"Mercy is not fun"



You pushed the Mercy button. You shouldn’t have done that.

  1. when a majority of people who play a hero say they’re boring, you know there’s a problem

  2. you’re a liar and you’re spreading misinformation, no mercy main EVER has said they want her to be meta, literally any mercy post says “i dont care if shes meta or good, i just want her to be fun”


Bait thread is bait thread.


rip in pieces

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They wanna play mercy and have fun though, ana is not mercy.

though ana is certainly the must pick support currently since moira is lagging behind her and mercy is a non factor atm.


But what about Support players who didn’t want to play Mercy every match when she was a must pick? :running_man: :running_man::running_man:


What about all the mercy players who just wanted their main to be fun and viable and not op? or up?

  1. Then don’t play her.
    Mercy to me has always been more of a “oh no I’m stuck with 200ms ping this game” kind of character than something to actually main.

  2. First of all, no Mercy main ever? Maybe not you but I’ve seen countless Mercy mains complaining about this Ana meta.
    Second, she seems to be considered ‘fun’ and ‘satisfying’ only when she’s broken. Flying in every 10 seconds while being invulnerable and resurrecting someone is ‘fun’ but it’s broken as heck. Mass rez, while not a big problem in a coordinated environment, was still very unhealthy for ladder.
    Also let’s say they completely reworked mercy and made her more like Ana. With multiple offensive options, debuffs, etc. What happens then to the people who only play Mercy because they have 30 fps or something?

TL;DR if you want a fun healer play Ana. If you have 30fps or 200ms and can’t play anything else, play Mercy.


I love playing Ana as support you are either shooting at your teammates or opposing sides and besides I am not good at aiming so most of my shots are coming from my third-person perspective not first-person where her aim is at absolute when using scope. Majority of my play style with Ana is all about staying far behind my team while I provide support and attack from behind specially really good time look for long-range players usually Widow Maker, Bastion, Pharah, and another Ana player better than me. To summarize what I have commented basically stick behind your team, provide health by shooting at them, attack opposing team from behind, and if you have ult give to a team who could have the advantage at fifty percent chance of winning.

She needs 60 hp healing back at the very least.

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But what if I enjoy Mercy, Ana and Moira and actually want to play Mercy?

Id be better off playing Ana and Moira since they can do her job 10 times better.


Most people are wanting a rework for her.

(though a lot of us agree that bastions rework should come first.)


because whining is easier than learning how to aim


Meta = Most Effective Tactic Available

do you or do you not want Mercy to be the most effective healer?


I want mercy to be fun and viable like the majority of mercy mains, we don’t want another mercy meta


If you play Mercy and enjoy it then this thread isn’t about you.
If you just want to play Mercy then do it. If you want to justify your pick and ‘do a good job’ too then duo with a pharah, a hanzo or a hitscan main. Problem solved.

To be honest, a lot of the things Mercy players complain about now are the exact same reasons I have never liked playing her. I think a lot of then would be happier on other heroes.

Again same argument. Some people play Mercy because they literally can’t play anything else. They have really bad hardware or really high ping or stuff like that. If they made Mercy more like Ana, what character should those people play?

She is viable, just situational. She’s still good on maps with lots of high grounds. She’s still really good with a Pharah and decent with Hanzo and hitscan heroes.
I used to be a Tracer otp but I learned Mei to deal with Brig and GOATs style comps. I didn’t complain about how Tracer isn’t viable anymore.


What you stated in the first sentence is very true at present. It’s sad because she NEEDS A REVERT OR REWORK like the rework I proposed here:

But I personally despise the aspect of “meta” or forced hero picks. I think everyone should be viable in all situations.

Us wanting Mercy to not be a terrible unfun hero doesn’t mean we want her to be OP.

Most MErcy mains wanted a 2 second flight ability on E. We didn’t ask to be reworked into a like 60% or whatever winrate unfun must-pick like the rework did to us.