Mercy Experimental

I feel like this is something I should discuss.

I played OW when it first came out and loved Mercy’s kit, definitely was my favourite hero of them all, fast forward to where Mercy’s kit had a rework, I put the game down as I felt betrayed that such a rework had happened (though I do kind of understand why, the ultimate was so strong).

I have come back to Overwatch in bits and pieces since then, playing for a week or two when there was absolutely nothing else to play, I am now familiar with Mercy’s current kit and I will admit, it isnt bad. It can change a very bad team fight into a successful one, I feel like I had more impact in team fights with Mercy’s current kit than I ever did with mass rez.

Now for my opinion on the current experimental update, it is absolutely horrific, if you are going to bring back mass rez as an ultimate, bring back the whole package not the barebones, increase the range, make Mercy invulnerable, take away the line of sight penalty.

In effect, do not try to replace the mass rez with a lesser version of its original, you are effectively nerfing Mercy again.


I agree. I’ve played Overwatch since the Friends & Family Beta and I’ve always been a “Mercy Main”. I did love her kit back then and I felt betrayed when her mass rez was taken away & I switched to Symmetra (who y’all decided to trash as well, but that’s for another topic) for a while and even spent quite a bit of time on Zen, Lucio and Junkrat. Now that I’ve spent the time on her new kit, I’m used to it and I feel the single rez works much better to keep the flow of the game going without causing a “turtle” scenario like the old 5-man rez used to before the Overtime Timers kicked in.
That being said, I feel like the SLOW during the current single rez, the TIME it takes to rez and the cooldown incurred on a failed rez or where you go juuuust out of range sucks! Also, the fact that you can’t just outright cancel a rez without slooooowly flying out of range. UGH!!
Super simple little tweaks to her current main kit would be great! I think the mass rez coming back would be counter-productive because of the whole reason behind WHY we got rid of it in the first place. No one wants anymore 90 minute Temple of Anubis Point B turtle matches. Please, no!

OHH!!..please don’t slow down her Guardian Angel, it’s tough enough to get teammates in LoS to zip to, but that Torb turret can just eat you alive while you’re gliding through the air (DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE AMOUNT OF DMG A.I. UNITS DO IN THIS GAME)

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These content creator patches are meant to be memes for fun. Don’ take them too seriously.

I’ve played “Experimental” many times & that is where they get OUR feedback to see where to take the Heroes, so this is where we say YAY or NAY. Quite a bit of the “experimental” abilities have been implemented. Quite a bit has not.

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seriously I was super suprised at just how low the range was, I assumed it was about as large as mass res was and it was a big shock when I realized it was basically as large as res

experimental version feels completely useless… what is this trashy valk for -.- all u do is wait for ult and then res someone (dont think you’ll be able to res more than 1 most of the time). I loved the changes from mass ress to valk ult. I was afraid of them, but they TRULY upped the game play of mercy. And now ML7 comes with the dumbest idea of all, WOW! The new mercy is absolut crap. I prefer valk-ult mercy, then the version as she was with 5k-immediate resses… The experimental version is just :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Guys need to put mercy back how she was with her movement you guy’s completely destroyed her with her ultimate and added 1 second to her passive so mercy can die quicker. As a mercy main and all the other ones we are not happy about the passive charges or the ultimate change . I’m very upset about this