Mercy is now more of a off healer


Just wanted to point out this… what makes you say such a thing? I mean number wise, yes, Mercy has less healing than Winston has damage but in practice, Winston’s damage is reduced to 10 dps if Mercy is constantly healing Zen…

10 dps

Let that sink in and now tell me, how is Mercy unable to keep Zen alive if Winston would take at least 2 clips to kill him?


Cool then there should be no problem and you can carry on your merry way then. Rejoice no Zen will die when a Winston jumps him and adds his 60dps along with any other hero that joins in the Zen’s demise. Mercy should be fine to heal through all of that. :wink:


she will most definitely stall his death by quite a lot and even if that wasn’t the case, why should Zen live when being focused by multiple enemies? no healer should be able to prevent that much damage just with left click


So, was it because Mercy’s healing was bad, or was it because Ana was op back then? Guess what, it was because of Ana, and Ana got nerfed. Now Mercy even has AoE healing, faster self regen and better GA. So why should’nt her hps go back down?


Because it’s not the reason why Mercy’s picked?


I have become a Mercy Main post-rework, so I picked her up BECAUSE she could be interactive and HIGH impact…the issue is not that she’s necessarily too good, its that the other healers need to be made more impactful. I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve heard that Lucio is so low impact, but its ok because he can just be near the team…or that Ana is so weak if the team has an OUNCE of mobility…

ALL of the healers can be high impact depending on how they’re played, but its their viability among so many dps that have crazy 1-shot abilities or tanks that can do the same. Overwatch is a TEAM game, and by choosing HEALER you’re dedicating your time to focusing your team, as opposed to hard focusing the enemy team (NOT to say I haven’t CRAPPED on my share of enemy widows as a valk-mercy or if someone “is 1” behind…) so by nerfing her heal output, you shift Mercy’s utility, though slight, this affects the way she can be played each time, in this instance, being more pushed into the “dps pocket” role which can sometimes end up as a very passive play.

To note, my absolute FAVORITE way to play her is slight-off-point, in the middle of a team fight, by whipping around the field of view and being somewhat un-focus-able due to my awareness of the enemies as they engage with my team.

I do think Rez is a CRAZY powerful ability, but I am TIRED of using it to fix my team’s mistakes, as opposed to using it to get a leg-up in a well-matched team engagement…I REALLY REALLY wish we were to enact other heroes LIKE mercy, so her impact and abilities didn’t seem so standalone or niche.


Heroes are supposed to have a niche. Why else would you pick another?
Before the rework, Mercy’s niche was consistent single-target healing. If you wanted AoE, you needed Lúcio, etc. Valkyrie takes away Mercy’s niche and allows her to do other healers’ jobs better, on top of eliminating Mercy’s vulnerability.

Unless Mercy is reworked again, only massive support power creep will bring the other supports up to her level, while at the same time retaining some semblance of fun for the Mercy player. The healing nerf is just a means to bully people off her, by making Mercy feel less impactful.


Bring back the 60HP/S and delete the rez.The rez is still op from the beginning of the game.Remplace by someting else, I don’t know what for now.


Just stop it. She’s fine. She’s fine even if they removed revive… just stop


In quick play alone your Mercy playtime is more than twice the amount of time than your other heroes. Actually 318 hours more, If you played this game for four hours a day everyday that is ~80 days of playing Mercy only. Denial is not good, please embrace your one trick lifestyle.

Not really, they are balancing the support class to remove her dominance and to be honest she will still be highly picked after these nerfs. She has the best healing kit in the game, rez every 30 seconds, damage boost and a highly mobile 1.5 second cool down escape ability. Not to mention one of the easiest heroes in the game to play.


This is something that I was really concerned about at that time, people started thinking that Mercy was already dead in a certain way, and people start using Moira because she was new and very powerful healer, but people was using her badly, they were Dpsing with her instead of healing, then people started to realize that Mercy was still better, and with the introduction of Brigitte and the Hanzo rework, Mercy’s pickrate skyrocketed, while Moira’s one was declining.


If people realized that she was better, it was not due to her having higher win rates during that time (their win rates were about equal). What made the change was Brigitte/Hanzo, not any intrinsic difference in the Mercy/Moira matchup.

Thanks for taking the time to check my profile! I appreciate the interest.

While it’s true that I mainly play Mercy, I also have over 200 hours of Lucio, 150 of Zen, and 100 each of Ana and Moira. I also have 100 hours or so on Dva, and some on other assorted characters. All in all, Mercy accounts for about half of my play time.


It’s almost like different people enjoy playing the game for different reasons. You shouldn’t have to defend your rationale for playing the heroes you to choose to play for other people to approve of. Your enjoyment of Mercy shouldn’t be a seen a shortcoming as a teammate, nor should anyone who mainly plays a single hero be singled out and forced to play something else or face being kicked out of the game altogether.

Balancing just for the sake reducing pick rates by making a hero less engaging to play and overall less useful in increasingly various team comps only encourages others to harass their teammates to swap off. More and more it seems Overwatch is heading in this direction, and if that is truly the intended design goal, then I find that to be rather petty and quite lazy of the developers to balance their game in this way.


Boring and unimpactful? Mercy is literally one of the best heroes in the game and her resurrection ability is one of the most useful. This coupled with her insane mobility, self heal, and range means she’s still a top tier hero.

I #$%^ing wish my main was as “weak” as mercy is.


I did not say she was weak. But outside of Rez, Mercy has no impact on the game like she used to. Valk takes all the skill of an aimbot to use. Even going around and keeping everyone healed with one beam, which will be harder with the nerfs, doesn’t have much hold with all the damage in the game. Outside of Rez, nothing is interesting about Mercy, and Rez itself is literally “stop doing everything for 2 seconds .” People don’t call mercy Spectator Simulator because she a fun and impactful hero


No need to replace the Rez, just delete it and give her back her 60 Hps, she will still dominate the healing scenario cause of her absurd mobility and the boost


Uninpactful ? She got nerfed cause of her impactful, she can fly to everyone, heal so much, boost u and she s supposed to be the basic heal where all the other specific healers needs to do an extreme fatigue to manage to do what she does easily…oh and she can ress, so plz explain me why u should need an Ana or moira or Lucio cause I really don’t understand why they deserve to exist in a game where a flying pigeon girl can soloheal even at highest levels of competitive (Owl references )


No, she got reworked because she was unfun to play against. Rez was nerfed because it’s too strong of an ability to be an ability. Being able to fly around and heal/boost isn’t impactful. Yeah, you’re keeping your team alive but as Mercy you aren’t doing anything to change the outcome of the game; it’s completely dependent on your team doing something. With Huge Rez, Mercy could change the tide of a game, something every other ultimate allows. Valk puts Mercy on autopilot, where she remains dependent on her team and can’t even do anything to save them, a spectator to their deaths.

It is relatively easy to heal with every other healer (except Ana). I don’t get where this “extreme fatigue” comes from, as the only healer who has any difficulty healing is Ana, and that is made up by the fact that Ana can heal from any range. You choose Ana for her incredible utility and ability to heal at incredible ranges. You choose Moira for her raw healing power, able to heal 150 HPS on a 10 second cooldown. You choose Lucio for speed boost and one of three defensive ultimates in the game, albiet the worst of the three.

You choose Mercy for consistency and ease. It is harder to get more impact out of other healer’s utility than it is for Rez, which is why she’s picked more than Ana (cuz Ana is literally too hard to play perfectly, but that’s an Ana issue) and Moira isn’t as consistent at healing as Mercy is with her barrier nerf and resource requirements.

However, because there is so little skill in Mercy’s kit compared to what she used to have, she’s simply boring, and she’s more dependent on her team than she ever was. She doesn’t do anything.


I doubt 50 HPS will make much difference to the healer diversity. It’s another one of those “we no longer design Overwatch to be fun” nerfs where they just tweak numbers rather than addressing real problems from both a balance and enjoyment standpoint.


Wait you’re telling mercy mains to hop on Ana or other roles???

You’re telling The PEOPLE WHO LITERALLY get bullied for picking other heroes to play and learn bc they Main Mercy TO LEARN NEW HEROES?!

Y’all truly are clueless af. No one understands what Mercy mains do and go through You’re saying those words as if “oh it’s easy to learn new heroes and let go of mercy” WELL GUESS THEY ALREADY TRIED DOING IT and ended up being flamed and bullied

Y’all say ton about mercy one tricks, what about tracer one tricks?? What about Pharah one tricks?

You guys just LOOOOOVE flaming mercy mains and make them look like the bad guys of this community when guess what, DPS mains are the ones who are ruining this community.

I myself the tank main feel bad for every mercy main, Ana mains too. Support mains in general