Mercy in a bikini


Are you saying that’s actually Pharah? The little tattoo seems to be on the wrong eye.


Well, it all depends on Jeff decision, Paladins created a bikini skin for Cassie, “sun kissed Cassie” it’s not bad at all, half of her body is covered but her breast…oh boy :fire:


What’s up with everyone wanting bikini skins all of sudden.
Me right now:


Well it is gonna be summer event :sunny:

or should we get winter goats or something ? :thinking:


It’s because of summer games or some people strange fantasies for some of the characters.


Bikini would match´s personality

Also Lifeguard skin would match Mercy´s


I think as far as guys fantasizing about girls, (and vice versa) this thread is VERY tame, esp. because it must be tame to be a serious suggestion to the devs and also to not get nuked by the mods watching it.


I hope so because there used to be a lot of threads like that flooding the forums.


hmm would wrestler skin look good on Roadhog ?

Or Mafiaoso ?


Every time I return to this forum I regret it.


Why would you?This thread was going well and was productive until people start coming up saying “ugh not this kind of thread again”


I think at least some of those threads got started as a response to this one. Also, maybe it’s just me, but it seems to be going pretty well even now. Beach skin suggestions for the upcoming Summer Games seem appropriate, not inappropriate.


why not come and discuss about the skins with us, you don´t need to go if you regret it later :sunny:


If this was directed at me. If so, I don’t care for bikini type skins at all and I’m right to speak on an subject on the forums to Blizzard TofS. So why not?


Poor dude is being chased by lawyers all day, every day. You know, ambulance chasers. They don’t let him live, they don’t let him breathe. You’d be cranky too. :smiley:


So men that find women attractive, even digital ones, are now all creeps?


Edit: sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t replying to me. Please ignore.


No one’s trying to banish you from this thread.We would just rather love to hear if you have any interessting ideas of your own for a summer skin :sunny:

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I’m locking this topic as it’s taking a negative turn.

Thank you.