Mercy doublethink


The original reason for giving mercy 60 hps was to make her a main healer but now the nerf says that she heals too much despite her being outhealed by other supports already. Blizzard has ignored all feedback on the current ptr and again shoves all mercy feedback in the dumpster. All that is being done is mercy feels even more non impactful while still being a must pick due to rez.


You’re logic is irrelevant, Successful rework.



I’m starting to wonder if this is some kind of experiment, perhaps on tolerance or patience or some social aspect. If it isn’t… well, they are doing quite a poor job lately with reworks and much of balancing overall.




Funny because the devs numbers seem to contradict that:


I just played a match and my gosh she just feels mehh… I managed to solo heal just fine as usual, but yes one can feel the healing nerf for sure.

I wonder if they are going reduce her ultimate charge…


Maybe its a psychological experiment of seeing how long people can endure torture until they get fed up.


It’s almost like she doesn’t have to compare to godtier grandma heals anymore.


Moira and brig in a close quarters comp pump out way more healing. Blizzard is lying to its players and refuses to admit rez is a problem.


Technically, I think the minor nerf to her healing per second would affect her ultimate charge. I might be wrong though? But in my experience so far the nerf is near negligible and my ult charges up pretty fast anyway. I haven’t had to solo heal as Mercy yet though. I’ve also been mostly healing on Ana to play with her ult buff and her Cabana Ana skin.


Then why nerf her in the first place? She’s still a must pick. It’s blizzard not wanting to admit rez as an ability is wrong.


Don’t just make up conspiracies. They’re not lying to you. The numbers are accurate, and even overbuff shows that Mercy averages more healing than every other support by a consistent margin outside of Moira on the upper end of the scale. Briggitte has one of the lowest healing rates of all supports in the game.


sooo, which wrong nerf do you think they’ll be doing next? :rofl:


I mean, they stated why. I agree that Moira outheals her in close-quarter comps but overall Mercy is the best, consistent healer. Moira and Ana have better healing potential but that’s in special circumstances. No one can get to allies and consistently heal them better than Mercy.

I don’t think nerfs have to be so major that they are felt in a bad way. I’d much prefer minor tweaks than the nerf sledgehammers we have all experienced in the past. But that’s just me.


Nobody complained about her healing before. When in a teamfight moira heals way more then mercy with her constant spray and orbs.


Hey ulitmate charges 17% slower now. Fun little fact left out of the patch notes.

As well as:

Winston completely negates your healing.

Potential for more mercy deaths because more time will be spent healing people and not avoiding.

and keeping takes alive will be significantly more difficult.


Mercy isn’t competing with “every other support”, though, she’s only competing with other main healers (Moira and Ana). Moira’s healing is comparable in both the short-term and long-term. Ana already has better burst healing, and her problems aren’t solved by nerfing Mercy.


Keyword my dear CONSISTENT. As she is meant to out heal on a CONSISTENT basis. But she is mid teir in her healing as an overall healer.

And why now after nerfing her this much is healing suddenly her problem when they had to buff her healing in order for Mercy to compete agaisnt the other supports. Only NOW she has a healing issue?


Ana is dead because she is so weak and moira fits any close quarters comp. Mercy is still gonna be broken and all that this nerf has done is make her feel worse to play. Along with ignoring all feedback people are starting to get fed up with blizzard persisting with this failure of a rework.


Interesting take on the support situation but I don’t entirely agree. That being said, I can already tell there isn’t much, if any, discussion to be had here so I’m out.