Mercy is DEAD. Can we FIX her now!?

the post maker called Mercy the worst support… but yea Moira is actually even worse outside of GOATS.


Oh goody, there is an island of sanity on this thread.


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I’ve played Mercy, she’s still fine.

Try some of the other supports, they’re actually not half bad now (comparably)!

I noticed that running only a single healer now is basically a suicide mission.

Mercy works still very good with any other healer i had pretty good games with Moira,Ana,Lucio/Mercy combinations.

Moira: keeps the team alive while Mercy can res a target relatively save.

Ana: provides good burst heal and damage support, Mercy can increase Ana’s ability to survive.

Lucio: His Ultimate gives Mercy more time to heal up the team while in Valkyrie.

The most important thing is that supports have to look out for each other a basic strategy that i rarely see in any game up to high master/low grandmaster.


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You, like way too many other people, seem to forget that

Emphasis mine.


Mercy is still doing fine to be honest with you. Lucio/Moira/Ana are getting picked more too. Brigitte is even fine in my eyes now and I used to think she was annoying. She can still be hard to kill if you ignore her, but she fine too.

I don’t want to see Resurrect as an ultimate. I hated the game so much back in the days when I first started. After the changes, I started getting better and learning more. Eventually escaping Platinum to Diamond and later a Masters.

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what does your replay has to do with what I said?

yep indeed,finally an Ana meta. (ana main here)

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Again :

We are not saying mercy mains just want her to be OPAF, we (majority of us) are saying blizzard don’t want mass rez back, and now support category is quite balanced, we think there will be a long time before any further tweak (except if in a couple of weeks it becomes obvious she isn’t on par with other main healers)


Mercy is fine where she’s at.
Heroes that take more skill, should get more value and impact the game a lot more than heroes that don’t take as much skill.
Why don’t you pick up a new hero and learn them? That’s a gameplay mechanic, swapping heroes.
I never want Mercy to be needed in every situation again.


Do you say the same thing to crying Genji mains who get rekt by Brigitte? Or is this only reserved for Mercy mains?


If Genji wasn’t an optimal pick, then yeah, swap it out.
You don’t one-trick heroes, no matter what hero it is.
Never one-trick.


I’m just going to leave this here: https : // www. overbuff. com/ heroes

I mean, i myself am a mercy main, and I personally think res is a terrible mechanic completely, but the problem blizzard has is that if they remove the ability mercy mains will riot


You forgot the part where the toxic guys put in their own narrative that all Mercy mains are complaining because they want her to be OP and meta even though no one said that yet and is in fact making the opposite clear. For example in this thread.


In that case, for the record, Ressing, even as ultimate was stale. We need something more exciting and flashy.

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That’s such a stupid argument. So Mercy isn’t allowed to haver her moment to shine because she’s not as difficult to play as other supports? Give me a break.
And countless Mercy mains have been switching to another support because, as stated, we absolutely hate playing her right now. Most of us did learn a new hero or, I know I’m going to blow your mind right now, have been playing other heroes even before this nerf. Not every Mercy main is a one trick. It’s a hard fact to believe, I know. But it’s true. We don’t want her to be needed in every situation either. But we don’t want to be told “Let other supports shine, you had your moments” either because no, we didn’t have our moments. Mercy was OP yes, but we hated that too.

It’s not about us not being able to play a different hero, it’s about us being upset that our hero had to be butchered just because someone else’s whining was loud enough for the devs to make that mistake of a rework and the following nerfs in the first place.


Actually i would prefer a stronger heal instead of a res ability that turns Mercy in a glowing statue and paralyze her.

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It’s a deeper issue than just Mercy mains, as Mercy’s merchandise pretty much revolves around it.