Mercy is DEAD. Can we FIX her now!?

At least you can still beat yourself to her, she’s incredibly popular.

Wouldn’t that be even more unfun to play against than seeing someone being revived? I mean, people despised 4 second DM d.Va for it (and got her changed).

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Well obviously there would be some sort of counterplay mechanic, perhaps mercy needs to keep direct line of sight, or remain within a certain range

She IS playable though. She’s still decent.
I can list some heroes in a worse state than Mercy if you’d like? There’s such a bubble of privilege with hardcore Mercy players.

The DPS has their Genji
The tanks have their
And the supports have their Mercys


It’s not such a bad thing if she’s less viable than other healers for a while. I think one of the problems we’ve had since September last year has been that there has been no leeway for changes purely for an enjoyment perspective. The focus has been on nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. Perhaps in 6 months or so they may actually be able to make changes that make her more fun to play rather than less fun. After all, that was one of the objectives with the initial rework, too bad it had the opposite effect then (from my perspective).


Hey there! Here is a big thread going over Mercys problems and giving a solution in the form of another rework suggestion. Have fun reading it.

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get rdy ana mains im sure that ana will be nerfed after enjoys ur stay

No thanks. Mass Rez was a terrible unhealthy mechanic.


In your opinion.

Mercy being situational like the other supports is a good thing. She doesn’t need any buffs or any more nerfs.


And many other people and the dev team :grinning: Which is why it doesn’t exist anymore.

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She used to be just that, but then she took a rework to the character

nobody cares about

who can’t even fix their own game.

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since the update i played w/ 7 mercy mains who trolled w/ mercy to make her winrate lower so blizz will buff her
and at the day i played w/ mercy mains and won

Old mercy, especially with the invulnerability when rezzing was frustrating for everyone, because of the hide and seek stuff that would happen every time her ult was up.
The rework was a good thing, you’ve just got a case of looking back with rose tinted glasses.


So only your opinion counts huh - the level of self-entitlement is amazing.

They are doing a pretty good job mate. Game is in the best state since forever - every support is now viable. Now they fix Symmetra, Torb and Bastion and we are getting in the golden era of OW baby.


Except the Mercy player.

Greatly overblown. Fact.

So a year of Mercy being OP and game-defining, not to mention, drawing hate and ire onto Mercy players and even making Mercy players hate their own character, is a good thing? I don’t even–


Do I really need to keep inserting that Titanium quote regarding player perception everywhere I go? I’d hoped you’d understand Game Design by now.

You’re competely ignoring BugHardt, BugFist, Bugbra and God knows who else. The game becomes objectively more broken with each subsequent patch. But by all means, keep white-knighting the Overwatch team.

It’s mind-blowing how a game that worked pretty well at release could possibly sink this far in just two years. And we haven’t even reached the bottom yet.

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And that’s why it was changed. One OP, over-tuned character shouldn’t come at the expense of everyone else.


Nobody has extensively hated Mercy players, supports universally get the most endorsements, love etc. Not to mention Mercy was an absolute must pick making Mercy players valuable, stop making things up.

I don’t care about the dude’s opinion to be honest very much. The guy thinks that mechanical skill shouldn’t be a factor when balance is involved. That alone shows so much bias that any of his opinions don’t really hold much value.

Those just need some small tweaks and regardless it’s not like they are F tier characters for 11 seasons. Do I think there’s need for improvement - absolutely. But it’s a work in progress, and Blizz are doing a fine job so far, particularly with the recent changes.

Game is still working pretty well, but if you hate it so much - why play? Nobody is forcing you to play a game you detest.


This was only an issue since the rework. Stop trying to push your failed narrative.

No, you’re wrong.


You’re the one making things up, claiming the rework was an improvement, while it’s objectively a colossal failure. Stats don’t lie, mate.

So you admit you didn’t even read the thing. Okay, buddy.

Small tweaks! I’m dying.

No, they’re not. A 12-year-old could do a better job.

You clearly haven’t been paying attention. I stopped playing weeks ago, for the second time (first time was after the January nerfs, until Brigitte released). I’m only here because, for some weird reason, I’m infinitely more passionate about this game than the people who actually make it. But I don’t play Overwatch, anymore. In case you were wondering, I play Gears of War now (Gears 2, specifically). Much better game than Overwatch.