Mercy is DEAD. Can we FIX her now!?

Of course they weren’t.

Even prior to Brigitte there wasn’t much genuine reason for Tracer being overpowered except “she’s really strong at Masters+.” And while I can get behind that- as I’m sure you had your fair share of good Tracers- it comes as a shock as I’m sure most of the complaints on the forums regarding Tracer were angry support mains that were just mad for hanging back 30-40 meters away from their team and getting destroyed. Hell you even see it now again with Doomfist.

Genji? Man, every time I think about what they’ve done to him it just makes me sad. He was busted at the beginning of the game’s lifespan. That’s it. He was the worst link in the standard dive lineup, and was made progressively worse and worse with each attempt by Blizzard to bring down dive, and now only his popularity as a concept is what keeps him afloat.

at least other healers OTHER than mercy are being picked more. its more fun to see people other than mercy to be picked pn healer, like ana, brig, zen, etc. its also more diverse.

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Okay, two things. You’re level 111 which makes me doubt how much knowledge you have of the game. Secondly, your level is way too low for you to possibly even be here when mass Resurrect existed. If you haven’t played Overwatch when mass Resurrect existed, you can’t say it’s broken.

Yeah, you got me there. But I know enough of the game to know that a mass rez of five people during a push isn’t fair. I know there’s no way I’ll be able to convince you that I’m qualified to talk about this with my low level though.

However, you have to see that the behavior the mass rez encouraged in Mercys (AKA Hiding and letting teammates die for the POTG) isn’t okay and isn’t how Mercy was intended to be played.

I feel the issue with her old ult is just how it’s instant like Sombras…AND UNLIKE EVERY OTHER ULT IN THE GAME you couldn’t counter it, it wasn’t risky or you wouldn’t be punnished for using it not wisely, every other ult has atleast one of those qualities but Mass Rez didn’t at all

If you were here you would know that old Mercy was underpowered. Invulnerability only made her remotely viable. Before that… YIKES. This is why you shouldn’t determine something without actually playing it.

Again, if you played back then, you would know that it wasn’t encouraged by the ultimate at all. Back then, tempo ressing was always considered better by me and lots of other good Mercy players. Also, the strategy was only encouraged by a broken SR system which was fixed a month before her rework. Also, here hold this:

Of course Hide and Rez isn’t how Mercy was meant to be played…that was basically the entire reason she got reworked, well that and the fact that its completely unfair to coordinate with your team and possibly combo ults to wipe most of the enemy team just to have Mercy come in and press one button and undo it all by herself…thats what I call balance right there Kappa

Exactly! That is my point when I said Mass rez was broken.

Finally someone else who gets that…no one seems to realize that mass rez was just as broken as current 30 second rez, it should honestly just get removed from the game and replace it with something that isnt complete bull imo

I’ll give you a hour to read this:

OP, or Pockets, where are you getting the data from about Mercy’s pickrate/winrate? Are you getting it from Overbuff? If so, that website is not accurate.

It’s the only thing we have, I’m afraid. :man_shrugging:t2: We often use OmnicMeta as well btw.

Honestly, I always picked Mercy because I loved flying through the fight and having to split my attention between everything. I liked showing off my accuracy once in a while so I’d roll Ana and Zen (Ana scoped was 85% average, unscoped was 68%, Zen was 34% accuracy with at least 20 elims per game). Mercy though took me back to raiding days where you have to focus and seek improvement to eek out every ounce of performance.

Did Mercy require this in order to function? Dear lord no, and you’d have to be a moron to believe otherwise. She has so many ways she can simply exist and get minimal value. Thats what made her great as a starter for people getting into supports; you had an easy bar for entry and you had to want to get better in order to find the ways to get noticeably better. Once you could do everything you needed to be really adept at using her kit fully (tracking ults, knowing combos and how to counter them or how to avoid them, positioning relative to your team, shifting focus around the battlefield in the middle of a fire fight, dodging and using cover to stay alive) you could translate those skills to other healers and since you had the core concepts of the support game down, all you’d have to do is learn how to make the most of their kit.

She had great flow and was a great support for learning how to support better, but so many people didn’t want to admit or even understand that. Then came hide and Rez that promoted bad play. Then came the witch hunts led by Seagull and XQC. Then came the rework and ceaseless toxicity. Then came the onslaught of changes and the kit that feels like you’re sloshing through mud or you’re flying around the battle as a spectator to everyones deaths.

Its just plain sad.

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Ult stacking is bad…

You clearly didnt understand what I meant…I was talking more along the lines of a Hanzo/Zarya combo, I didnt mean having like Reaper, Soldier and like McCree just spamming their ults back to back to back

Okay, you’re right. That’s a good analysis. I don’t care enough to go through and try to rebuttal all of that.

They obliterated the old Mercy. But should they bring her back? The game dynamic has changed immensely since it’s been removed. I personally defend Valkyrie as an ult (good defensive, good offensive, allows even better mobility, etc.)

But once again, I’m only 111. I know nothing.

Kill the Mercy with the ultimates?

I assume you mean kill the other team’s Mercy first…which sounds great on paper until you realize that teamfights usually last longer than the time it takes someone to respawn so even if you killed the Mercy first she could just come back and res anyway

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Here, hold this :slight_smile:

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Kill the enemy team again? Rezzes like that often set their team up for another team wipe. Also, postponing a fight for that long without staggering deaths is just really bad. Assuming the fight is long but you are winning, the Mercy shouldn’t be able to just rez her entire team. When the Mercy dies that’s your chance to truly overtake the enemy team because the enemy team has an absent main healer.