Mercy Heal reduction

Used to, anyways. Either way, her short-term healing is still far lower than Moira’s and Ana’s, and Moira’s overall healing is still comparable.

Moira only has healing going for her, Her kit isn’t bloated like mercy’s and mercy still out heals her on average. Except during quad tank, to nobodies surprise.

Short-term healing, high burst healing. Clearly having 3-5k more healing on average and the best peeling ability is the better choice. It’s a big part of the reason she’s been Meta for a year and replaced Lucio for his peel healing.

People need to accept that Mercy’s current kit is broken, the devs need to accept that she needs a change sooner than later.

Moira has damage and survivability going for her as well. And she hasn’t been meta for a year because of her healing, it’s because A) rez on E and valkyrie, and B) she fit well in dive and in a double sniper meta.

I think you missed the main point.

Buff other supports. Don’t keep nerfing Mercy to be inline with them.

Get it?

I don’t think the nerf did anything other than make her heals more tedious. But that’s beside the point! Blizzard, fix your mistake and listen to this fantastic suggestion by Titanium:

I can’t agree that buffing other supports to Mercy’s level while she has a res on cooldown is going to solve anything.

Mercy’s healing became a large problem when? Oh right, her rework. Again, coming back to the core of her issues: the rework. It was never her healing that was the problem, but the rework that introduced the problem. Of course people are going to be sick of Mercy after 11 nerfs because they keep trying to force a terrible rework nobody wants down our throats anyway.

Yes, I agree, her healing could’ve become a problem due to 2.0 giving her a much increased survivability compared to 1.0, but again, this happened BECAUSE OF THE REWORK. And that just makes her even more boring to play, after she has already become as stale as bread because they have removed literally everything that made 2.0 feel fun or unique because it was OP. They need to be away with this stupid rework already because Mercy is the single most played and OTP’d hero. You drive away the Mercy fan base and you lose nearly half of your PLAYERBASE. I don’t think people realize just how huge the Mercy fan base is, and trying to get rid of them is a KO for OW. They need to be careful with how they approach Mercy because she is basically half of the players… destroy her or keep making her terribly more unfun and OW begins dying rather quickly.

(psstt…she also does literally no damage whatsover as you’ve so CLEARLy shown. her only role is healing- and there was already a p harsh plateau of that at the highest ranks- 13,000 ish being the cap of averages. Ana’s issues are her own- and more have to do w/ residual messed up balance from her nightmare nerfs)

I have to agree with this in part. I have been playing as healer for quite a while. I have sunk a lot of time into Mercy especially, and have gotten decent about keeping the team alive as well as staying alive to help them. Currently battling my way through Gold in Comp, but working my way up.

I also play a lot of Zen, Moira, and Brigitte. I lately have been doing more Lucio as well. I also roll tanks occasionally as the team needs. I can DPS, but I find the game more engaging for me trying to keep the team alive to kick the other team’s butt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been through ALL the Mercy changes. Funny story:

Tonight someone asked me in QP if I felt the impact of the latest nerf. I had to honestly say that no, I didn’t.

I could see its effect on healing larger heroes, but to be honest with my flick healing that I usually do, most of the time I couldn’t tell. I play using sounds as my ques, more than visual references. I can tell where the healing effort is just by listening, which allows me to focus on knowing where everyone is at all times.

I can toggle heal from player to player very quickly because of this.

Not only that, as Mercy you have a hell of a lot of mobility. Lucio in some ways has a ton as well. Both take practice to make good use of it. Usually those times I do get whacked are because I got into a bad position (lost track of a teammate or made a mistake entirely) or the team I was with got overwhelmed and I died along with them.

I’m not a hide-n-seek sort of Mercy player, but I will duck for cover as needed. Can’t heal if you are dead after all. I also love to shoot back. Not battle Mercy bad, but hey, if I can quick smoke that Pharah or Widow that is beating down the team, I will. Nothing better than getting head shot plinks on a Widow as Mercy!


Point… Where was I going with this… Ah.

I think Blizzard is still trying to figure out where they want to end up. They keep making these changes because they honestly aren’t sure what the changes need to be.

Some of you like myself, have just been rolling with the changes, both good and bad.

What changes would honestly make the right difference? I really can’t say for sure.

Resurrection is an iconic part of the character, both in lore and in the game’s history. Its part of what makes Mercy well. Mercy.

Removing that as many suggest, will indeed impact her in a detrimental way. I have noticed a few things lately though:

Less groups roll a Mercy every game. I have had games won without one. I have had games where neither side had one. I think part of this is due to frustration with the current status of the hero and the lack of a proper direction as to what to do with her. The rest well, if you had 200 or 300 hours or more into a hero, wouldn’t you might also just be burnt out playing it? Its entirely possible that is another factor here. Some of you are simply bored with playing her.

