Mercy is now more of a off healer


At the very least her ultimate should get boosted back to 60 HPS.


She will never be not viable as long as she have the ability to res and target and heal though barrier that no other healer can do. (well maybe if they nerf her heal per sec to the ground then yea…)
see clips for example.
clips (dot) twitch (dot) tv/TalentedSucculentCaribouSpicyBoy
clips (dot) twitch (dot) tv/EnjoyableFlirtyGoldfishDogFace
is posting twitch clip not allowed anymore? It doesn’t let me do it. =(


10 less hps actually can mean life or death in a lot of different situations actually.


She is still good, she is not anything at all like an off healer. The appeal of Mercy is that she has consistent healing and you are able to pocket, along with rez and damage boost. This didnt change any of that, but there has been too much healing in the game for a while and this tones it down. Heroes that are able to pocket shouldnt out heal the majority of damage. That should be left to heroes like Ana and Moira where the potential is there, but it isnt consistent.

I dont think too many people would be against that.


And then revert her self heal to 3 seconds.


“Mercy is now more of a off healer.” Are you insane?


Man, I thought supports would stick together… Guess we’re on our own against the toxic DPS mains.


buff her gun please. i would love if mercy had more offense


My response was supposed to be sarcastic lol


Mercy has shined for long enough.


cause it’s not an issue. Rez on cd is relatively balanced for what it is. She just had the best of everything else on top of it.


No, it’s still an issue. The only thing mercy has over the other healers is the consistency to heal through shields and high mobility, mobility needed as her primary method of defending herself and limited to her team. Mercy has never had the best at anything.


And arguably the best ability in the game, which is more than a fair trade for not having the best average healing anymore. While still being the best pocket healer like she was before the rework happened.

Res on E is fine. The problem was and has always been, her kit was bloated. She was the best in everything she did.


Why nerf Mercy? Why not nerf a low win rate hero like Roadhog? Right team? hahaa


Im glad they nerfed Mercy. Such basic mechanics for such efficiency… All you have to do is to manage your position and then you just have to press two boutons and you were the most efficient hero in overwatch. The hero is way too basic and way too easy to play, bye bye boosted mercy egirls who just babysitt your genji boyfriend, now you need skill if you wanna climb above gold :slight_smile:


Thats what you would think, but with all these changes they literally are just making her more and more of a rez bot.


I checked and the poster you responded to was correct. Not a one trick, but a main for sure.

Mercy: 590 hours
Other Top 3 Healers: 502 hours
DVa: 117 hours

I’m hesitant to even call them a support trick with those DVa hours despite only 117 vs 1092 support hours, but definitely has enough play time to not be an one trick. Support main, yes. Mercy main, yes. One trick, no. Support trick, no.