Mercy is falling once again

Extremely successful support balance changes ™. :rofl:

But yeah, on a serious note… Mercy is a joke to play as now. If you main Mercy and express how much you hate the current state she’s in then you’ll likely receive some varying amounts of toxicity too (at least that was the case recently on her subreddit, which was restricted temporarily from what I was told).

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No! But a rework would be alright.


Because a lot of charcters may kit that is very team dependant, take Mercy Sombra and hammond for instance. Gaurdian angel is Mercys biggest defense mechanism but it is reliant on the team to have good positioning (as no doubt you will have in gm) but if like what mostly happens in gold and below your team clump up in a ballout in the open or over extend then it doesn’t matter how good the Mercy player is ( she may know the positioning is bad, may try to communicate that to the team and plan who to fly to next) but beyond that she is literaly at the mercy of the team , if you have no good targets to fly too you die no matter how good you are. Gm player will know tyou need two healers, and mnimise tkaing damage so her poorhealing can keep up.

Late again :sob::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

She is fine the way she is. I play her on the daily and I win 99% of my games. It was to make other healers more reliable. I just don’t understand why e-girls get so pissy about them changing her. Resurrect is a huge ability. You don’t need to rez the whole team in order for it to be good. If you find the right person to rez, you could potentially win the game. Wish ya’ll would understand that instead of complaining all the damn time.

Is this about Hide and Rez?

Because you are right. It’s not a debate:

That’s Mercy’s job. The problem is that in some cases, no matter how good the Mercy is, 50-60 health/second isn’t enough to prevent allied deaths.

You’re right; you don’t let them die because that’s counterproductive to your team’s chance of success.

I’m pretty confident that bringing the team back after an ultimate storm is a way to support the team, just as using Transcendence through those ultimates is supporting the team.

This is only the case with Resurrect on E. We know that Resurrect as an ultimate can work, as it did back in season 4.


Don’t bite my head of, but:
While I have ideas of QOL improvements to make Mercy feel better to play, the first thing I’d do, is look at the other healers.

Ana and Moira have too much burst heal. Nothing ever dies, and GOATS is king. How is Mercy ever going to compete against that, unless she has mega heals too, enforcing GOATS even more.

If instead Ana and Moira healed less, bye bye GOATS, hello new meta. Maybe one Mercy would be strong in, who knows, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Also, Brig. She heals in the tank slot, basically. This means she is runs as the fourth tank in GOATS, while keeping up the other 3. Now GOATS has even more sustain with 4! tanks. How is that balanced?

Either she needs to stop being a tank like Blizzard seem to doing, which will gut her kit and ruin her anti dive power (I think most people wouldn’t want that), or, put her in the tank category and gut her healing. Make her aura only self heal, and put repair pack on a longer CD (10, maybe 12 seconds), so it’s used as a clutch save, rather than a proper heal. Then, give her at least 50 extra armour, maybe more, to truly show she’s now a proper tank.

This keeps her anti dive, but removes her capabilities to keep up GOATS. Win win.

And that’s how I’d balanced the healer category. Cue “what about muh Mercy” however.

Mercy at 60 HPS was borderline a must-pick. She was a good hero. Just because you couldn’t keep some of your teammates up in a specific situation doesn’t mean there was something wrong with the hero.

What’s your definition of work? Because as far as I remember, one incarnation of mass rez Mercy was terrible and the other was busted, which is why Blizz had to resort to the inevitable Valk rework.

Not only is mass rez (and rez in general) detrimental to the game, but Blizz clearly displayed that they couldn’t make it work as an ult nor as an ability. I seriously don’t know why they just won’t make their lives easier and just remove rez and give her something else.

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an anti cc hero if done properly wont bring mobility back to dive state as brig and CC will still counter it hard but now have counterplay.

Frankly if done right it would be a counterplay hero not a ‘meta’ hero.

Anti cc is very very hard to make a ‘creep’. Like mobility or cc

Can we please stop calling Mercy a pure healer? A pure healer would have no utitlity.

If anything,Moira should be called a pure healer

After the rework? Correct.

Prior to the rework? Incorrect.

I never said Mercy was underpowered prior to her latest nerf, did I?

As for what’s wrong with Mercy…

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Season 3 Mercy.

This version has never existed.

As in, there literally has never been an iteration of Mass-Rez Mercy that broke past D-tier.

Of all of the BS reasons Blizzard gave for the Mercy rework, even they weren’t dumb enough to say that a D-tier hero was overpowered.

It’s not detrimental to the game; it’s healthy for it. Mass-rez punished mindless ultimate spam, something that currently only has one check (Transcendence) on it.

Except they displayed that they could make it work because we have seen it work fine in season 4.

Because they know that removing a third of a hero’s identity, trashing all of the in-game voice cosmetics associated with Resurrect, severing what little connection the game’s most iconic voice like has with the game’s most iconic ability, and giving the middle-finger to the entire Mercy playerbase because they are too stubborn to admit their mistakes and learn from the past, would piss off a hell of a lot more people than leaving it in the game in some manner.


Ah yes,because Season 4 Mercy’s Rez was the definition of balance with an instant cast time on Rez and being able to use it through walls /s

You literally said in other threads that you haven’t played the game since Mercy’s rework. Mercy got reworked around Season 6 if I remember correctly. That was over a year ago. Season 6 was almost 7 seasons ago. And it’s been a lot longer since Season 4. The game’s changed a lot since then. And games like this need to change in order to stay relevant. Bringing back old things won’t solve anything. Don’t you think it’s time to move on? If you don’t enjoy the game,why bother?

Anyway,it really wouldn’t matter to Blizzard if they ever got rid of Ressurect when it comes to cosmetics. They gave Sym her Magician skin not long before her rework and they modeled a Shield Gen for the skin. And they got rid of that,so. yeah.

Edit: Not to mention all the shield gens for the OWL skins.

Oh hell, another Mercy post

They want variety in OWL at the support position. Mercy was in virtually every match, which basically causes each match to play out the same way due to res. Blizzard wants her gone to make OWL matches to have more variety.

Im not in agreement of this, but its the sad truth.

Huh, almost like I called it that being a sidekick hero doesn’t make mercy good on her own.

Looks like I was right lol.

let blizzard deal with the other F tier heroes then once that’s settled let them take their time and actually fix Mercy instead of slapping on one last band aid fix. that sounds way better to me. I’ve waited half a year I can wait another half year

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Why not do both then?

Bandaid for Viability now, rework for Fun later.

I don’t trust them not to shove her under the rug for years if they do a minor band aid fix nor do I believe band aid fix wouldn’t put her back to neigh must pick given how flimsy her balance is thanks to that lovely E rez

Just give her 60 hps back and everything will be okay… .

Well, that’s why you do the 55hps, and see where that’s at.

Which is pretty much guaranteed to be better, without being overpowered.