Mercy Is Fine The Way She Is

Well today’s data point is a bit lower. I guess you got that. But the west coast hasn’t even gotten back from work yet.

Except 5 mans were already the worse option with invuln and a cast time. Cast + no invuln + LoS means 5 man Resurrects would mean 5 mans would be practically impossible.

Because Valkyrie turns me into a pseudo immortal spectator where I am still clicking two buttons…

Yep. I just need to fly up to the skybox and hope that my team dies next to anything that obstructs LoS so I can res.

Yea, I’d just go Moira. She’s the best main healer right now anyway. (OPINION)

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Ok well we’ll check back tomorrow then I guess. But you can’t claim you’re right when you’re using yesterday’s data, and today says something else. Even if it isn’t a full day yet.

The mass majority of the world has already left work, there’s only like 1 or 2 major time zones that havent. I doubt it will change much.


So nerf her into f tier.

That was an EXTREMELY simplified version of the overall plan. You should really read Titanium’s most recent post to see the entire emalgamation of our ideas. What I said was just the ideas in order to get rid of most of the “generic” complaints with Mass Rez.

Here it is: Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State


Shrug either way the winrate may jump around a bit more until the meta solidifies.

There’s a learning curve on new ultimate abilities on other heroes, and where Mercy is strong/weak.

But Mercy is still the third most picked healer at GM, and the second most picked main healer.

Is second place so reprehensible?

No. But pickrate is a really complicated thing with Mercy. She’s the most accessible hero in the game and according to Blizzard at one point I believe they said she was the most mained as well. So pickrate won’t drop that easily.

Pickrate is a lot less complicated than winrate.

Ok sure I agree. But what is your point? Winrate isn’t a good indicator either. After all Sym and Torb had like a 70% winrate at one point, despite being garbage tier. If you’re only picked when people know you’ll win, it skews winrate.

I actually don’t think winrate is a good indicator either. Since it signals more strongly when non-mirror matches are used.

For instance, in GM Mercy is probably being used a lot in a mirror for highground objectives. But that would cancel out to less than 50% because of ties.

I’ve read them but none actually get rid of Hide and Rez without making tempo resurrect a clunky ability.

amen that post is gold

Wait what the heck. I just checked the website stats it says 46% on GM. On Master and diamond the winrate is also below 50%.

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Yeah already commented above, but that it was above 50% for the past 5 or so data points.

But you can probably expect it to dip below 50% until the meta becomes more stable.

It’s mostly a leading indicator for future pickrate.

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eh in Grandmasters Mercy’s win rate is 51.42% putting her effectively bottom 3 for win rate. For Pick rate she’s #6 at 51.42%

While that is true, Mercy, as she is, was designed to heal more than the others and be consistent in her healing due to the trade off of having little to no damage done. Her primary focus, is to support the team by keeping them alive with her healing.

Her high healing output coupled with rez and high mobility gives her that must pick vibe because of barriers and shields going around the battlefield. Her primary (before the rework) abilities is to heal and fly all around the map easily, GA gives her that accessibility to all of her allies. Thats it. Thats all she did. With rez as an ult.

Now, her rez became an ability which made her a must pick. Thats the sole reason why she was played in every composition. She does decent healing, she has escape mechanisms and all the more she can bring an ally back to life and back to the fight. She wasn’t picked because she has a lot of healing per second. She was picked because of her rez.

I’m not saying bring back mass rez. I didn’t like rez much but I see the rush that people get when they have 5 man rez. I’m saying that she was picked because of rez. Not because she can heal 100 hp per second. Other than the rez, the other thing was 30% damage boost which somewhat doesnt make sense to me. I mean thats as much as discord orb tbh.

I admit, I’m used to the 50 hp/s right now but I still pick her and my team still wants me to play Mercy solely because of rez.

Like Ana. This healing nerf feels like it somewhat addressed her pick rate but not the whole reason why.

Mercy is pretty terrible in low Gold now too, BTW. I have potato aim yet I am way more useful to my team when I play Zen.

Man your posts is one good joke. It made me laugh.

Now back to trying to fix her

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I’m just gonna put this here. Mercy was reworked because not being fun to play against cause of the Hide and Rez strategy.

Now Mercy to pull a succesful rez needs to Hide. Mind BLOWN