Mercy have so little solo impact carry

Dont following e-celeb but looks like they dont play Mercy right. Imho best mercy impact would be when mercy made zero damage

It is the equivalent of sending a marathon champion to win a soccer game in a world cup. They can run alright but won’t win a game just with running.

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We did not need Dafran to prove that a pacifist hero has very little carry potential in an fps…


What a horrible comparison

Come up with a better one then.

Mercy is in every freaking game and for a good reason.

I will not and also she’s not

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Schrödinger’s “Dafran’s Mercy” must be a thing, I guess.


Personally, I feel like it depends on which support. I think the more dps supports like ana, bap, zen and maybe kiriko if they can land those headshot do have some carry potential. Not to mention also bring some serious utility.

Though just because they can be lethal doesn’t mean they are always going to be… as much as I wish I could just flank kiriko 24/7.

Starting to think this is a second account for Dafran that he’s just using to push his YouTube, especially seeing how much he keeps creating posts on the same topic. Had a peek and it’s hardly mind-blowing gameplay, his movement definitely isn’t as smooth as Niandra’s, Skiesti’s et al.


who would of guessed…a hero that is ENTIRELY reliant on allies to do basically anything but use their gun & walk… has no solo impact.


this just in: water isn’t wet it makes stuff wet.

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We’ve always known this. Awkward does unranked to GM on supports, tank and DPS in like 10-12 hours and Mercy took him about 17, but is anyone surprised that a Top 500 player with cracked aim will hard-carry easier on Baptiste, Zen or Ana? Honestly it’s impressive that really skilled support players can climb as fast as they do on Mercy. A testament to her core design that she is both so accessible, and scales so high.

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Maybe he just sucks with mercy. Hasn’t his skill always been with his aiming?
I would kind of expect for him to be worst at mercy

The mechanics of Mercy is not the hard part, it’s the gamesense. Mercy is all about decision making. You need to not only know the game of Overwatch, but also the state of the match.

A good Mercy is in the right place, at the right time, pocketing the right person and stays alive.

Understanding the ability, playstyle and psychology of 9 randos in as short of a time as possible is hard. Not being able to use aim as a crutch for a lack of good decision making is why Mercy is so hard.


easy? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m just watching my rank decay every match i play as mercy with garbage DPS players on my team, while i play as moira at least i have some chance to win match using dmg orb.

At least with mercy, i’m half imortal, healing/boosting and defending my position and i keep moving around corners, so people cannot shoot me. Using GA to quick escape from an angry genji :joy:

Yeah, but even in that first thread, people were arguing that 17 hours is an unusually long amount of time for any player who’s consistently been Top 10 in the world to only get to Master rank.

I personally feel like since the heal buff Mercy has a way bigger carry potential than before. You can have noticeable impact every single fight if you make the right decisions and manage to survive.

I genuinely think that since Mercy is a one of kind character in overwatch you can’t just be good at every other character and magically expect to be a god at mercy. Her value revolves solely around decision making and surviving thanks to her movement, the better your movement the more slippery you’re gonna be so that’s one thing that takes time to get comfortable with. Dafran has good game sense and he could probably get good with her but as a gm1 support player who has played a lot of Mercy the past few seasons I can see that his gameplay doesn’t look like someone who has a lot of experience with the character, respectfully.

She is an easy character to pick up but I don’t think you can just climb top 500 if you haven’t fully mastered the entirety of her kit and aren’t fully comfortable with it.

I mean that’s his issue right there, Mercy is stronger when she is empowering her teammates not when she’s throwing by using her crappy pistol.

This is supposed to be an argument in favor of buffs, but I see it as proof that balance is in effect.

I see this as a net positive, no single hero should have high “solo carry” potential.

Of course her carry potential is low. She requires zero mechanical skill and her healing is a lock on beam that works even when you’re not looking at your target.

Lowest skill ceiling in the game —> low reward. It’s working as intended.

It’s definitely not his issue. Sure, he’s not taking it super seriously, but anyone trying to argue that Mercy isn’t reliant on her teammates is huffing the purest copium. There’s a reason she was everywhere when Sojourn was broken and now she’s not.

No matter how much you heal and damage boost, if the enemy players hit just marginally more shots, you lose. Especially outside of high GM where skill differences between individual players is huge, you can have the most efficient yellow/blue beam ratio, but if your beam targets don’t hit their shots, you either accept defeat or go battle Mercy.