For those, I would recommend switching to another healer and embrace the change. Learn to be good with that character. This is why I have been playing more of the other healers than Mercy lately. lol

For me, Ana is an interesting challenge. Grasping timing throwing the grenade and getting a vantage point where I can been of better healing help to the team frustrate me. I will admit, I’m not going to be an Ana main. But I do make the attempt occasionally. Sometimes I do well, most times I don’t. And I accept that.

Not everyone is going to be the best at every hero anyway. Fact of life in this game.

I’m pretty deadly with Zen. I’m an ok Moira and Brig. But I keep playing and practicing.

As for Mercy well. I will continue to pick and play her where I feel she is needed. But I hope that either the Devs leave her the hell alone or figure out where they want to end up with her. Because all this “tweaking” is getting old for all of us.

Game on fellow healers.

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Moira’s damage is her survivability and the only way she’s able to maintain the level of healing that Mercy does. She only has one chance to escape on a 6 second cooldown.

And you are absolutely delusional if you think Mercy being meta has to do with her just happening to fit into every meta for the last year. Dive, Spam, Sniper, Triple Support, Grav Dragon. She was Moth Meta. She works well in them because she does everything and better than everyone.

Edit: Oh, except that small time period during spam when the counter to it on first point attack was quad tank w/ moira and lucio.

I didn’t say she was meta because she fit in the meta, I said that was part of the reason. The other part being rez on E and valkyrie.

thats because Rez is op, not her healing

It’s because the devs have no idea what they want Mercy to be, no clue as to why she’s a must pick, and don’t care on whit for the experience of Mercy players.

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“She was outhealing every healer except GM Moiras.” Mercy doesn’t do damage like all the other supports. Of course she will out heal them, she doesn’t spend time doing damage like the rest. She’s purposefully that dedicated healer.

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Spare me your cheap “get its”, will ya?

Reducing her HPS is the easiest way to done her a little bit down, without nerfing her hole kit.

Since reducing the HPS though most certainly is not going to be enough, we might see nerfs on her hole kit in the near future, like on rez, consistency of her healing output, mobility.

Honestly I said I’d quit the game when the nerf went on PTR - it’s physically painful for me to play my main when the only thing she does is made redundant. My team laughed at me and said I’d be back at it soon enough, I told them I’ll play until it’s live but that’s gonna be it, now it’s live, I tried it again, had to switch to Moira every single game because it’s now more impactful to do dps on the pistol or damage boost people than it is to try to heal anyone whatsoever.

If I heal a tank, the entire team dies around me because the tank’s health will not go up. At all. It’ll stay literally where it was when I started healing, the only thing my healing is doing is neutralizing further damage. I can’t get the tank up in health so my choice is either to let the tank die and save the team, or let the team die and prolong the tank’s existence in front of me. There’s literally no function for me in the team now. Healing is the only damn thing Mercy did.

Too bad I don’t enjoy playing Moira, or any other hero, anywhere near to the degree I enjoyed playing Mercy, and have 0 passion at excelling at these heroes; I’m good at a good bunch of characters, but do I want to PLAY them? Not really. I’d rather pick up a game I enjoy, since the primary reason I was playing this game literally feels like being stabbed in the face repeatedly now.


Oh, all of the supports (and Sombra, she’s my 3rd most played) are the supports. Mercy is my first, then Ana, Sombra, Lucio, Zen and Moira are tied with hours. I can’t get into Brig. She feels too cheap to me, but I think I have 17 hours in her?

It isn’t that I don’t play other heroes, but needing Mercy didn’t become a serious issue until her rework, and body people are just sick of it. This iteration as been the most unhealthy hero in OW’s entire history, which all of the nerfs prove. There isn’t a lot you can do to her in this form because it gave her SO much utility and survivability that Mercy 1.0 didn’t have. That is the problem. Mercy has no weaknesses anymore and this is because of the rework.

Here Here. totally agree with you. Blizz just panders to the Miority mercy haters out there and just dont carte. just played a few rounds in gold Gold rank. It is so dam hard to keep everyone healed up i am being surpassed as gold healing and only getting silver. my Average healing is so low now i would average 15k now its more like 10k. Devs really dropped the ball on this one. Devs have you got anything to say for yourselves? You answered last time.(nearly had a heart attack when you actually did) Pretty sure you wont answer again so whats to dam point. if you are supposed to take feedback. Well here it is BLACK AND WHITE , CLEAR AS CRYSTAL. THE MAJORITY SAYS THIS IS A BAD CHANGE SO ARE YOU GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?

Why? Cuz it is now Blizzard tradition to nerf mercy with every patch.