Mercy Everywhere

Could we stop talking about Mercy for a bit? I would be really happy and I myself don’t want to argue. I feel like I need my word as well as the others. Could we just realize that no matter what, Mercy will not be reverted (or Rez won’t be changed that much, if at all)?


You realize that’s not what their asking for right?


As much As I want to revert her it’s highly unlikely :disappointed:

Or that Rez most likely won’t be changed I guess.

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Nothing anyone can do about Mercy being a hot topic I guess, just ignore and scroll past as best u can :confused:

I recommend you go and read the op for this.

Its quite detailed


are there too many mercy threads?


Are they justified?


will they do much overall?



Hey I haven’t seen any threats yet other than boycotting Mercy… so that’s a plus.

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I can’t read this whole thing at 10:30pm. I went to the solution and I don’t care about it. Sorry. I can read the whole thing in my free time tomorrow so I can get a better view on it.

She’s everywhere because PEOPLE KEEP MAKING TOPICS asking to stop talking about her!


Nah, man. There’s like, 1 asking to stop talking about her for every 10+ threads about her. lol.


I have seen more posts asking Mercy players to stop talking about Mercy than posts by Mercy players complaining about Mercy today.


As have I though I have a handful of mercy posts (like 5? that I keep tabs on for discussion and stuff)

I haven’t, but I honestly prefer the threads asking people to stop talking about Mercy than the Mercy threads.

I never thought I’d hate being a Mercy main until I saw all of the Mercy threads here.

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Well the problem with ur argument is that, people can talk about what they want. (As long as it’s overwatch related) and if people wanna talk about the most Mained hero in Overwatch, Let them talk about it. Just ignore it, if u can. Lol

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Just to point this out the forums are public and are a place for the community to speak and voice there opinion out to other players and if you don’t like it you don’t really need to click it just scroll pass and continue on with other discussions, because they kinda do have the right/privilege to voice how unhappy they are and how they feel about Mercy

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The forums will stop talking about Mercy so much the day after Blizzard takes action that shows they have heard us and actually delivers a patch that makes Mercy feel fun and powerful without being imbalanced again, just as she was before her rework. On the day of, if it’s actually done right, you can expect some actual happiness in Mercy threads for once instead of constant complaints.

Mercy is in an awful state right now, and a revert is just one of many ways that Blizzard could fix the problem. Until Blizzard shows us a better option, people are going to keep asking for a revert, and the only way people are going to stop asking for mass resurrect back is if we get mass resurrect back. It was fun, it felt powerful, it was healthy for a game that has countless ways to wipe a whole team at once, and most importantly it gave Mercy a much higher skill ceiling than she has now.

Please consider what we’re actually asking for and support your fellow players. Help us reach the game devs instead of trying to silence us for having an opinion on something we care about.



But mine is a valid issue ;_;

Could we stop nerfing Mercy for a bit? I would be really happy and I myself don’t want to argue. I feel like I need my word as well as the others. Could we just realize that no matter what, Mercy’s nerfs aren’t going the way they should be (and there should be another type of approach)?

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