Mercy is now more of a off healer


Okay is it just me or does blizzard really hate mercy? Her rework understandable. Then they got rid of mercy 2.0 I wasn’t a fan but didn’t mind. Then they nerfed her healer. Like wtf blizzard. Now she to me is more of a off healer. If you want to Nerf someone Nerf Brigitte or Hanzo or someone who needs it. Mercy is in a good spot right now. Don’t get rid of her because every time blizzard played overwatch because and they tried killing someone or something a mercy stops the charachter dying, it’s almost like Jeff was like " oh I lost my game thanks to the mercy rezzing her team? She needs a Nerf, oh I lost my game due to two valuable rezzes? Nerf. I couldnt kill someone thanks to mercy? Nerf." Srsly Jeff wtf. She’s gonna be outshined by other healers. Why not just increase their healing instead of nerfing it. Everyone else except the broken baguette and decent zen got a buff. Mercy got nerfed because someone at blizzard was angry Everytime they tried to kill someone they die. I know her pickrate will probably still be high, but she’s going to be brushed aside and replaced by everyone else. Thanks blizzard.
I hate you.
Sincerely, a angry stereotype mercy main


It’s not really that big a deal. Lots of mercy mains were worried that she would be unplayable after her nerfs months ago, but that didn’t stop her from doing her job, that didn’t stop anyone from playing her, and it still resulted in her being a must pick.

If people are really pissed about the mercy nerf, if people are really gonna quit because of mercy, then we don’t need these type of people in this game, mercy one tricks have been getting away with this for too long. It’s time that other supports get picked.

P.S an Ana second main


People are pissed that it’s the 10th nerf in a row and it hasn’t fixed the issue of Rez on a cooldown, but has made Mercy so boring and unimpactful.


Note to Mercy players:

This is a revert to her former 50hps before her current rework. While this is an annoying nerf it both does and doesnt really solve anything. On one hand she cant out heal Winston damage normally and while in Valkyrie. This will aslo mean jer ult wont charge as fast despite having the longest charging ult in the game. She wont be able to heal much damage in Valkyrie with this since they wont buff her Valk HPS. Meaning less dmg bosting in Valk since she will spend more time healing.

More of her teammates will die from splash damage she normally could out heal. So Zen is getting indirectly nerfed along with Widow and Hanzo. Her pocket potential is being nerfed. This also means she wont have Valkyrie for a lot of team fights because she is taking longer to charge her ult.

One the other side…

Ana’s buff is only to her ult. Which means the issues surrounding her current state are still not being addressed. Shields and barriers are still going to interfere with how consistent her healing will be, she has no self regen or sustain and her mobilty is lacking. Meanwhile, Mercy has no issue with self regen, mobility or consisten healing.

Ana will rise in play for a while but once the new meta levels out it could fall either way. Ana could return to obscurity despite being a potential threat to Hammond because her lack of mobility and self sustain make it hard to keep up with Hammond’s mobility and damage output.


Ana fines her way in the meta because she enables Hammond from a distance and he in turn can peel for her so she can keep up the team. Mercy might not be able to keep up if Ana finds her place in the meta, with Mercy’s hps nerfed and Ana bionades negating her already poor healing we may see Mercy picked less.


The meta shifts in such a way that Zen is pushed out. Remember Mercy wont be able to keep him alive if Winston jumps him now. And if a tripple dive or semi-dive meta forms with Hammond as the focus then Ana may take Zen’s spot to dill a void that may be needed to keep Hammond in check.

If a Winston jumps Ana now, she can use her nade to negate the damage and Mercy can top her off faster. Meanwhilethe moneky is purple so he can be focused and finished off by rival Hammond who can peel for both supports. Plus Ana nade and nerfed Mercy heals will be a good match.

At least thats how I see things working. Lucio will most likely be used for speed with Mercy for that consistent sustain or Ana for sleep and anti-nade. The major thing I get from these changes is that Zen may drop in pick for a little while making room for Ana. Moira and Brig will fill in where needed.

Idk… these changes while annoying for Mercy dont solve her issues but we’ll have to wait and see. If snipers are hit hard with their mobility being nerfed we will find out soon enough. Either Ana will be used to sustain tank dive or she will be used to keep double snipers from dying with her nade and Mercy’s consistent heals…

Oooh lots of possibilities. I’m interested to see what happens. :blush:


I don’t see Zenyatta going anywhere.


Not a one trick, but definitely a Mercy main. I’ve been playing the game for a long time. I’ve made a lot of friends, and we have a great group going. We’re very friendly, we play well together, and we have lots of fun. I guess the game doesn’t need people of my type, and I’ve been getting away with this for too long.


Mercy/Zenyatta isn’t going anywhere, nothing can replace consistent healing, Resurrect, Damage Boost, Discorb Orb and Transcendance because Mercy/Zenyata enable the largest possible cast of DPS compositions, off sets picks and prevent team wipes to the point where the pair are practically mandatory on defense. Ana might be used in triple tank or triple support compositions on attack just because Biotic Grenade beats Transcendance, but otherwise the only other support pair of any worth is Moira/Lucio for deathballs and out sustain which doesn’t really encourage DPS play.

