Mercy is going to have to leave the meta before she's allowed to be reworked

They’re probably waiting for Mercy to be trash for at least a full season (after putting her in the dumpster to begin with), before they’re willing to rework her again.

Blizzard’s favorite heroes to rework are underpowered or trash tier characters. I predict that Mercy will be reworked again before the end of November.


Hah. And in the meantime, we’ll be ready when people begin whining again that Mercy is still a must-pick with her Rez on a static cooldown. :’)

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im starting to think she no longer is a must-pick but hey ill settle with that if people wont complain about having a mercy in their team (:

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After playing for a while and us having all characters fully available, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s personally OK for us to… Not freak out over every little thing Blizzard does.

Mercy is nerfed. True. But freaking out doesn’t unnerf her. The nerf itself doesn’t mean she’s unviable either, since we have to play as her to find out for ourselves (experience > on paper). If she is made unplayable, people will stop playing her.

Healers and tanks have a higher priority over DPS since their pools are much smaller, so we can pretty much assume they will fix any mistake (within reason) within 1 to 3 PTR cycles (3 months).

Within reason: “Oh healing is almost fine, we’ll bump it up to 55hps.”


At least Mercy 1.0’s problems were fixable. This new design is broken on a fundamental level, and cannot be fixed without taking Mercy back to the drawing board. They didn’t even try to balance AoE rez, and in deleting it they threw the baby out with the bathwater.

The above post provides a rework that fixes all of Mercy 1.0’s problems and raises her skill ceiling without touching the level of the floor.

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It was not. It encouraged her to hide which is counter-intuitive to her design as a “by your side 100% healer” type. As long as her Ult could raise 5 people (hell, even 2 people) from the grave instantly - it’d be better for her to hide so she can survive to actually use it. Staying by your teams side was objectively throwing - since you dying meant no OP turn around.

It also pressured the enemy team to target Mercy first. Which was no fun for the team OR Mercy.

So in the end, it boiled down to (objectively/majority of the vote) :

  1. Very unfun, since hunting down the winged lady was priority #1 and it felt like “Hide and Seek” for everyone. A very unfun hide and seek.
  2. Very unfair when 1 Ult totally erased actual huge plays (not just “canceling an Ult”, it totally erased 5 kills maximum, that’s way more powerful than simple Ult canceling.)

New Mercy allows:

  1. Her to do her damn job and heal as much as possible.
  2. Her to keep people alive instead of literally letting them die on point while she hid (that was the MOST effective way of using 1.0, pls don’t kid yourself).
  3. Raising her skill ceilining since now she can’t use hiding/Rezing to save the day as a crutch. She now has to prioritize who needs heals and actually keep people alive - not letting them all die ASAP so she can get a 5man Rez.

You are wrong on so many levels it isnt even fun.

I never had to hide away I was doing fine by staying around my team flying from one teammate to another. Using rez to get up 2-3 people was often times enough and sometimes getting even 1 key target back could win a fight.

Sorry but I have seen many times enemys countering mass-rez by using graviton, earthshatter, rip-tire, dva-bomb… whatever you name it. It is only truly OP if the enemy never cares for Mercy constantly feeds her ult and throws all 6 ults at once into her team. But that isnt Mercys fault it is the fault of moronic enemys not knowing what they do.

You should always target the healers first doesnt matter which one since a Zen can destroy you graviton+dragon combo just like a mass-rez.

Like I said you should always kill the sup first no matter which ones get used.

It is very unfair that a Junkrat can hide away and use his ult to kill several targets or that a Reaper can hide and drop down to death blossom away. See? Works with more than just mass-rez.

She heals around the same before and after rework if you truly insist I think I can find the numbers somewhere for you.

If you dont hide with current rez or get babysitted by your team you should die. I mean Mercy is almost a statue if enemys cant shoot you they have to be really bad.

She always had to prioritize her heals and boost nothing really changed here. And like I said 5man rez wasnt really common and you should usually go for smaller rezes to keep up the momentum of the fight.

I doubt you care enough going off from your post but here is something to read in case you want to learn some stuff regarding Mercy.


Have you actually played Mercy back then or you’re the type of player who plays 15 matches per season and then goes back to QP?


going to copy and paste my post from here: