Mercy is a snooze-fest to play

I have to ask… have you been away for awhile? I mean literally day after day there are posts complaining about Mercy… why post yet another?

And yet there has been no official reply to any of the threads for months now? Until that happens these threads will keep popping up.

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They have said nothing is changing, they are happy with her… I really cannot understand the hold this particular character has on people… if you’re that unhappy, why not just play something else?

She was touted as being the main healer when it comes to raw healing output but she doesn’t really hold that spot any longer as I think Moira probably has a bigger healing output now after the recent nerfs to Mercy (Ana probably outheals Mercy by a large amount but I’m fine with that as Ana requires skill to output some consistent and good healing with no mobility).

If the current iteration of Mercy is to remain (in terms of the amount of healing she can do) I believe she needs something done to her kit to make her more engaging to play.

You are right that I can play something else and I usually do now as the other healers are just more fun to play right now.

They said that before they went and nerfed her again. It’s old news, and obviously no longer true.

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She is still main healer, not due to raw healing output, but due to her ability every 30 seconds to rez someone… that is hugely impacting… and honestly, we needed room for other healers to be viable, not just Mercy… she doesn’t need to be a requirement which she was.

I agree personally she is a bore to play… OTOH, I find the same thing is true with Orisa… boring as hell while I know people who like her… the same is true for Mercy.

I would agree with that, but OTOH, I think we can also say that given the stream of nerfs to bring her to a position she isn’t likely to radically change any time soon either… so, yes, nothing is written in stone ever, but I think we can both agree it’s not likely any serious change is coming.

I agree with you that she was too much of a go-to-healer previously. I’m not arguing with the fact that we needed to make room for the rest of the roster in terms of supporting your team.

All I’m saying is that she is currently very lack-luster to play when it comes to her abilities. Res is insanely powerful when you manage to pull it off which is why I believe it is better suited as an ultimate where you have to build it up and there is a risk/reward for using it.

Valkyrie however does not feel like an ultimate which is why I’m proposing swapping them around to give Mercy players some agency and allowing them to play a more engaging version of Mercy.

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They also said they wouldn’t wreck her and that they would go back if things went wrong.

But hey, she got played in OWL so…

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Clearly they and many others feel she wasn’t wrecked… come on, that is rhetoric, not substance as an argument…

Serious change better be coming, or a bunch of people are just going to stop playing. As a Masters level player, even though Mercy is my best hero, I feel forced to abandon her in the current patch to maintain my SR. I can adapt easily enough, because my hero pool is extensive. I hate the feeling that comes with that adaptation being forced, however, and others may not be able to adapt.

It might be okay if not everyone could just pick Mercy and win… But I shouldn’t be in a position where the hero I am most skilled at is always the worst pick for me.

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You are right about her terrible state and if you havent seen it yet you should take a look at Titaniums latest thread here.

After the rework she definitely need those nerfs. Which leads me to the conclusion that the rework was an unnecessary failure since before that rework she wasnt as much of an issue.
I would have liked it better they had tried tweaking her original design instead of butchering her and making her an OPAF monster for way to long.

So… let’s turn this around… you want to maintain SR… okay, and you can’t. So, therefore, changes that might benefit the game and other players are not worthwhile if they impact you negatively? This is the argument? That is the nature of any game like this, changes are made to balance, frankly, it sounds like she was OP which is what Blizz said… which means SR then with that character was unwarranted… not trying to be a dick, but this is kind of like a Brig player with unwarranted SR complaining when one day the nerf hammer falls…

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If she’s boring to play ,then pick someone else ,it’s really that simple.

Personally ,I hate playing genji nowadays ,I’ve played around one or two hours of genji in my last 70 hours or so ,I didn’t make threads complaining about his state.

Same goes for Hanzo ,I dropped around 30+ hours on him pre-rework because I found scatter arrow to be fun and satisfying to use ,but I’ve put in less than 10 hours on him after the rework ,despite doing better as the reworked version

Sure I can play something else but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss ways to make her more fun to play.

What are these forums for if not for discussing the state of the game?

I believe I proposed a decent case and I’m happy to hear others thoughts about my proposed changes.

I went one step further, I haven’t really played overwatch in about a month. I bought the summer games skins then went over to smite/paladins. I’ll be back for Junkenstein’s, but playing the base-game is an ordeal lol

I still come to the forums to stay in touch with what’s happening

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I can play Ana to maintain a rank that I cannot hold with Mercy. Ana is universally accepted as one of the hardest heroes to play in the game. If I can hold my rank with Ana, but not Mercy who I have many more hours on, the conclusion should be that Ana is obviously more powerful and Mercy needs buffs.

The Mercy nerf doesn’t negatively impact my SR. Though you said that you are not trying to be a dick, that’s what you were doing by suggesting that I couldn’t maintain my SR when I clearly stated in my last post that I can play other heroes.

She have been like this since 2016 , why are you complaining 2 years later about her "hold m1 switch two m2 occasionally and shift "? she always have been the most boring character in the game, her skill ceiling is even lower than Brigitte.

Resurrect is balanced for such a high impact ability but Valkyrie needs some minor qol and buffs because it takes to much time for get it ready , and honestly Valk should be up on almost every big teamfight.

“Resurrect is balanced for such a high impact ability but Valkyrie needs some minor qol and buffs because it takes to much time for get it ready , and honestly Valk should be up on almost every big teamfight.”

Agreed and that is what I’m proposing here. I believe having valkyrie as a basic ability with a reasonable cooldown would make her more fun to play.

I think it has to do with the sheer volume of Mercy posts for literally one character in the game, one.

I mean, I am down with discussing how a character can improve, but almost all these threads start with a tone of “It’s just disgusting, I am not happy” posts…

OTOH, I would say your OP is very well thought out and fair. I frankly think she needs a rework altogether plain and simple. I think the problem I and a lot of folks have is that there seems an almost unnatural devotion to this one character, who is still very effective, and thus there is not a lot of sympathy… the sheer volume of posts is actually counter-productive… it is creating a case for people to ignore them and say it’s the boy who cried wolf again…