate and the front lines without healing or throw the orb and pray they will look behind if you get flanked.

In what universe Moira with Fade will compete with GA and Caduceus ?


its time to make mercy’s hps go back to 50

This “bug” fix is stupid imo, a close range healer like Moira will suffer a lot because shields are present everywhere she has to heal. I think any of the close range healers need to be able to heal through shields, or else it hurts their viability a lot.


If you looked into her launch you’d know the devs has two choices.

  1. Fix a character breaking bug so she could be playable during blizzcon while ignoring smaller bugs to be worked out later.
  2. Ignore the character breaking bug and focus on the visual and smaller game play aspects bugs and release Moira in this type of state with said “super” bug.

We all know the choice we took. Not happy they took this long to fix it, but it’s something we already knew was gonna be coming.

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But those top 3 supports aren’t getting picked because they can heal through barriers nor is it a significant factor in their high pick rates at the moment. Ana had issues during dive, but that’s no longer the case. Plus it was her survivabilty that was the biggest factor that made her a weak pick.

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Youre right, its not the only factor, now imagine if they also couldnt heal through barriers. They nerfed the weakest support, that doesnt make sense to me.

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Fade is better. You can become invinvible for a bit and also try and heal. Plus escape without relying on anyone. With Ga all it takes is somone with decent tracking and they can still kill you. Plus if mercy is the last one left she is dead.
I am in no way happy about the moira bug fix