Mercy is fixed!


Thank you Blizzard! I’m so happy right now! These changes are exactly what I wanted!

Edit: I’m not being sarcastic. I really do like these changes.

"Mercy players" that haven't played in a year

While I wouldn’t say she’s “fixed” they do help put her back in a more useful position.


…Really…shes fixed…you do know her ult before the nerf was the same…and it was trash…right?


Nice to see some positivity. I’m happy you’re happy. Looking forward to trying out these changes


At first I thought her healing went back to 60 permanently and I was like yay she’s fixed but then I realized it’s just during ult and I think it’ll be super helpful but I just want her to be able to heal more without ulting


Yeah, the buff will help but at the same time this doesn’t just makes Mercy only ‘good’ during Valk and still terrible healing outside of ult.


You do know that even during that time her pick rate was nearly double Zenyatta and he was the 2nd most picked support right?


I love the new buffs to, I hope blizzard keeps moving in this direction with mercy!!!
i hate to see all the negativity on the forums and I have only seen a few mercy’s complaining about the buff. It seems like most mercy mains like it and people are just trying to say we will “never be happy until mass rez” when i know i dont give a lick about mass rez


So Valk is halfway back to being a fight starter, escape, or a mop up tool for a fight that’s already won. Not particularly exciting in any of those cases, and will probably still feel far too much like piloting a hunk of cotton on the wind to be particularly fun.


I was hoping for more nerfs to give room for proper changes that would make Mercy more fun to play, instead of just numbers tweaks like what we got. I wrote in several threads about this before the PTR patch, and Blizzard shows their lazy attitude once more. Guess we’ll have to wait for another year or so before they do anything to make her fun to play.


This better be trolling, LOL.


She’s more useful however they’re legitimately just Blizzard’s usual bandaid changes.

Mercy is pretty much the same as pre-nerf but her out-of-valk healing is worse. Otherwise the ult charge change does nothing but make up for the lost ult charge time.


You do know that was before all other healers got buffed, and Mercy’s basic healing was 60hps and not just her ult


So what you mean to say is that it was for quite a long time because those buffs didn’t happen the moment Valk became a thing.


Mercy got the biggest buffs ever given to any hero with her initial rework. All her nerfs were needed to stop her from being overpowered. The most recent change was needed to balence Mercy’s healing with rez on cooldown and Valkyrie.


How did you manage to get to level 1007 in less than 3 months though?


I’m also very pleased with the changes. One of my complaints was the slow ult charge. Glad that’s been addressed and I’m happy the 60hps is back in valk.

The forums are a crazy place :sweat_smile: glad your happy too OP.


How did you manage to get to level 857 in less than 3 months though?


I play on ps4. I just recently linked my account so I can make forum posts.


That doesn’t answer my question, I asked you how did you manage to get to level 1007 in less than 3 months.