Mercy is going to be useless


Overall I dont think these changes will hurt her by much. I’m just gonna sit back and wait to see what happens since we got other support buffs with her nerf and Brigs.

I can only make assumptions at this point. I assume she’s fine. Ana will get a bit of play after these changes then she will fall back out of use. Mercy with her consistent heals and res will return. Brig may or may not lose her footing not sure at this point with her main source of protection nerfed.

Lucio’s and Moira’s changes I dont really know since I dont play them too often. Guess we’ll see. :blush:


This is my point exactly. These changes aren’t going to amount to anything. Ask any pro why Mercy is so annoying or good, they’ll say her rez and chain beam boost in Valk.

I’m actually dumbfounded.

I bet next they’ll give her GA a 4 second cooldown because some bronze McCree had a rough time hitting her.


Its actually going to change very little, rez is the reason shes good, and thats not going to change. The buffs to other supports are welcome, I think they are all heading in the right direction apart from ana’s, while her ult did/does need buffing. I dont think healing was it, giving some movement speed boost back would of been a start

Oh right sorry, didnt read the script, yes as a mercy main she will now be dead, I am a dirty mercy player who cannot learn how to play game so need to play OP hero and now I am mad because she useless grrr etc etc

Was that what you wanted to hear? Im glad i could provide

Been treated the equivalent of human trash in this community is getting very old, very quickly.


With all of the changes, Mercy being the best support in the game (Besides maybe Zen) will not change.


I stopped visiting that megathread once it became a thread purely used to call the devs meanies that don’t play the game (cause obviously thats logical), when I visited it it was all essentially screeching to revert Mercy which isn’t productive in the slightest. That megathread is trash, but it’s the trash of their own making.

But, fun is subjective, if she’s balanced and the players that are currently playing her find her unfun, switch, then perhaps (as harsh as it sounds) don’t play Mercy.


The moral here is that Mercy players tend not to play other heroes, similar to players, but moreso.

They’re not going to stop playing Mercy, so they’ll find some way to make her useful, then people will complain about that. They’ll complain and complain until blizz decide it’s time for the triannual “crap all over Mercy players” update.


Lol, bronze Mccree…

I’ll be honest I dont play comp or QP so none of these changes will effect me overall. But I do watch the meta and sometimes OWL just to see how all the crying and speculation turns out.

I don’t think they seem to get it when it comes to Mercy. She gets all these nerfs and yet she remains meta… cant they figure anything out. Lol :joy::joy::joy:


to flame, pretty much.


It makes sense coming from someone equally as brain dead, takes one to know one I guess.


How do you quote a section btw…?

But yeah everyone says this as a default. Fun is subjective but it wasn’t subjective enough for the intial changes to put res on cool down? Only when its fun for a player “fun” has no place in balancing heroes but when its “unfun” for the player, we balance because those people can’t handle a frustrating mechanic. Hmm…? A little hypocritical to me.

Res on CD, Scatter replaced by Storm arrow, TP on CD now? What’s next Molten Core on a resource meter?

When do we stop balancing around “unfun”? Because “unfun” is also subjective. Just saying.


HAhaa, Mercy main. (20 character minimum)


And yet before mercy was buffed into the creature we see now- We still saw other supports being used.



I think eveyone knows that changing that **** show of a rework helps not at all.


Highlight section and hit quote

Well, it wasn’t only the fact that it was unfun that made them rework it in the first place, when something is unfun and fundamentally flawed it tends gets reworked. Scatter Arrow? Massively inconsistent. TP? Apart of a massive overall rework. Rez? Conflicted with Mercy’s kit, she’s an in combat healer yet is better off leaving the fight to ensure efficient use of her ult.


I’am actually dancing right now, the witch is long from death, but we have taken a step to the right direction.


First I clicked this post laughing at the tittle thinking You were a Mercy main, I respect You dear person.


At this rate it will be true. But it’s a slow painful process. There will be a time when Mercy becomes useless. Not this year but it will definitely happen in the future. Probably in 2 - 3 years. No one ever though Ana would become a low tier hero and look what happened there.


And yet she is still an in combat medic that leaves the fight to res one person while she does not heal for 1.75 seonds and even more if she is killed during this moment. The FLAW is still there maybe not as prominent but they didnt address anything. They just moved the glaring flaw to a lesser degree… basically sweeping the dirt under the rug.

The problem is that 1.0 had weaknesses and the devs didnt explore a means to make those weaknesses more exploitable. They removed them with 2.0 (nerfs included) and gave her strengths more power.

But I do see your point… I honestly dont think she was nerfed in the proper area but I’m not a dev so I guess they know what they are doing even though history shows they dont. She’ll be fine and we’ll be asking for more nerfs for Mercy with buffs to other supports by the end of the year.

Idk anymore… lol :joy:

Oh and thanks for the quote info. :blush:



Hey folks,

Let’s keep all the feedback regarding the recent Mercy changes in this thread. As well, since this thread is starting to spiral into negativity, going to go ahead and lock it up now.