So unless people get really risky with Ana/Zen on defense or greedy with Ana/Brigitte on attack or Lucio gets buffed enough to make him worth a damn as anything other than a taxi driver for Brigitte then Mercy can’t really leave the meta right now.

She’ll be fine for now and nerfed again in another season.


She can’t become an off-healer because she still has high healing output and that’s her primary function, to heal.


Can’t agree more with you. Being a Mercy player myself, i too wonder why they always keep nerfing Mercy


Did they nerf her healing output? Yes.
Does the nerf make her an off-healer? No.
She has had her healing at 50HPS previously, and she performed just fine. Even after these changes, she will STILL outperform any healer in terms of consistency.


Sounds good to me. I would love to see a version of OW where Mercy isn’t the best main healer.


Honest question - why? From my perspective, she’s the best designed main healer by far. The other two are very situational in their main healing capabilities, and are more designed to appeal to dps players than to healer players.


Mercy has the worst offensive capabilities of all the supports, therefore she should should be the best healer. There is a difference between being the best support and being the best healer.

Moira will heal more per game than Mercy in the higher ranks with this nerf based on how close their stats are right now, while contributing something like ten times as much damage as Mercy’s pistol and blue beams combined.

It simply isn’t worth taking a passive pure healer when another hero with better utility or combat capability can also heal better. That is a fate Mercy does not deserve.


Because seeing the same healer every game, every day, for over a year, and then expected to play said hero everytime you pick support (and if you don’t you’re throwing), is really really boring, especially with such a bland hero like Mercy. There needs to be some variety with this category; there hasn’t been any for some time now.


You just said you weren’t a one trick.

What I also mean is that one tricking can’t be a problem if mercy one tricks have been getting away with it.


A lot of this confuses me. Zenyatta and Brigitte certainly have been seeing play. Moira was played more than Mercy for a good chunk of that time, can heal more than Mercy, and is amazing in any tank heavy comp.

Lucio’s rework made him problematic to play (I really hope his buff will help him out, I like Lucio). Also - not being a main healer, he’s not even really competing for Mercy’s spot. He’s competing for Zen’s. Ana is a hot mess of design flaws, which cause her to lag behind. Even if Mercy was removed, Moira would do Ana’s healing job better than Ana ever could.

I get that you don’t like playing Mercy (though I hope you know that many people do, and don’t find her bland at all), but I don’t get why it bothers you to see her in games. No one seems to mind when Reinhardt is in every game. No one minded when Lucio was in every game. Do you not like being healed by her? Does her presence on the enemy team bother you more than the other healers?


Zenyatta has also been the go to off support pick for over a year now (longer than Mercy, actually). I’d like to see Lucio or another off support take his spot in the meta as well.

Moira was never played over Mercy for any extended amount of time. The only time when she was ever meta was when quad tank was a viable comp (She took the last niche of ANOTHER main support).

Moira would be picked more in lower tiers whereas Ana would be picked more in higher tiers,.

I’ve already said it but I hate the fact that she’s in 85% of my games. She’s been a must pick for over a year. If you don’t pick her, you’re at a distinct disadvantage if the other team has her. Reinhardt is only in every game now because he’s in the meta, and has only been meta for a couple months now. If you asked me that question towards the end of dive and replaced Rein with Winston, I would say that yes, it does bug me that Winston is in every game because we were in dive for a year and a half.

Mercy is seemingly too good a pick to be affected by the meta. That bothers me.


Thanks for the replies! I really am trying to understand the opposite position, and I also appreciate the consistency you apply to the different heroes.

According to overbuff data, Moira was played more than Mercy from the end of January (after the previous nerf) to the end of April, and they were relatively close in May.

Ana mainly works well in heavy tank comps. She only became meta when those comps were in fashion, and was never meta in any other comp. She’s just too inconsistent to be a main healer in most other situations, including in high levels. In those comps where Ana works well, Moira heals for much more than Ana (or Mercy) ever could. In the Overwatch league, when they run tank comps, they always default to Moira. Ana is only ever brought for her anti heal/sleep. I personally think that if Mercy was removed, Ana would lag way behind Moira at every rank. There’s also the issue that healer players usually prefer Moira to Ana (who is more of a DPS player’s healer).

I still don’t entirely understand your aversion to having her in games, but I’ll agree to disagree on matters of taste. What you see as a detriment, I see as an advantage - Mercy is good at supporting the strategies that the rest of the team wants to play. She enables lots of different styles of play, allowing lots of different tank/dps combos to be meta. It’s the same thing that Lucio used to do - he made everyone better, and the game was better for it (which was why he was in every game for over a year). The other two main healers are designed in an incredibly situational way. They only function as main healers when the comp allows it, and they leave a lot of different dps out to dry.


Erm, no, she didn’t. That’s why they increased it to 60 HP/s.

Well, dûh. That’s her design. She’s meant to be a consistent, single-target healer. Her ult doesn’t fit this design, and breaks a ton of other things, as well.


Yeah right for 10 less HPS… Honestly every post mercy players lose more and more the respect of everyone and devs included…