Mercy idea for mass rez

What If mercy had her mass Rez back BUT, depending on how many heroes she was rezing there would be a different casttime. Such as if she was rezing 1 hero it wouldn’t be that long but if it was like 4-5 heroes she was rezing then it would be a decent 2 second Cast time or something of that nature. Honestly if it was up to me I’d just remove Rez all together but since some want a Rez and some don’t I just came up with this idea.

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2 seconds is absurdly long, anyone could kill her, even if she did try hide and res.

I’d rather mass res be ult only and keeping the 30 sec CD, and keep regular res the way it is now while out of ult.

That is true. I just don’t really want a revert but if she did have one then I would want a cast time on it of some sort.

I really don’t like rez in general. I enjoy it in PvE games, where you’re against op waves of enemies and bosses who whittle you down. In pvp it just makes me feel kind of bad for the poor sap who invested so much in their kill.

If I had to accept mass rez coming back, I would rather she have to pop each rez off individually, with a set time limit in which she could rez as many people as possible. That gives diminishing returns the longer she holds rez, because she won’t realistically be able to rez everyone when she’s alone.

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Res of any kind needs a decent cast time on it.
Although I would rather Res be removed all together because it just seems like such a hard thing to get right.


How about this?

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Doesn’t sound like a great idea to me.

A variable cast time is interesting, but consider that fact that having a long cast time on a 5-man will guarantee Mercy’s death because no one is there to protect her, except for when the stars align and Everyone is Dead Except MercyTM scenario. The only other exception would be is if the enemy team is goofing around.

I like the first one but take out the invurnability. And shorten it.

Invulnerability for her teammates have never been a problem because said teammates can’t move.