Mercy is now more of a off healer


They would argue that she’ll be useless after her first couple of nerfs. It’s so funny to see it smash in there faces and truly realize how overpowered she really is. Very little input compared to other supports for a higher output. I am glad she is finally being nerfed and others are being buffed so we don’t get bullied to choose mercy everygame like it’s been since season 3.


Lol, you guys are clueless. This nerf will do nothing, except make it less fun playing Mercy. She’ll still be a must pick because Rez is still on a cooldown.


How is flying around and keeping your team alive not having any impact on the game. it seems your definition of impactful differs from most people.


Read the second quote and you have your answer


Mercy was only a must pick after rework, before that she was a troll pick or C-tier at best


What is an “off healer” ? Blizzard keeps forcing us to use main healers and main tanks.


They chose to main mercy, no one asked them to main mercy. If they main or one trick the easiest hero in the game, it makes us believe that mercy is the only hero that they know how to play.

If they get bullied or flamed for it, that’s beyond me. But they should’ve known what they got theirselves into by devoting most of their playing time into the easiest hero in the game.

And I feel you misinterpreted what i said, one tricking is an issue in this game, but it must not be that much of an issue if mercy one tricks have been getting away with it. No one cares if there is a mercy one trick on your team, but everyone is gonna be so quick to report and avoid a torb/sym one trick.


An off-healer by definition isn’t actively healing people, it’s more of a side activity on top of its utility. Mercy has to actively heal people. She ain’t lucio/zen/brig


I believe nerfing mercy healing capability from 60 to 50 will destroy the character.
With the power creep of dps heroes lately, nerfing healing is the last thing we need.

The real reason she is picked so much, even in competitive play is because she has ressurection.They should either increase its cooldown or rework this to something else.


Well then, let’s reduce the damage output of all dps of about 17% then.
It’s only 17%. Who would complain…


Uninpactful… a word used incorrectly when most players who say this. She does have impact on the game from the outside looking in. No argument there.

However her player does not feel that impact because they are flying in spectator mode doing even less than they did when she was in single target mode.

The fact that her lackluster ultimate (TO THE PLAYER) is still rather overpowered (TO EVERYONE ELSE) shows how broken this rework really is.

No one is arguing that Mercy needs a nerf (at least from most of her player base they keep saying she needs a nerf) the problem is that this “successful” rework that has had 12 nerfs to date and counting is being nerfed in all the wrong places.

At this point she needs another rework or dare I say, a revert to a time when she was a troll pick at best (and yes she was once out classed by Ana and Lucio). If the devs would stop nerfing and really take the time needed to look at her bloated kit they would realize she can do more for less and with very little means of punishment.

The community is also very reliant on healing at this time. With this revert (she had 50hps in the past before), she is likely to be not as effective in healing. So she will be used to boost damage heros like Hanzo and Widow while reviving heroes she was unable to heal due to her lowered HPS. So they effectively did little more than tickle Mercy’s kit.

Making her healing weaker has change the game from not what Mercy can out heal but who can she boost to out damage the other Mercy’s healing (assuming the enemy Mercy is even attempting to heal through the damage of boosted dps).

I just wonder how much more of her kit will they chip away at before they realize she just isnt worth playing. Not because you get no value but because players are just tired of her constant nerfs.

Not sure if I was clear or not but at least these are my thoughts when players say she has no impact, when clearly she does. :wink:

PS: Also another reason for the “no impact” argument is because Valkyrie as an ultimate is reliant on your team not being potatoes and actually utilizing it to their advantage. The Mercy player doesn’t have to really do much other than heal or boost and maybe rez or switch the main beam to someone who needs direct healing.

Whereas ressurect as an ultimate required the player to make decisions on when and where to use it. How many to revive or just die along with the team and save rez for another fight. Bait the enemy teams ults then revive. While yes she relied on her team to take advantage of huge rez after its use, the player still had many options before its use. Unlike Valkyrie which is point click and watch, no decision required outside of Mercy’s positioning which a good Mercy already knows.


The biggest gripe I have with these mercy nerfs is blizz never smoothes out the rest of the thing dependent on those features that got nerfed. Example valkyrie was gutted but the on fire calculator was not adjusted to reflected the new nerfed state where mercy does not get multiple rrzzes off instead rrzzes 1 person every 30sec. Mercy’s on fire rate is less than 3%. Other heroes are above 16%.
I’m sure with the 50 hps heal nerf blizz won’t even bother toning down her ulti charge needed which makes valk which is an already underpowered ulti even more useless.


I’m just waiting for blizz to nerf her GA so I can quit this game.


Because you’re not keeping them alive. That’s the problem. You’re flying high up in the air watching your team slowly die below you with no way to save them.


wrong, lucio and zarya have had that spot for ages.


Nope before here rework yes but not now and its even longer with the hps revert. But sure think what you like. Have a nice day.



I play Mercy a lot, and her ultimate charge is still faster than a Grav or Sound Barrier. But sure think what you like.


you don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

nothing new on these forums.


Glad we agree you know nothing. Enjoy your day. :smile:


10 healing/second nerf won’t make an “off-healer”. All the Supports who can out-heal her, do so with a lot of limitations and under ideal circumstances.

She wasn’t even considered an off-healer when she only did 40 HPS. I actually think 50 is going to be perfect. However they still need to replace Rez with something else because that ability is STILL ruining her, the Support meta and the game in general.